Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I saw Rajneeti last week...Its a story of feuding families, dirty politics and betrayal. I read somewhere that characters are derived from mahabaharat, but I dont think so, because Arjun was nowhere like Ranbir and same can be said for Ajay devgan(karn) and comparing the Character of Arjun Rampal with Yudhisthira would be blasphemy..they are so opposite, and Nana patekar as Krishna, totally wrong. Krishna cooperated for righteous, not for a family.

Ranbir kapoor has done a negative character with elan, whereas Katrina is effective in her looks,not acting.Arjun Rampal is shown as a very cruel person who can do anything in the politics in a most gory style..its disgusting to see this family.

Manoj Bajpeyi( Duryodhan) doesnt come off any worse that Ranbir's family, so one feels sympathy for him and Ajay Devgan.

Movie is very fast and one is lost among so many characters,trying to identify the relations.Since it is fast paced, one doesnt get bored, but I liked Praksh jha's Apharan and Gangajal more than this one.

The song..Piya mosey very sweet I liked it.

Then I saw Phone Booth and Micky Blue Eyes.....Both of them were just ok, nothing special, just time pass.

and lastly I saw a master piece..SIKANDER..this is a movie about an orphan being brought up by an affectionate family in terrorist affected kashmir.Once he finds a pistol on the road and picks up and it changes his whole life.The scenery is beautiful. And Madhavan as a colonel in Army is exceptional.Ayesha as girl friend of parzad(sikander) and Sanjay soori as a terrorist turned politican..all suit the role...This movie is very interesting and frightening also in the sense that how one could be implicated in some sinister plots inspite of being innocent.


Tara said...

wow so will watch sikander !!!

Shrutzz said...

Loved the SIKANDAR review, so a must watch...will pick up the DVD :)
Watched Rajneeti with my fren ( in a THEATRE) after a long time so I liked it...I love RANBIR :))))

Manasa said...

yet to watch all of em...

Renu said...

Tara: Sikander is worth it.

Shrutzz:...Rajnneti is not bad:)

Manasa: chk them:)

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