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Today I was reading someone's blog where she had written how people give all stale and expired food to servants and it touched a chord somewhere in my heart. I have seen that in many families whatever small quantity of daals and veg is left after food is stored in the fridge. Then they will clean the fridge in a week and give it all to  servants, I feel why not give it when it is fresh?..So many people never think of their servants as human beings who have some self respect and dignity.....never serve them properly,we can serve multiple cups of tea to our relatives and even insist them to over eat, but when it comes to servants.....we will give them whatever is just not of any use,nevr give them properly even in a plate and katori...and think of themselves as great who are donating, but I never think of giving discard items as donation or even good deed..its rather opposite,....they are taking care of our garbage. Giving means what they want and need, not what we have in surplus.

Once I read somewhere that we can guess the nature of a person from the way he behaves with a waiter in restaurant, I think we should add it to how we behave with our employess .

In a country like ours where many people go to sleep without food least we can do is.....

1...food items shouldnt be wasted..buy only as much as you need or may be less,never more.
2..we must neither over eat ourselves, nor insist our guests to do the same..it will be good for our health also.
3.try to give one meal to your maid...food what you eat,not somesthing substandard prepared for her...this is the best way of sharing.

I am trying to do all this..lets see......


SG said…
Excellent post. I have seen this happening when we visit India. Why not give the left over food to the servants when it is fresh?

The situation is worse in the neighboring country. I have read stories about families going to restaurants taking their 12 year old servant girl who take care of their 3 year old kid. The whole family eats and the 12 year old servant girl is not allowed to eat anything. Pathetic.
Renu said…
SG;..thats theway most of the people behave..its disgusting.
whenevr we go out to eat, I insist upon my husband togive money first to the driver for food, then only i can eat in peace, even though he gets double salary for that timne he is with us
Tomz said…
Very remarkable post..We have to be careful while behaving to the fellow beings, whether he is below you or above you..
Great post. And yes, it says a lot about people...it is difficult to respect those who give only what is of no use, and then feel important for it. I do find it just amazing how willing (and even enthusiastic) people are to waste food, water and other resources when there are so many who have nowhere near enough. Very glad to hear you are doing this...and hopefully can influence others :)
Chanz said…
Thankfully, nothing of that sort happens in my family. I am so glad to be a part of such a family which respect every human's beings dignity and self-respect too.

I know somebody who make their servant eat the leftovers from the same plate as they ate. The servant has been loyal for the last 20 years. Even he doesnt mind eating from the same plate. I somehow don't like that..
deeps said…
the bold letters speak it out..

interestingly it s second time me coming acorss almost same thing on a blog in 2 days gap ...
Sandhya said…
My relative always says that a servant should be treated as a servant! Once you start giving fresh food, they will always expect more from us! She always gives the previous night's dosa or roti to her. Coffee is from the third decoction! She keeps on changing them or they leave her house!

This is an interesting topic, I can go on writing about, Renu.
Renu said…
Tomz: we are always careful how we behave with people above us..its only who are below need our respect.

WWofW:.Exactly..I feel guilty if I wasted anything..I just write only because I want people to introspect.

deeps: so many times I get the idea of a poist while reading others:)

Sandhya: Thats what most of the older generation say..bu I am not concerned about servants exceptance, its about how I feel doing that?

I have got the best compliments from my servants:)
Big applause. Wonderful post. I agree to EVERY word that you have written. Very well said.
Gouri Guha said…
Interesting post. Wish people realise...which they cannot eat why give it to someone else...don't servants have taste buds like them?
A said…
At least in my relative's house, it is the same food for maids, drivers etc. If frozen food is given to maid, we also eat the same.
Madhu said…
Nice post Renu. I totally agree with you that why wait till the end of the week to give leftovers? If you make something extra, give it to them the same way.
My mom always give some tea at least everyday.
Bikramjit said…
Thought provoking.. and a good to do list..
but then problem is no one follows it.. and YES IT IS true
we can find out about the person on how they beahcve with a waiter..

But then in India i was always told off by mates to keep my mouth shut not to say anything cause if i opened my mouth.. they wil lcharge double ...
Renu said…
Kiran BAjaj Sawhney:Thanks Kiran and welcome here! hope to see you more often!

Gauri:..Leave aside taste buds, how do they feel doing it?

A;..you have a good relative..thats the way it should be.

madhu:..tea is given in most of the houses...but so many prepare it in a different way:)..using the used tea even.

Bikramjit:..Dont listen to those who want you to keep quiet..even to me everyone says that you spoil them, they will treouble you..but then so many other people in my life exploit me, so what the heck let them also, but I will never exploit them.
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KParthasarathi said…
This was also in Lakshmi's blog.If we make it a point not to store any cooked thing beyond 24 hours in Fridge and give away to the needy, it would be nice.More so on festive occasions when large quantity remains as left over.
Nice post and nice thought,Renu
Babli said…
Wonderful and brilliant post. Very well written. I appreciate for your nice and thought provoking post.
This is ur best creation. :)

I agree food should be utilised when it is fresh by us, by servants or by animals.

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