Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Planning is an integral part of today's generation..They plan everything..marriage, career ,children, retirement everything, so much unlike us..people of our generation never thought much about married when parents decided,got children when god intervened and life went on. But recently on TV I saw the extremes of planning..there was this very big advertisement about funeral planning...I cant even imagine..I mean who plans for death and rituals and then they recommend it that your loved ones are saved the financial problems....I would say that if my loved ones are unable to do even my last rites, are they really my loved ones,then what about life insurance money? where that money will go..I would say..solicit life insurance policy, not this death planning.

Whenever we go to a restaurant here,the receptionist will always tell us more waiting time then actual,whereas in India, even if it will take one hour they will tell us..just 10 minutes sir, and then..please sir just a minute..and like this time passes and customers feels so irritated, whereas here she tells us 30 minutes and calls us in 15 and we feel happy..I started thinking why........and i realised here they are so confident that if someone comes to them for their service .food or ambiance he will no go anywhere else, but in India they are not sure of that and secondly they dont want to loose any customer..the difference of being in a developed country and a developing one.


SG said...

I think you must have seen this advertisement in USA. Hindu rituals are very simple financially. But it is different in Christianity. One has to have a memorial service (which cost money), cost of the casket, buy a burial plot, and after burial a headstone has to be erected. Average cost in USA to bury a person is about $35,000. I think it is a better idea to make arrangements before one dies (if they know their children are not that well of financially).

It will not cost that much if they cremate the body. 85% of the total expense is for buying the plot. Majority of Christians want to be buried. Some Christians are now opting for cremation.

Life insurance is not a good idea. Burial has to be done within a few days of death. It takes about a month to settle insurance claim, especially on death (thanks to couple of Indian guys.)

Couple of guys from India took life insurance policies in USA. Went back to India. Sent fake death certificates from India (as if died in an accident) and collected insurance money. Therefore, Insurance companies nowadays investigate every death thoroughly before paying the nominee.

Dreamer said...

An ad about planning for funerals? Gives me the jitters. I agree with you abt the waiting at restaurants bit. I've noticed that too. You do feel better when you are served earlier than predicted, than have them give u false hope and keep dragging u along.

My journey said...

Bcoz of may be those people are more professional than us. Here we feel dishearten when we are rejected in the start but repercussions are fatal sometimes. But they are more concerned about their business. so yh. By the way where are you?

Tara said...

at times it sucks !! thats true no value for love and relations..

Chanz said...

you are right Renu... The people here are greedy.. much much much more than what they are in the western countries and the like.. Its quite sad, Indians have no sense of punctuality and more so of other's time.. I am sorry to say this but sometimes I feel like running away and shifting to the west.. seriously..

Renu said...

SG: Now that you tell me, I feel may be they need it, but in India, none has to buy the plot..I think its free.

SG frauds happen everwhere, its not only with Indians, rather I would say that all the refinement of crime is taught by west only.and in bussiness like this, companies should plug all the loop holes and be strict, rather than thinking that customers cheated them.

and I want to say clearly that I dont condone cheating anywhere in any sphere of life, so those who did it are nothing but aberration, not the norm.

Dreamer: yeah an ad, that too asking you to choose what sort of coffin would you like..should it be with swrovsky?

My Journey: I was missing you Anil?
where have you been?..I am in US presently for last one month. Here they do everything in a positive way making everyone feel better.

Tara: I also felt shocked.

Chanz; No shifting is not a solution..problems are everywhere with people , only of different types.

Amrita said...

Hmm... yea this generation is kinda way too planned at times,which makes things go awry many a times. I completely think that the previous generation had a more simple and charming life.

Well in India, the lack of proper waiting time also essentially comes from a lack of ground work.How many times do u think someone from the hotel staff actually comes up and asks the patrons how long it might take for them. And we indians are also a bit ad hoc, our meals go on forever, even at the fag end of the dinner, there might be someone at the table who needs some other item which results in a whole lot of delay.

Chandrika Shubham said...

got married when parents decided,got children when god intervened and life went on.
This is the best part of the post. :)

Kanupriya said...

Planning for funerals??? Gosh! You know the other day I read another weird news about planning in a prominent publication - Plan your conception properly so that your child gets born in the right zodiac sign!!!!!! Leaves me thinking is there anything which we are not supposed to plan?

Shrutzz said...

eekss...Funeral planning????
Goodness me, My mentality is so much Indian, cant relato to such thoughts...

Poonam J said...

Yes, times have changed everybody wants a blueprint of life. If only life could be lived as would be so easy..but would that really be a life lived.Nobody would have the lows in life, as nobody wants the for planning on woks different in the West...having lived there for long, I understand the compulsions of life there.
Me also going to visit my kids Aug. end. for two months

Babli said...

Very nice and wonderful post. Planning plays a vital role in our life but most of the time things do not occur according to our plan. Indians are lacking discipline and punctuality and when we visit abroad we tell "Wow". But same thing can be done in India to make a better place to live.

Tomz said...

This is the era in which even the entire life is a planned one. As a kids people are forced by parents and everybody to plan for their future. Including insurance agents, teachers, career counsellors tell them to mould a successful future. The ultimate result is the one which you mentioned..planning for a decent funeral..

Manasa said...

Nice post Renu ji :)

Have u read Mitch ALbom's Tuesdays with Morrie? he speaks of preparing for death..

Renu said...

Amrita: grass is always greener on the other side:)..I envy the young today for their meticulous planning.

yeah you are noone comes to ask you in the resaurant..howu doing? how is it?..once served they are done.

Chandrika: Thanks:)

kanupriya: I have also heard that many rich women go for caesarian to decide the birth time of their child...but whatevr they do, life always doent go their way..

Shrutzz:..even I:)

Poonam J:Whatevr the compulsions..dont you think there should be some other way of doing it? it sounds so mechanical.

stays with our children are one of the best times in our life..

Babli: exactly...why cant we do eevrthing here with puncuality and honesty?

Tomz: Planning is certainly good in most of the spheres of life..but deciding something after is too much.

manasa:..hey no ji:)....Mitch is my favourite writer and I have read all his books,,,that one is just so beautiful read.

A said...

I agree with you that we over plan these days.


Fate eventually takes over the best laid plans....

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