Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Whenever I go to buy something like cosmetics, I just cant decide which shade to buy, or which one exactly as now in every brand there are so much of variety that very difficult to decide. Generally I know for sure only after coming home:(. Alas ! the money is gone now if i dont like the thing.That is the reason whenever i see someone wearing a shade I like, I just feel like asking--which one is this?...........but social etiquette does not allow me to do so::))...........even if i see somebody wearing a good salwar kameez, like the other day I saw the lady at tanishq, or someone taking a good purse, I itch to ask them. This is one area where we are very conservative, we dont handle appreciation from the strangers happily. While I saw many strangers in US applauding me for my dresses, jewellery etc.

So i thought I will make a list of all the thing I like, I have used and other requirements also, like when i came here I needed to know about medical assistance also, and i always feel comfortable with a recommended person:), so here it is.........................

lAKME STARSHINE LIP GLOSS-no 21, I bought it and its a lovely shade, worth is a pink.
COLOR BAR LONG STAY LIPSTICK-012-plum pair-its a Violet shade and very beautiful.
MOVIES---Bus yunhi, Nadiya ke paar. Jingle all the way.
CINEMA HALL- Inox-citi centre-chennai
DOCTOR------endocrinologist----M.sekaran chennai
cardiologist---Dr. ramachandran- Apollo-chennai
TVsoaps-----Ghar ek sapna--its a family soap, and good thing about this is that they
are promoting good family values.
Books-------One more day,five people you meet in heaven, tuesdays with Morrie, chicken soup f
or the soul,suitable boy, namesake, memoirs of geisha, The ultimate gift,Anna karenina
, War and peace
Parlours---Naturals----are very well maintained and good service.
Book store-Landmark (whenevr i went to Odyssey evrything I asked was out of stock, they wrote my no, telling me that as soon as they get it they will inform me, till today no call from them.)
Perfume------for women.....Pherose, J'adore, Givuadan...this one was given to my by my dad 30 yrs back, and he got it from some arab country, so far I hvent been able to find it again, but i still remember its fragrance.
Shoe store----Mochi, even lifestyle chennai also has good selection.
I will keep on adding to the list as and when I remember, now please if anybody knows any good tailor in chennai, please let me know.



Anonymous said...

LAKME Lip Gloss 25 is sexyyyyy
CHAMBOR Stay-on waterproof eyeliner pencil is classy

I wish i cud help u vit medical assistance ;-)

sansmerci said...

tailor? which area u live in .. i kno a lota good boutiques in alwarpet

Jayashree said...

Happens to me too, sometimes. Like this one time when I absolutely loved the shoes a kid was wearing and wanted to ask the mom where she got it so I could get one for my daughter too, but didn't.
Iam not able to find your e-mail id anywhere in your profile. Pls drop me a line at and I'll guide you to a good tailor.

A rebel all the way... said...

Renu, I just read your main profile..."For me character and to be righteous is more important than acquiring money , fame or success." and "I want others also to be considerate and ethical like me." ---> goddd...EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLY how i feel...

Renu said...

Swats : Thanks for the tip:),I am looking for lip liners,but dont like pencils. Actualy here due to weather my Loreal one got broken completely, it becomes very soft and I dont have a habit of keeping in fridge.though nowadays they provide a lipstick stand with the fridge:)

sansmaerci: I live in Velacherry, but yes we can go to alwarpet also.please tell me.

Jayshree: thats why I dont mind if somebody asks me anything, i rather feel appreciated.In today's markets its so difficult to look for any particular thing.Like when i ask anyshopkeeper for a saree in a particular shade with border also in my chosen color, they dont even entertain me, saying-see our stock and choose:)
and I am dropping u a mail:)

Rebel all the way: Thanks for dropping by and thanks for appreciating:) I have faced many strife in my life, in relationships, but i cant remain happy and contented ,if i am not right:)

sansmerci said...

wow.. thts gr8 news.. i live in velachery too :D .. i hope we don end up living in the same apartment :P

alwarpet .. there is mookambika complex where there are many boutiques u can choose from.. Rekha's, Nandit, etc.

well in velachery, i used to stitch in Nishika next to spencers in by-pass road .. she used to stitch very well .. now i tried sree in taramani road in the same building as vasanth super market.. she is also good but will take a long time to stitch..cos of the demand

where do u stitch rite now? i wud like to try someone new

Renu said...

