Saturday, April 11, 2015


Last week I went to Hyderabad and there I spent lot of time sitting and observing people.There was this person, I thought of him as very self centred and non caring type, then one day i saw that an old lady needed help in sitting on pillion with her daughter, and he was all there to help and bring a stool and all that. This was totally a different side of him, and then I started thinking why is he caring to some and callous to others....I realised that most of the people are good to only those they know or find some similarity with them, here the person wasnt very qualified, and he felt an affinity with that lady because she spoke his language.

I have seen this happening most of the many times just knowing the language brings you to the inner circle.and it happens in most of the states in India..I have lived in Bengal, Maharashtra and south..And i wonder why are we like that, why cant we be the same to everyone, even unknown people..isnt that the real kindness?..Why we have the love and compassion only for our own people whether they are related by blood or region or language?


Anonymous said...

Very true. Language indeed breaks barriers and includes some people as 'us' and excludes others as 'them'.
In India, I've seen foreigners given special VIP treatment , and at other times being exploited for being foreigners.

dilip said...

Caring is a beautiful virtue and I agree a 'real' caring person will not be selective.

Good observation and also a point to for us to ponder upon.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello greetings and good wishes.

Very thought provoking post.

When a person speaks a different language we become suspicious of that person because that person is from a different place. He is a stranger to us and we generally don't trust strangers. This reaction is only a self defense mechanism in built in all of us.

Very often when we are living in a different state, we become so happy to meet someone from our own state who speaks the same language that we speak.

I have lived in many places like Tamilnadu, Goa, Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh and whenever I met a man from Kerala I became extra happy and extra friendly just because that person is from my own state and speaks my mother tongue. This is a natural reaction I suppose.

Excellent post. I enjoyed reading it.

Best wishes

Renu said...

Sweetyshinde:..langauage brings us closer thats true,,but we should extend kindness to everyone.. shouldnt be slelective in offering common courtesies, and it would be best if we are kind to everybody.

Josephpulikoti:Thats so true..even I am happy if i find someone to ttalk to in Hindi, BUT I try to be helping to all irrespective of everything..I am always the same person to everyone..

Thanks a lot for appreciation !

Sandhya said...

It happens whether we like it or not, esp. when we are outside our states! The same language brings out some affinity and they come closer to each other. I have seen this in Bangalore.

harman singh said...

that thought is too good..
helping n being compassionate ,,But living is US I have seen here people even our own indians showing compassion ,humility n love to everyone..even same with foreigners ..other nationalities .. so why same cant be in india?? why do we change,, many time I saw people giving me a way to enter a cue in traafic.. or helping me with door carrying groceries they are not my cousins .. or even to extent letting me sit in train ..
we are same in india .. I see discrimination more .. in india when visiting other states ,,being a north indian with light skin ,, people say O you r punjabi you guys are so garish you people brag a lot ..
I m like really .. even living in US for 10 yrs you guys dint change?
same blocks carried from india.. ??
everyone is not same please don't generalize.

Renu said...

Sandhya: But it shouldnt..we may love more some people, but we shouldnt be uncaring to anyone..

harman singh:Even i have met so many helping people from all states..but then there are so many who are not..

radha said...

Good question ! It is time we treated everyone as equal.

Renu said...

radha: Thanks!

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