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yesterday we

Yesterday we went to Chennai airport and there was no electricity.........I mean there was no AC working..........can u believe that? at such an important place....a window to the world. We were sweating so badly, and to top it all, there is always such a huge line on the counter of jet airways.
it really takes a very long time to check in.......very exasperating..........., I dont know the cause---whose mismanagement is this?
First we went to this restaurant Golden was not even a silver poorly maintained..............looking more like a store from outside, what with water cans lying in a heap and all that..........totally disgusting, then we came down and went to Sangeetha.............another place to be seen...................same here, even worse interior and then houseflies everywhere.....I cant stand a single one in my house, and there all around.

Yesterday I saw my son off to UK. Though we know that they will be going someday to their jobs…

working mother or wife

Though the title of this post is quite misnomer, as none of the wife or mother can be said to be not working, as being a wife or mother in itself is a full time job. But here we are taking the general conception where working means; working outside and earning money. One of my cousin is looking for a bride and he is very emphatic about the girl being not working. As always it started a debate in my mind about what is right and what is wrong.To think about it rationally I started counting the pros and cons of both the situations, so that in the end we can decipher what outweighs the other.
And then there is the personal choice also, like some are so talented that it would be a waste of their talent to do nothing, and there is negative elimination also like some are so reluctant to do house work that its better they work outside to make good use of time.Lets have a look at the positives of working--
1--.It brings money in the housekitty and finances are better, children can afford bett…


Whenever I go to buy something like cosmetics, I just cant decide which shade to buy, or which one exactly as now in every brand there are so much of variety that very difficult to decide. Generally I know for sure only after coming home:(. Alas ! the money is gone now if i dont like the thing.That is the reason whenever i see someone wearing a shade I like, I just feel like asking--which one is this?...........but social etiquettedoes not allow me to do so::))...........even if i see somebody wearing a good salwarkameez, like the other day I saw the lady at tanishq, or someone taking a good purse, I itch to ask them. This is one area where we are very conservative, we dont handle appreciation from the strangers happily. While I saw many strangers in US applauding me for my dresses, jewellery etc.

So i thought I will make a list of all the thing I like, I have used and other requirements also, like when i came here I needed to know about medical assistance also, and i always feel com…

Just read

Just read in Smriti-s world about the book and the last lines----to show our love we should do what other likes, something like that and it set me thinking---
What is love ?
When we see few young boys rashly driving the cars, they are under age, and then accidents happening----Is it the love ----- parents allowing them to drive----NO--love cant be so blind, real love means teaching them to live with the rules, not breaking the rules.
Allowing ur kids to always eat junk food and outside---NO its not love, because it will spoil their health and love is a positive emotion, it cant have any negative effects.
Is it our appreciation of others or criticism ? -----constructive criticism is always better than blind it shud be called love rather than blind pampering which spoils the person.
I always believe in rising in love, not falling in love, love makes anybody a better person, but if it is not, then it is time to think, it real love? Real love helps you grow as a p…

when i started

When I started emailing, first day I was so happy, cudnt believe that I cud send a message to my sis (canada)in just a few seconds. I think it was in early 90's that for the first time we had a demonstration in our Ladies club from a computer institute-I cant remember the name, I think it was hard core Institute in kanpur. Till then my children were studying computer but as a subject and used in studies. For the use of housewives that was our first window to the world of computers. I still remember,we all ladies were quite skeptical-- when he said-- u want to know about Amitabhbachhan....who doesnt? just click this and see.....:) want to know about any recipe..... go here and chk.........oh yeah, now when I am remembering that even before this, there used to be a serial on TV...............dont believe it?...............but it is true,in those days TV used to air quite good programmes ,it is to some extent our fault also that we stopped watching DD, otherwise they only gave us Bu…


Image janmashtami--this photo has been taken from this site

Today is janmashtami. For us it is a big festival, as it is Birthday of lord krishna. Normally it is celebrated on two consecutive days and i celebrate the first one, as we were told by our elders that we belong to Mathurawaasi, Krishna took birth in mathura and then in the night he was transported to Gokul, so Gokulwaasi celebrate the next day. jhoola is in my daughter's home:)