OH :) I am thrilled,we can meet sometimes. I live on the main velachery road, here there is one Chennai tailors, i asked him, he said he is booked for none month advance.I have recently like 10 months back shifted to Chennai,
So far I have bot readymade, because i tried two here, none was good.

Shalom said...

You're absolutely right when you say we don't handle appreciation from strangers well. A few months ago while at a mall, a lady came up to me to tell me she really liked my handbag. For a second I couldn't speak. I could hear my mother's voice in my head: Don't talk to strangers!

Then I recovered, smiled and thanked her. She then wanted to know where I got the bag from, which I told her. She thanked me and went her way.

The whole encounter was perhaps of a minute, but I was mighty suspicious throughout, and even after she left, I took a quick glance around to see if she was hanging around somewhere watching me. All I kept thinking was, God am I going to be robbed or something???

I guess it was because, growing up in Bombay, you read about such unbelievable scams, it makes you paranoid. Even now, if a stranger asks me for the time or for directions, I answer, but my brain is instantly on alert mode. So for me, I guess its just this fear that keeps me from responding well to strangers :)

Oh by the way, for good handbags I can recommend a brand called "Baggit" which is definitely available at Shoppers' Stop, don't know about other stores. I had bought some of their bags in college and they lasted for almost 6 years!!! Their prices have shot up a bit now, but the quality is good :)

Renu said...

It is good to be alert all the time, today's scenario requires that but we must not become so cynic that we stop enjoying the little tidbits of life.
you see there was a time when any male aquaintance paraising me used to make my heckles rise, then my brother said to me- you are still very old fashioned, learn to accept the compliments gracefully.The times have changed, now people are open minded, if they see something pleasing they dont hesitate to appreciate.Dont always give a motive to their compliments:)
Now whenevr somebody appreciates anything of mine,if i can afford, i just want to give it then and there only,it gives me a great pleasure-ofcourse if the item is new.
I read about Baggit in Femina and liked them..and I think, i am not sure that another reason for my liking was that they make bags from other material instead of leather.
see i am multitasking with the blog also, got so much of useful info thru this:)

Reflections said...

if I really want to know, i'll ask...but i knw my friends will never do.

Once I saw a really beautiful lady & I was not doing anything in particular & so thought I'll just tell her. I told her & she looked so stunned & blushed so bad that I felt sorry for her;-P

p.s - u didnt say how u'll feel if somebody u dont knw came up & complimented u??

Piper .. said...

I dont use make-up!! Maybe an eye liner at times. But no lipstick. No make-up!! are you all gasping? :)There`s a big story behind it,which I`ll pbly write about someday in my blog.
For now, Tuesdays with Morrie is one of my fav books too. Cant really contribute to any of the other things you wrote about,Renu! :)

Renu said...

each to his own, some people find it a violation of privacy:)
Bu that lady must have feklt very good in her heart, I am opretty sure:)
I think it all depends on the person who is complenting and the age of the person receiving the compliment.
When i was young, i used to feel happy inside, scared outside:), now I am all happy:)
On Amitab bacchan's blog, once i read that he saw an old time big hero,standing in a queue for bus, and he didnt offer him lift thinking it may emabrass him,but my take wud be--give the lift, he will faal happy that someone cares for him.

my space said...

You know somehow didn`t like 5 people you meet in harm in complementing a stranger but I do admit that I would never do that..though tried asking a lady about her shoes and she gave me a nasty and suspicious look before huffing off!!!

I scribble here said...

happens to me all the time.. if i cross someone good looking or carrying something good.. i stare and stare and stare some more till my eyes pop out .., beleive me , its better to ask or compliment but somehow it doesnt come easily :)

Renu said...

My space: About5 people u meet in heaven--I liked to know that this whole universe and action of every person here is connected in some way and it affects somebody somewhere.It make me feel very responsible and I think twice before saying or doing something.
and that lady must be a nasty in her real life also:), one may like or diskike, but being nasty something else, it comes naturally to nasty people only:)

ISH : yeah ! it happens,Now if I dont appreciate verbally, then give an appreciating smile. I have seen that smile works wonders everywhere:)

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