Friday, August 8, 2008

North Versus South

According to a news item in paper, north indians settled in south dont want their daughters to marry and go north, as they find people there loud and crass and talk about money all the time.
I wouldnt agree in toto, but I also feel that south is better in many respects, as in everything there are pros and cons of every place , lets check out---
what i like here----
Here people are very genuine, simple without any masks.
People are very non interfering type, busy in their own life.
Most of the woman take up a job.
In cities infrastructure is better.
so far I havent seen any pilferage of electricity
Police is better.
Crime is here also, but still I feel very scared in delhi stepping out of my house after dark.
roadside romeos are not there so much.
But here people are sometimes very reserved.
Whenever in a group, they start talking in any regional language.
In north----
A person's status and money and living standard are all very important before making friends.ONe upmanship is always there in social circle.
Dress and looks are more important than the knowledge and education.
More consumerists society
But there food is very sumptuous and available at every nook and corner.
More open to new people and exuberant
Mix very easily in new environment and with new people.
But there corruption is beyond tolerance.
Earlier I thought that men in south were very caring towards their womenfolk, but after i came here and interacted with the people, my views have changed:), Now I think.........north indian husbands are more caring-----I can say that for my husband:) but here I am thoroughly my SIL is the best husband my daughter could get and he is from south only................................So,may be it depends person to person, not region to region,
I would like to know how everybody feel about this?


my space said...

Renu I don`t think we can generalise so much..there are good people ,bad people,people you gel with ,people you detest everywhere.Geographical location notwithstanding..having said that I feel Bombay is the best!!! ;-)

Renu said...

Yes,u r right, I also feel the same, as i have lived in nmany states like WB,BIHAR,UP,MP,MAHARASHTRA,DELHI,AP and now in TN, but this debate keeps coming up, so i wanted to know how others feel:)

sansmerci said...

i feel there is toooo much generalization here... everythin depends on who ur how ur brght up and the individuals character as such..i kno reserved northies and ultra-social party animal southies and vice versa too ..n there rcheapminded ppl n broadminded ice ppl in both the places.. in fact all over the world.. :) n bout the food part..its again relative.. to everyone theres nothin like homeland food.. to me food is at tis best only in here!

Renu said...

sansmerci: Yes that is true,since we have lived our whole life in different places and regions, so I cant even say which is my home town.And thats why we love all cuisines almost equally be it idli,dosa,jhaal muri or vada pao or naan paneer:) and the same for my children, though now they have added thai, mexican and meditaraneon to the list:)

Piper .. said...

I dont think you can categorize people into good and bad based on their place of origin. Things arent that black and white really! :) However the simplicity with which you wrote the post is totally endearing! I have plenty of cousins living in hyderabad,Chennai and Pondicherry. And have frequently,since childhood visited these places. There is a basic difference in attitudes, I guess.Most People are actually more helpful,polite and sincere. Literacy rate is far better and corruption pbly less. But we cant generalize. Really we cant.

Renu said...

Yes , thats right, but since i have lived with both, and my family is in a way mixed, I have seen people saying---it happens like this in OUR south or north, so i have just jotted my observations, the day I read the news:)I am myself complete cosmo in the sense that i was born and broughup in north and lived in all the states and finally decided to settle down in south:)

neelima garg said...

even i felt same when i visited Hyd ....

Renu said...

Thanks neelima for stopping by.

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