Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today is Teej,..first festival which heralds the season of festivals,this is  a festival of fun for women folk and I am missing my daughter and DIl..From my childhood, I used to get a new dress and new bangles and all of us sit together and apply henna on our hands on this day and then we will have get togethers, and enjoy the swing together.But the long working hours of women are making it difficult for them to  celebrate such festivals with full enthu...and I think with our generation, may be all traditional festivals will be gone and their place will be taken by valentines,Bdays,anniversaries etc.

Now is the time for freedom, freedom from family, freedom from everybody likes modern celebrations more than our traditional ones, because in these festivals we dont enjoy by eating out, rather it is considered inauspicious, if we dont cook anything in the house .Then most of the time everything is done in the morning and we eat only after pooja, so another restriction.Whereas everybody wants to do everything at his/her own leisure,.so they find it convenient to celebrate other days. more than our own festivals.
Today I see everyone wanting a family, but without any efforts and same for traditions...nothing comes has to do hard work for everything.

.But sometime some people have a family which makes one it really worth it?....there is this person, lets call him S, he always looked after his siblings and family all his life, and so did his wife, today when he is old , and recently he got a fracture, his own son is living abroad, and his brother living in the same city didnt offer him  even to take to his place and look after him for atleast 15 days, S and his wife managed themselves.I can never see this happening with siblings will come even from out of town to give me all the help I need.......apne apne sanskaar hain.......Life is not all about.I ME MYSELF.

Now about a good sis has a maid who is very poor, still she daily sends some food to mosque in the days of that is a good soul.

Happy teej and happy Ramjaan  !!!


The Bald Guy said...

Happy Teej Renu!

Ramadan Kareem Mubarak!

The Bald Guy said...

"Today I see everyone wanting a family, but without any efforts and same for traditions...nothing comes has to do hard work for everything"

Love these lines!

Gouri Guha said...

Renu,so much truth in all that you've said. And the word FREEDOM is no doubt Dominating (in many areas)...well written and thoughful.

Thoughts forever said...

Hi Mam,

Happy teej and ramadan...

I am celebrating teej to an extent i think so...i wore a new the place of bangles i still have chuda...

Today being an auspious day setting up my pooja will perform pooja in the evening after i go back from work..i dont know whether it is the same or not..but still doing some thing which i know..

How are doing these days..


Kanupriya said...

Happy Teej to you, hey you know despite being from this generation, I really love our traditional festivals. I never feel like celebrating Diwali or Holi at some Diwali bash in those 5 star hotels. I feel like cooking traditional sweets and other such food at home and do it the way it used to happen at my place when I was young. Though you're right in one thing - for most of the Indian festivals we don't even have holidays and at times long working hours take a toll on our celebration spirit.

starry said...

Happy Teej Renu.I think for the most part it is becoming a self centered world and that is a shame.

Chanz said...

yay..!! i had put mehendi... and i so so love the festivities...

SG said...

Nice one. Very thought provoking. I am happy you are lucky enough to have such a wonderful extended family.

Renu said...

TheBald Guy: Thank you ! I am happy to see you here after a long time:)

Gauri me freedom always brings lot of responsibilities also.

Priya:..Chura is so beautiful..why not put some pictures on your blog?
This teej must be very special for you..the first one after marriage.and I am very happy to know that you are doing a few traditions.

kanupriya: I know thats why I really like you, because I see your values in your blog.The real charm of festival is when house is full of people and everybody doing something to make it festive:)

Starry:..the onus ;ies a lot with parents also, as how they bring up their children.

Chanz:Even i love all the festivals.

SG:..yes SG.I am lucky and thats the reason I feel very shocked when I see other type of families..I want a few relations but all genuine ones.

Sweatha Sanjana said...

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Sandhya said...

Happy Teej festival, Renu! Be happy always!

Tomz said...

Thats very true..nowadays every one is going away from the traditional mode of festival celebrations. In Kerala its is the Onam season. Now it does not create the mood of mirth like it had created in the older times.

Babli said...

,--;_/*******HAPPY INDEPENDENCE*_/*****.|*,/
\__************** DAY **********'|****_/**_/*

Renu said...

Sandhya: Thanks Sandhya!

Tomz:But i miss old festivities, it had a totally different charm.

babli: Thank Babli!

KParthasarathi said...

There is lot of merit in what you have said.People are generally becoming more self centred except a few and the old values are slowly vanishing with the demise of joint family.I am glad yours is a close knit family and credit should go to your parents.
Thanks for the nice post

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