Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BABA AMTE-ANAND VAN here u can see the details of photograph
In Warora near Nagpur Baba Amte lived. I had the privilege to meet him and see what one man's will could do. he has transformed the life of so many people that it is amazing to see. In a sprawling complex which he made for leprosy patients, everything is there. His motto--dont give us charity ,give us work,we want to live a life of dignity is very unique.

There they are treated and made self reliant by training them in different vocations.They have textile looms, printing press,orange orchards,growing other fruits and vegetables, iron foundry, then schools, colleges, hospital, auditorium, shop, small zoo , tailoring units, leather units,post office and many more things.Hostels for blind, deaf and dumb also.There was o much to see and appreciate and I am too small a person to be able to write well about him., But i will tell you what is special there--

  1. He spread so much of happiness, that there you will find all the people in a happy mood, though they are handicapped, but they are always smiling,ready to help others and very jovial, never saw any gloom over there

  2. they manufacture the chappals made from old tyres---they are extremely comfortable and durable even in water and very cheap.

  3. Their bedsheets and other material for kurtas and all were very reasonable rated and good also.

  4. They are always using, recycling everything, like with plastic filling making pillows, old x ray film into wall hangings, boundaries with old tyres, and sitting areas with stones, all beautifies, looking so ethnic.

  5. the whole ashram called ANANDAVAN is kept spic and span, well whitewashed and all.

  6. their guavas and oranges were always the best quality.

  7. they used to make greeting cards quite innovative.

  8. purses, bags, wrought iron showpieces what is not there.

  9. they have the best college library in Warora.

  10. They used to have yoga classes, art of living, some best orchestras, sometimes I used to feel that Warora breathes because of them

He has shown that charitable organisations need not to be all downtrodden, ill kempt or ill managed. His ashram is a type of place we used to go every sunday for a outing.Their even after being cured many people have decided to stay, they dont want to leave.It is a self sufficient place, they dont go out for anything, city people go there for many thing.

His son and daughter-in-law have also taken after him. Recently they (Dr. Prakash amte and his wife) were awarded magsaysay award and nobody deserved it better.They are very simple people with high thinking Here u can find the creativity of children over there.


sansmerci said...

wow! wish i cud contribute in someway.. buy their products or something?

Renu said...

I will try to find how they market, because they had very good demand, as long as i was there i used to buy everything over there, that is the least we could do, and we were not obliging anybody, they used to give excellent service and that too with a smile.

Piper .. said...

wow! Inspiring, isnt it? So much to learn from..

Renu said...

yeah ! whenevr i see them, my urge for shopping goes of completely, it seems to me such a trivial thing to waste time and money when so much can be done in life.

my space said...

I wish I can imbibe some of this selflessness..

Renu said...

yes, see the magnitude of change, a single person has brought.

Smriti said...

I can never forget the taste of their guavas - they were so delicious!

Tell you what Mom - you should become their retailer :)

Renu said...

Yes i also remeber their everything from chappals to bedsheets and their smile I cud be their retailer, if only I lived at a place permanently:)

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