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Planning is an integral part of today's generation..They plan everything..marriage, career ,children, retirement everything, so much unlike us..people of our generation never thought much about married when parents decided,got children when god intervened and life went on. But recently on TV I saw the extremes of planning..there was this very big advertisement about funeral planning...I cant even imagine..I mean who plans for death and rituals and then they recommend it that your loved ones are saved the financial problems....I would say that if my loved ones are unable to do even my last rites, are they really my loved ones,then what about life insurance money? where that money will go..I would say..solicit life insurance policy, not this death planning.

Whenever we go to a restaurant here,the receptionist will always tell us more waiting time then actual,whereas in India, even if it will take one hour they will tell us..just 10 minutes sir, and then..ple…

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Amrita  tagged me with a real special one. This is totally a different one, let me see whether I am able to do justice to this one......

1.A writeup on a kind gesture that someone had done for you which left you speechless
I am the sort of person who feels touched by little little gestures,I never think of big things.I am specially touched when they are done by strangers...So that way there are many incidents in my life..
Once  i was waiting at a bus stop in NOida and many buses came and went and I couldnt get in, then a young boy who was coming after playing badminton, stopped a bus and waited behind me till I boarded..that is one incidence I can never forget.
I ran a shop in Noida and there was this boy Shailesh who worked with me, and after leaving Noida , I got a letter from him (he couldnt even write well)..telling me to call him as he couldnt work with anyone else...I dont know why but most of my maids and servants have loved me so much that at times I feel overwhelmed.



I saw Rajneetilast week...Its a story of feuding families, dirty politics and betrayal. I read somewhere that characters are derived from mahabaharat, but I dont think so, because Arjun was nowhere like Ranbir and same can be said for Ajay devgan(karn) and comparing the Character of ArjunRampal with Yudhisthira would be blasphemy..they are so opposite, and Nana patekar as Krishna, totally wrong. Krishna cooperated for righteous, not for a family.

Ranbirkapoor has done a negative character with elan, whereas Katrina is effective in her looks,not acting.ArjunRampal is shown as a very cruel person who can do anything in the politics in a most gory style..its disgusting to see this family.

ManojBajpeyi( Duryodhan) doesnt come off any worse that Ranbir's family, so one feels sympathy for him and Ajay Devgan.

Movie is very fast and one is lost among so many characters,trying to identify the relations.Since it is fast paced, one doesnt get bored, but I liked Prakshjha'sApharan and Gang…