Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yes this is the main news in TOI today, and mind it it is not on woman but men. What a coincidence, yesterday I wrote the post about dowry laws, and today I read in TOI----one man being harassed by his wife went to police station and they didnt even write the FIR or complaint, their language-
Kalaiselvan was denied justice for six years after filing divorce on grounds of cruelty and adultery on the part of his wife, but when she filed a case of harassment, he was put in jail.
The page is full of complaints of harassment for husbands.What i meant to say was that everybody be given justice, irrespective of the gender, there must be away of finding truth and there shouldnt be blanket laws for anything.
If there is no compatibility in the couple , they can go for divorce.Here also, in marriages if one side is giving some cash or jewellery which in case of divorce they may demand, they should get a receipt, If they dont have any proof of that, they shouldnt have authority to demand that.For more clarity i would say that in the marriage a list be prepared for the cash and jewellery being given by both sides, and then both can demand what they gave. Whats happening is that in case of divorce girls families are demanding exorbitant amounts, if divorce happens within that
precarious period.


Stardust said...


Thanks for dropping by my place. After reading your profile, a smile bloomed as I find that we have so much in common. =) My, you talk serious issues here, and I've read them. Hmm, they are difficult indeed and not common within the environment I stay. I guess a lot of wisdom is needed indeed to iron things out... =(

The world will be a better place with more concerned people, let's hope. =)

Renu said...

Yeah lets hope so:)

Piper .. said...

Its funny how you`re writing about these issues, just as I see a close friend of mine go through the same ordeal now. He`s been harassed by his ex wife and her mother over divorce. They want his house and a lot of cash etc. Its so painful to see it happen to anybody. And this being a close personal friend, its difficult to come to terms with. I`m aghast really! That such people actually exist in the world! Wonder what the solution is. I guess people in India should start getting contracts before marriage.Like what you suggested. May be something like the pre-nuptial contracts they have in USA. What a world huh?!!

sansmerci said...

Gosh! m readin too many such stuff these days .. boilin :(

Renu said...

Piper : That is the reason i say-keep an open mind, always the boy's family is not the culprit.I am also writing from my personal experiences.

sansmerci : I have been simmering for yrs before a found an outlet (blog) to let of the steam.

bharati said...

having looked at almost 800+ cases in last 4 years . The blackmail and extortion using legal laws as tool is too prevalaent in marital breakdown .
Ofcourse our dear police and judiciary unfortunately play the role of enablers to such when they should realise that maritl breakup should be handled sensitively and both parties allowed to live future life happily . By the way the demand from money in the time of marital break up by wifes side is called as SOWRY

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