Saturday, August 9, 2008

Abhi,Govinda, Kareena

This letter of mine is published in the Stardust of July.
So this time Big B saved Abhi and Rakeyesh mehra, but we are forgetting that Abhishek was never well behaved, in the beginning of his career he had slapped a journalist on the shooting, then also Big B intervened.Abhishek has got many lease in his professional life due to his father,otherwise he is nothing more than a flop star. Had he been an ordinary mortal, nobody would have given him a second look or chance. After 20 movies I think even a pillar can look presentable,so nothing great about him.
I have been reading Govinda's interview from the very beginning and he always comes across a very human and ethical person, so this incident of slapping came as a complete surprise to me and still is a mystery.
Between the two debutants Sonam is way ahead of Deepika,she is a classic beauty in the mould of Rekha, while Deepika can be compared to Zeenat and Hema who were quite wooden in expressions and were all glamour in their hey times.
Whats happening to the morals in our film industry? Girls are changing and flitting around boygriends like clothes. Deepika first had Nihar, then Dhoni,then Yuvraj and now Ranbir. And the classic case is that of Kareena,she went to town with Saif without even telling Shahid, that they are through. She has lost all her charm and apeal with many of her fans ( if any she had) with this .
Industry is turning ruthless day by day, like Sunny deol not getting any heroine or Bipasha refusing to work with Govinda, I just hope that old days return when people cared more for people than money.


Smriti said...

Congratulations Mom! Way to go!!

Reflections said...

Huh, Abhishek Bachchan slapped come I never heard this:-P

Renu said...

Smriti :Thank u guria!

reflections: oh yes, it happened in the very beginning of his career, he was shooting for some movie in Delhi.and he had some altercations with media people.

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