In our childhood it used to be a big day. We all kids used to search for flowers and it used to be competition sort among all the kids of our Mohalla-who has the most flowers, and since this day everybody needed flowers to decorate,there used to be a big shortage and then we will decorate the Puja room, make the gate with sarees---what a charm it was, my mother never used to let us touch her sarees, so what we will is take any sari of our grand mom, most of the time the l…


Yes this is the main news in TOI today, and mind it it is not on woman but men. What a coincidence, yesterday I wrote the post about dowry laws, and today I read in TOI----one man being harassed by his wife went to police station and they didnt even write the FIR or complaint, their language-
Kalaiselvan was denied justice for six years after filing divorce on grounds of cruelty and adultery on the part of his wife, but when she filed a case of harassment, he was put in jail.
The page is full of complaints of harassment for husbands.What i meant to say was that everybody be given justice, irrespective of the gender, there must be away of finding truth and there shouldnt be blanket laws for anything.
If there is no compatibility in the couple , they can go for divorce.Here also, in marriages if one side is giving some cash or jewellery which in case of divorce they may demand, they should get a receipt, If they dont have any proof of that, they shouldnt have authority to demand that.Fo…


Long back when I saw the movie ANDHA KANOON ifelt so strongly for the protagonist that he ddint get justice but that doesnt happen in the movies only. Recently something happened to someone I know which tells us that we need to do something about our legislations where witnesses and proof only get the verdict and the law becomes really blind.
There was this young lower middle class boy, let us call him Ajay. he got married to a impetous girl. He loved her a lot and cared a lot for her.Once they had a fight on a very petty thing like she wanted him to take her to her mother;s place, he denied as he had to go to his job, cudnt take leave every second day and when she insisted he slapped her. and that slap wrote his destiny as she drank the poison. The boy took her to hospital crying all the time,but couldnt save her and she couldnt give her statement before dying.
Now Indian laws are such tht if within 7 yrs of marriage something happens to the girl, her inlaws are taken to task, and …


Image here u can see the details of photograph
In Warora near Nagpur BabaAmte lived. I had the privilege to meet him and see what one man's will could do. he has transformed the life of so many people that it is amazing to see. In a sprawling complex which he made for leprosy patients, everything is there. His motto--dont give us charity ,give us work,we want to live a life of dignity is very unique.

There they are treated and made self reliant by training them in different vocations.They have textile looms, printing press,orange orchards,growing other fruits and vegetables, iron foundry, then schools, colleges, hospital, auditorium, shop, small zoo , tailoring units, leather units,post office and many more things.Hostels for blind, deaf and dumb also.There was o much to see and appreciate and I am too small a person to be able to write well about him., But i will tell you what is special there--

He spread so much of happiness, …


just read on a fellow blogger's about her two daughters asking--mama whom do u love more?and it stirred in me a host of memories from my childhood to my kid's, like when we were young we four sisters and one brother and whenever my dad came home and called any of us, the one who was not called will sulk..................u never remember me, dont call my name, u are all the time calling her only and all that..........while in a big family its never possible to call all five in a go:)
My poor mother was always accused of partiality among us, some were called her favourite and she had to bear the brunt of that।Of course as e quite common in Indian families sons are given more importance and on top of that my brother came after 4 sisters, so he was always the VIP,but since my brother is a very caring person and we all sisters also love him too much so he was not there in sibling revelry.
When i had children, I loved them and still love them more than my life,but my daughter will …

having kids makes u happy

With reference to my last post i saw this article---When I was growing up, our former neighbors, whom we'll call the Sloans, were the only couple on the block without kids. It wasn't that they couldn't have children; according to Mr. Sloan, they just chose not to. All the other parents, including mine, thought it was odd—even tragic. So any bad luck that befell the Sloans—the egging of their house one Halloween; the landslide that sent their pool careering to the street below—was somehow attributed to that fateful decision they'd made so many years before. "Well," the other adults would say, "you know they never did have kids." Each time I visited the Sloans, I'd search for signs of insanity, misery or even regret in their superclean home, yet I never seemed to find any. From what I could tell, the Sloans were happy, maybe even happier than my parents, despite the fact that they were (whisper) childless.
My impressions may have been swayed by the…

