Saturday, August 23, 2008

JANMASHTAMI janmashtami--this photo has been taken from this site

Today is janmashtami. For us it is a big festival, as it is Birthday of lord krishna. Normally it is celebrated on two consecutive days and i celebrate the first one, as we were told by our elders that we belong to Mathurawaasi, Krishna took birth in mathura and then in the night he was transported to Gokul, so Gokulwaasi celebrate the next day. jhoola is in my daughter's home:)

In our childhood it used to be a big day. We all kids used to search for flowers and it used to be competition sort among all the kids of our Mohalla-who has the most flowers, and since this day everybody needed flowers to decorate,there used to be a big shortage and then we will decorate the Puja room, make the gate with sarees---what a charm it was, my mother never used to let us touch her sarees, so what we will is take any sari of our grand mom, most of the time the latest one--on her everything we had a birth right::)), then we will use all our little toys and everything.

My mother will be busy in the kitchen making sweets , those times she used to make lot of varieties like--panjeeri ( barfi ) of melon seeds, of dry fruits like almonds, chironji, goond and makhana, one with coconut,then pakoras, 2-3 curry vegetables, kheer (makhana), panchamrit and what not. it used to be sumptous feast. and my mother is a really great chef, I always say that u must patent few of ur dishes::)), all her neighbours and relatives always demand her sweets rather than any fancy sweets from the market.

In the evening we will go to see the temples,and they used to be so crowded and decorated-a sight to behold.

and then when clock struck 12 at night we shall do the pooja and all the rituals and eat. Though by that time we were so sleepy that normally we didnt take anything, we took eveything next day only.

I have lived in many states but i always got some of the ingredients if not all, but I am very surprised that since i came to Chennai, i am unable to find anything like MAKHAANA, KOOTO KA AATA YA SINGHADI KA. though nowadays one can find them even abroad.

So today i will have to make do with----fruit chaat, panchamrit,sabudana bada and vegetables.


Balvinder Singh said...

The mention of 'panjeeri' and 'makhana' took me back to my childhood days.

Happy Janamashtami

Renu said...

i still make evrything-panjeeri kheer pakora and all that:)

Anonymous said...

hey v r celebrating it tomm..even v make those traditional sweets- panjeri/panchamrit etc :-)

not to forget the beautiful jhoola

Happy Govinda/Happy Janmashtmi

Renu said...

nice to know i have company:)
actually i follow all the traditions and culture to my best, because this is the unique gift i can give to my next generation, and it makes the roots of a person.

Hip Grandma said...

celebrated janmashtami yesterday.Happy Janmashtami to you too.Since we welcome Balkrishan to our home sweets have to be the best!looks as if I missed something by not visiting you yesterday.Thanks for your input at my place.

Renu said...

Oh yes, my mom is very particular about the looks, I am little impatient person, and used to say--how does it make any difference, it will taste the same, but no, she wanted perfection, all laddoos must be of the same size and properly round:)
My daughter has taken after her:)

my space said...

Hey this bought childhood memories..The jhoola was always fascinating..not to forget the makhaane ki kheer, panjeeri ..gosh its really making me ache for good ol times..

Renu said...

me thinks , festivals are the time we should go backword in time and do everything traditionally:)

our old sweets like panjeeri,were healthier than today's shakes and icecreams.....may be I am biased:), I am always counting calories whenevr i have any sundae:)

but they were certainly easy to handle and serve:)

Piper .. said...

Hi Renu,
I didnt know it was Janmashtami :-(( Here in this small town in Germany, there are only very few Indian students. And minimal interaction anyway. I feel so horrid about missing it. I too have a small krishna at home(US). Very similar to the one your daughter has :) In Bengal we call him Gopal as well.. :)

Renu said...

Hi Piper,
Very sad, if you want, I will tell u all the festivals in advance:)
and yes we also call the infant krishna as --Laddoo Gopal:)
I have lived in Kharagpur for 8 yrs, so I knoiw Bengal very well and some traditions also:)
My daughter is also in US, but she tries to manage everything as well as she can and , I think in US one gets everything.

Piper .. said...

yes, in the US it is easy because the indian community in most places is very big.Btw, can you tell me when 'karvachauth' is this time? I`m afraid i`ll not get to knnow beforehand :-))This will be my 2nd time :)

Renu said...

Piper: Yes In US we were suprised to see even those items which have become obsolete in India:)
Karvachauth falls on 17th October this year, this is one of the most beautiful day in a year, I just love dressing for it.

DeeplyDip said...

This was such a nice post - I loved the pictures you have used. Your post inspires celebration. Alas! I read it today. But wish you a belated happy janamashtmi! And now I am off to get some sweets for myself ;)

Renu said...

Deeplydip: Thanks ! Festivals are meant for celebration,and create such a family bonding also.

sahana said...

hi renu,
thnks for dropping in a word.btw, my answer is that I could not make enough gulab jamoons to fill up the sea!
anyways, I read this post, and I have been in chennai for the past 8 years, so I can assure u that makhana can be got at Arihant Stores, Annanagar, opp tanishq showroom. infact all my mrwari items are sought out from there!

Renu said...

Thanks sahana for telling me about this store. Coincidentally I have seen lot of Chennai except Annanagar:), Then i hope I get there Kooto and singhadi atta also.

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