Friday, April 24, 2015

Atrue incient

It must be 1989, I was running a departmental store, and suppliers used to come to me, sometimes for the known products and sometimes with a new one. One day a supplier came to me and said-------
I supply the washing soap 555 and a new product, which is like a Tinopal but used mostly in industries, we are manufacturing it our selves.
and he showed me samples of some yellow powder in plain polythene packets.
In the mean time a customer came and bought a few things and then he happened to see those pockets. He asked me whether I sold those packets, because in his factory they need bulk quantity of that and in case i had them, he would certainly prefer to take it from me.
I was so happy and smiling from ear to ear , thinking-see, i got such a good opportunity inbusiness, I will take order from him and supply from that.
Without thinking any more I asked the supplier to give me 200 packets of those, he had with him some around 100 , he left those there and asked for the payment. Now I always used to do the payments next week--that is a week credit, so I told him that. Then he said would i mind if instead of cash he take some products my shop. LOL, My happiness increased, as I got some more sale(ham to aur khush aur bikri ho rahi ha........ )
And notice that he started with--he supplies 555--a known brand-----but all this time neither he took the order for that nor I noticed that.That was his ploy for getting a good g=credential in my mind.
Now u will say then...........what happened..................hona kya tha, he dissappeared neverto show his face.:(
This is life my dear, which teaches you at every step. Now its upto u how u learn. Nothing happens without a reason.


Sandhya said...

Real con man, he is. Did the industrywala complain? Was the product he took, OK? People like these are lurking everywhere. Scary.

SG said...

We all learn every day.

Ashwini C N said...

Uh-Oh! A few people like this and then we stop trusting even the genuine ones. As you said there is a lesson for us in everything that happens!

Renu said...

Sandhya: I have many such true incidents in my life, then later on we just keep thinking, but that time they made a fool of me:)

SG: Yeah..I learned a lot thru my work.

Ashwini C N: sometimes I feel its better not to trust anyone than trust everyone,but then I feel i am being negative..not good:)

sm said...

yes one needs to be very careful
thanks for sharing true story
sure your story will help everyone

chitra said...

The other person who took the packets was he also a part of the fraud.

Anonymous said...

What about the man who asked for samples of that yellow powder? Is it possible that the supplier and the so-called customer were hand-in-hand?
Seems like we just cannot stay too alert nowadays. I hope you recovered and taught them a lesson.

Renu said...

sm: Thats the resaon I put it here..people should know the ways how they can be cheated.

Chitra: Yes they both were together in this..I nevr saw them again.

Sweetyshinde:They were in it together..I just got wiser, but nevr could teach them a lesson..In UP police harrasses more to the victims.

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