Tuesday, August 19, 2008


just read on a fellow blogger's about her two daughters asking--mama whom do u love more?and it stirred in me a host of memories from my childhood to my kid's, like when we were young we four sisters and one brother and whenever my dad came home and called any of us, the one who was not called will sulk..................u never remember me, dont call my name, u are all the time calling her only and all that..........while in a big family its never possible to call all five in a go:)
My poor mother was always accused of partiality among us, some were called her favourite and she had to bear the brunt of that।Of course as e quite common in Indian families sons are given more importance and on top of that my brother came after 4 sisters, so he was always the VIP,but since my brother is a very caring person and we all sisters also love him too much so he was not there in sibling revelry.
When i had children, I loved them and still love them more than my life,but my daughter will say---u always love bhaiya more, he is treated as a VIP and all that blah blah;;;;;;:)
my son will say----guria is mom's moppet,she will always favour her, mom cant see anything wrong with her,(गुरिया तो मम्मी की चमची हा)...........:)
Poor mom...............she is left wondering;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;On top of that I am given a dressing down from my H also that I have spoiled the children too much.
Now i have full sympathy for my mom and have realised that----
If a child is very naughty, he will get more scolding but that doesnt mean less love:)
If a child is more laborious and good at work, will get more appreciation,and appreciation is not love.
parents always love all the children equally, its only that they give more of scolding, appreciation,their time, money and efforts where they find them needed, thats it.


Reflections said...

Renu there are many parents who are partial to a particular child...simply becoz he is a boy or becoz she studies well or even the most ridiculous reason the child is better looking than the other.
for instance my father was always partial to me simply bcoz I was first born tho my sister is the one who has a better relationship with him.

My guess...we are humans, after all:-D

Renu said...

Nancy Earlier I also saw my grandmother differentiating between my father and uncles or aunts, but now when I think of myself, for me my two children are like my two eyes, very important for me nothing more nothing less, so I thought may be earlier my thinking was biased, and if parents can be partial for looks...then it is very sad indeed.

chandni said...

I'd like to believe that all children are loved equally as was the case of mine...all through childhood I never fel my parents were partial but then there are so many who feel they got a raw deal...

Renu said...

Chandni: If one gets raw deal even from the parents,then nothing can be said, as this is one relationship which i feel is and should be completely selfless.

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