Hostel blues

My little nephew has just left home and gone to Kota to do coaching. Sending the kids at a tender age is such a heart wrenching exercise that one is always in a dilemma send or not.........and it triggers a host of memories in my mind.
I still remember all the incidents when we also went out to study as we were living in a small place with no facilities for higher education.
I was only eleven and half when i left home, and then I was adamant the way all the children are----that I want to go out, study science and this and that, mom never wanted to send me....................but i was arrogant enough to say----u dont want to send me because then there will be no one to scold or work.(ha Ha) wrong i was..........and I only know how miserable I was without my family but egoistic enough to never admit it:)
And then my sister went to Nainital in the same way, she also wanted to study in boarding and in Nainital:) and one day when we got a letter from her, it was s…

Abhi,Govinda, Kareena

This letter of mine is published in the Stardust of July.
So this time Big B saved Abhi and Rakeyesh mehra, but we are forgetting that Abhishek was never well behaved, in the beginning of his career he had slapped a journalist on the shooting, then also Big B intervened.Abhishek has got many lease in his professional life due to his father,otherwise he is nothing more than a flop star. Had he been an ordinary mortal, nobody would have given him a second look or chance. After 20 movies I think even a pillar can look presentable,so nothing great about him.
I have been reading Govinda's interview from the very beginning and he always comes across a very human and ethical person, so this incident of slapping came as a complete surprise to me and still is a mystery.
Between the two debutants Sonam is way ahead of Deepika,she is a classic beauty in the mould of Rekha, while Deepika can be compared to Zeenat and Hema who were quite wooden in expressions and were all glamour in their hey tim…

North Versus South

According to a news item in paper, north indians settled in south dont want their daughters to marry and go north, as they find people there loud and crass and talk about money all the time.
I wouldnt agree in toto, but I also feel that south is better in many respects, as in everything there are pros and cons of every place , lets check out---
what i like here----
Here people are very genuine, simple without any masks.
People are very non interfering type, busy in their own life.
Most of the woman take up a job.
In cities infrastructure is better.
so far I havent seen any pilferage of electricity
Police is better.
Crime is here also, but still I feel very scared in delhi stepping out of my house after dark.
roadside romeos are not there so much.
But here people are sometimes very reserved.
Whenever in a group, they start talking in any regional language.
In north----
A person's status and money and living standard are all very important before making friends.ONe upmanship is alw…

Quirky Tag

Quirky TAG

Reflections tagged me so here it is:
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I feel that I am a very boring person with nothing quirky in me, but then But what i find normal may be the quirky side of me, so I will write a few:)

I have this very bad habit of trying to make everybody happy,and sometimes in the process trying to run their lives , forgetting that I am not God and even god could not make evrybody happy.and in the process making myself thooughly miserable and depressed.Always trying to help everybody--like the otherday somebody came to deliver the flowers to me sent by my daughter, and he was loking for some address and when I started enquiring, my H got quite irritated saying---u dont know much about the city, why are you wa…

maid management

This year i have taken a few resolutions and trying to follow them diligently:). But u know sometimes ,some people bring out the worst side of yours. Just now i was reading someone's blog about maids and i also wrote all the big lofty ideals and blah blah...... But everyday it happens that.. i have two maids and one of them always irritates me like.......I have employed her recently only because she said she would come early and on time (her work is not upto my standard but I thought of compromising for i wanted somebody early.....And now she is coming late every second day :( I just dont know what to angry....chuck her out or what......The second one is for cooking--lunch and dinner.....and for that she sometimes turns up at 2 Pm for lunch and then prefers to do all the cooking at the same time :( If i ask her to come earlier, she is there at 9.30.I am at my wits end how to synchronise both of them and get the best deal,because cook comes and the vessels are not cleaned, …


Now a days Thyroid malfunction is quite common, and since 2-3 members of my family are suffering from this I have gathered some information about it which I am sharing.
This gland controls the metabolism of our body, so everything gets topsyturvy, if it is malfunctioning. With hypothyroidism, one gets wt problems, digestion problems etc.
My thyroid was working normally, but one of its lobe was enlarged, that to the extent of 10 times to its original size. And there is no sure fire way of knowing whether this growth is benign or malignant, or even if it is benign presently when it might turn into malignant, because one cant get it checked everymonth or so. So to be safer Doctors advised the removal of both the lobes.
Symptoms----I didnt have any problem as such, only there was a visible growth in the neck and
I used to have lot of allergic problems in my throat, though I cant say whether they were because of thyroid enlargement or just like that.
Earlier i had got all the checkups lik…