Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hostel blues

My little nephew has just left home and gone to Kota to do coaching. Sending the kids at a tender age is such a heart wrenching exercise that one is always in a dilemma send or not.........and it triggers a host of memories in my mind.
I still remember all the incidents when we also went out to study as we were living in a small place with no facilities for higher education.
I was only eleven and half when i left home, and then I was adamant the way all the children are----that I want to go out, study science and this and that, mom never wanted to send me....................but i was arrogant enough to say----u dont want to send me because then there will be no one to scold or work.(ha Ha) wrong i was..........and I only know how miserable I was without my family but egoistic enough to never admit it:)
And then my sister went to Nainital in the same way, she also wanted to study in boarding and in Nainital:) and one day when we got a letter from her, it was so emotional that my mom and me started crying immediately:) and my father was bewildered and asked -why are u sobbing so uncontollably:)
Even after 20 yrs situation never changes, as the emotions are same.I can still vividly remember My son standing at the door of railway compartment looking so vulnerable and lonely....
my daughter's face when I first left her at her hostel at Pilani---standing there............completely white as if someone has squeezed the blood out of her......
.My heart went out to them.
And the cycle goes I keep thinking about my nephew--------.
sometimes I think are the children really the pleasure we think them to be or a life long worry, because parents never cease to worry about their children whether they are 5 yr or 50 yr old. The other day my daughter said that----in life there is always a reaction of everything, so if anything brings u happiness, then it will make you sad also and it is so true, what do u think?


sansmerci said...

wow.. that post really got me emotional, beoing out ahome n misisn my mom was the worst days of my life.. n yea my mom never wanted to go .. n i thought shes not lettin me grw up .. but i ran bak to her sooner than i thought..

n bout sending young kids to boarding schools at the tender age .. i feel its very unfair from the parents, if they cant take care of children, they shudnt have any..n yes i agre with u kids r life long worry.. but wat better reason we need to live for..

Renu said...

I used to run home at the slightest pretext,and sometimes one has to leave children for the better future, becuase in India in small towns,still there are no good schools or coachings.
and yes you have phrased it so well-what better reason to live for:)

Reflections said...

I always threaten my kids with hostels when they get out of hand.

But I wonder if I'll ever be able to stay away from them....yes, yes I knw the day will come but just cant imagine it.

Renu said...

But Nancy than your children will start assocating hostel with the punishment:) the way it happened in Bobby (Bollywood movie).

Children realise the extent of parent's love and devotion only when they themselves become one, till then..........:)

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