Shall we judge?

Most of the time when I read  my blogger friends, I feel like saying so much in their comment section, but then I think instead of blocking their column, why not put your views on your own blog. So most of my posts are reactions..reaction to some news, reaction to other posts or someone's behaviour:)
As I was reading G, I realised that i have seen many people judging others on very trivial things...

If someone can speak English....he/ she is very intelligent ,way above in society and all that......But I have always disagreed because English is a language and it makes us multilingual to know it, and it has nothing to do with any other accomplishment.

Clothes...though it is said that clothes define a man, but i could say its only first impression, once you start knowing the person, clothes are immaterial...We dont care for anyone for the way he/she dresses, we love people for what they are inside.But many people give respect to dress also..initially without knowing the credentials if they see two people, they always veer towards the better dressed one.The same way as some have bias against complexion..a person should be fair to be called beautiful,  height ,features,qualities evrything may be damned....The person instantly scores certain points in his/her favour whereas a dark one has to do something to gain that..I find all that highly unfair attitudes.

Money..This is an all time gets immediate respect... a person may be corrupt, uncouth, debauched and dishonest but if he/she has money, he is respected and given that extra privileges.One more thing if a rich lady wears an artificial ring..people take it for real and praise it as such, on the other hand if not so rich wears a real one also, even then people it artificial? We always let the perceptions rule and neglect the facts.

I feel that only models and people in glamarous fields should be analysed for their clothes ,like TV people should for their looks, because thay are there for them.

But even god judges the people after they are dead, so who are we to judge? what do you think?


The Bald Guy said…
English and clothes would matter if you were in HR, but apart from that on a personal level, I think we should not be judging anyone.
Jayashree said…
Very true, Renu. It is really sad that is how we evaluate people.
manjujoglekar said…
So true- who are we to judge others!

I think when we get to know a person better- their views and thoughts- we judge them less by their clothes, etc.
~G said…
:) I for one, wouldn't complain even if you block my comments section. In fact I would be very glad ;) Just like I will be glad if people visit my blog from here. :D

So is anyone judging me here and calling me the desperate blogger suffering from an obsessive disorder. Go on, I am shameless. :D
SG said…
Never judge people by their clothes are appearance. A few years ago, a newspaper reporter saw Bill Gates and his wife outside a movie theater waiting in line to buy tickets. He wrote an article the next day about it. He said: They both looked like if they could afford to buy movie tickets.
I do not agree about clothes . though a lot of real nice people may not dress well, and a lot of undeserving people may dress well, a well dressed person is generally happy. and the dressing mostly shows what esteem the person has about him/her self.
Renu said…
bald guy: yes even in certain professions looks also matter, but generally should be respected for one's qualities. achievements.

jayshree: hey i was thinking of mailing are you?..come over sometime.

G;..THanks and since youy write well, you will attract many readers for your merit only.

SG: can you imagin Ambanis or Bacchans standing in a que to buy tickets?

Deepa:..welcome here Deepa !...You see many people are not fashion savvy, and some take clothes as utility only but that shouldnt lessen their importance in soiciety..its personal choice.
Nisha said…
So very true. But I think that's about the first impression. As you've mentioned, it doesnt matter when we start knowing them personally.

The real/artificial ring... I have first hand experience.
Renu said…
Manju Jogelekar:..I have seen many people respecting a person for just good clothes and humiliating others because of their not so good ones.

Nisha: yeah thats what i wanted to say that we must not have preconceived notions....
Hip Grandma said…
very true.I have been at the receiving end for my dark complexion and more so because my parents were both fair.To be born dark to fair skinned parents makes one open to all kinds of negative analysis and both sides of the family is quick to distance themselves from the dark skinned monster.
Sara said…
I know, sad but true but many a times people just care about appearance and glitter....but as that glitter washes off and they see the raw person underneath, thye realize how wrong they were.
Any impression based on appreance is short-lived,thankfully!!
starry said…
I think we should not be judging people from the outside even though many people do.It is like judging a book by its cover.
Renu said…
Hipgrandma:>I have seen many people who themselves are nothoing much themselves, humiliating others for complexion, and they always get on my nerves.

starry: judgingf people by their appearances only tell us about the people who judge.
My journey said…
if a rich lady wears an artificial ring..people take it for real and praise it as such, on the other hand if not so rich wears a real one also, even then people it artificial? I have experienced that.
Nicely written. :)
Bikramjit said…
THat is so true and i liked the last line that even God judges us after we die.. Well said so true

no second thoughts i agree with you 100% on money it is TRUE.. it is true that money is very important these day and i do agree .. whatever people might say no no its not important ..

clothes:- i must say i dont go for clothes cause i am Myself very badly dressed most of the time :)

English:- the first question or remark people make here to me is "YOUR english is GOOD".. DUHHHHHHH yes I did study in a good school.. :)
Sandhya said…
When we come closer to a person, we tend to forget his/her looks, status etc. if we like them, I feel. We might act as if we like a rich person, but in truth, we might not, because of his/her nature.

Interesting comments, here, too, Renu!
Deeps said…
"But even god judges the people after they are dead, so who are we to judge" Really liked the way you put it. But the fact of the matter is we do judge..howsoever much we say we dont. Like in the case of blogging, we always run the risk of being judged by how or what we write.
I write in English to impress others. :D

Nice read. :)
Renu said…
My journey:..These are the facts of life:).may be young generation could change that.

Bikramjit:..The paradox is people dont appreciate the same way when someone speaks any of Indian language:)..the praise is limited to english only.
Dressing well or not.its all apersonal choice, and should have no bearing on your persdonalityescept defining your appearance.

Sandhya:.we must not cloud our mind with such outer thing like money, clothes or dislike a person for his/her qualities.

Deeps: we may judge, but shouldnt for clothes,language,complexion etc but for character.

Chandrika Shubham: and I am sure people are impressed:)
it's always bad to judge people.. have realised that many times.. some people I dont like in the first meet have turned out into great friends at a later point in life..and looks? I wonder why people give so much importance to looks?!!!
Renu said… many times even first impressions are not so try to know the person and then only form an opinion.
A said…
Judging is normal behavior. I am not sure why people think it is bad..if judgment is objective and not based on unrelated factors...then it is the right way..

Everyone in the USA speaks English..but we know everyone is not so intelligent. But of course if an Indian speaks seven languages including English, chances are he or she is intelligent because learning seven languages is not an easy task.

Cloths is a completely different matter. But on the same token an average intelligent person would wear decent cloths for an interview and an extra ordinary person may wear simple cloths at work because he believes in his own skills.

SO there are many to make an opinion based on objective relevant factors..
Renu said…
A:.You have given me a totally new perspective.

About English..I have seen many people who according to me are every intelligent and knowledgeable, but they know only hindi,no english, whereas many who know english because they have been schooled in a convent, but otherwise they are average people...I meant about them.

And same for clothes..its all about priorities, clothes have least priority for some.

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