Monday, June 30, 2014

Liebster Award

I have been nominated by Usha Menon for Liebster Award . After a long time I am posting an award:) and I thank Ushaji for considering me worthy of this award. 

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The questions 
 1. What is favourite color ?
Now a days its white..

  2. How do you see yourself after twenty years?
I dont want to live that much, but if god desires so, I want to live independently and want to devote my time for unprivileged people.

 3. What sort of books you like to read ?
I am addicted to reading , so read everything, but enjoy spiritual and motivations books a lot.

 4. What do you prefer: love marriage or an arranged marriage?
     Mine was arranged but in those times anyone who saw my husband fell in love(he was so tall and

5. Who is your favourite  character in TV?
    Molly in  Mike and Molly, earlier it was Madhwan in Ghar jamai. or Ratna pathak in Sarabhai...
6. What is your hobby?
     Reading and writing...

7. Do you like to participate on stage?

8.How  did you start blogging?
   My daughter said that you have such strong opinions about so many things why not document

9. How much do like Facebook and Twitter?
     Not much..

10. Which Newspaper do you like to read?
      Earlier I liked Telegraph, then a little bit Deccan chronicle in Hyderabad, now nothing, as they are
      Tabloids, not newspaper any more..

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lies..lies everywhere.....

In our life we always state that we want fair dealings everywhere, merit should be the only criteria, but when it comes to our family why do we become blind?

Come mother's day and you would find everyone..specially the girls mom is best, she is a great mother, wife, bahu etc tell me I can say for my mother that she is a good mother to me, but how can i say the same thing for being good wife, bahu etc..thats for those who are related for them to see and acknowledge...

A husband whose wife hardly can do anything, telling everybody..oh she is so good in this and that, is doing so much.

Another one whose wife shops relentlessly says..she never buys anything for herself...

another one whose wife has done the most for his family, claiming that she hasnt done anything for his family...

Then there is this person whose mother is the most self centred person one could always mother sacrificed everything for others, she is the most selfless person..

And there are many more people who have such grand notions about themselves..

One who can hardly lift a finger claiming .she is the most hard working person..

Another one who cant miss a single party,outings, always leaving her children behind, taken their education also very lightly.... but saying that she is the most caring mother and wife..

Hellooooooooooo....All of you may be blind, but why do you think that others who are listening to these lies are also blind..They can see...

If we want the world to be fair, first we have to become fair in our thoughts and dealings...We must love our near and dear ones, but we cant claim them to be righteous if they are not.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Is it true?

Yesterday i was reading Neetu Singh's interview.At one place she says that her daughter has learned everything from her behaviour like how she behaved with her MIL....

Now I know  some girls who...

Always give only spoiled food to their MIL and sometime dont want to give even that, whereas themselves they feast all the time..

Some always humiliate and insult their MILs even if they are always doing something for them..

some are downright rude and lazy

Some dont care for their husbands even...

So can we think that their mothers would be like that and since they have seen that atmosphere like that in their family, they are doing it.Earlier i had a strong conviction that if you want a good girl in your family then see how her mother is..but not any more..Because if there are 3-4 sisters, they are all parents make a difference, but there are certain habits which are individual's...
Today in so many things my daughter says she is like me or she has learned it from me, but even then, I cant take credit for her perfect nature.

But it is also true that she brings me lot of appreciation wherever she goes or from her inlaws even..and I feel lucky to be a mother to such daughter....and feel sad for those who have brought up the girls their zeal to bring equality and pampering to girls, they forgot to make them a good human being , or a woman even, because to me being a woman means..caring sharing, being compassionate....

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ten Commandments

When New year started there was a flood of new year resolutions, people were making theirs left and right, some feasible and some impossible tasks.And all this  set me thinking about it.As far as resolutions regarding personal progress are concerned, its individual's choice, but where it concerns society, friends or families, i feel why should I look outward for any good deed, why not inward?

There are many people who surround us in our day today life.And if we make effort to make a difference to every body, like...we dont hurt anybody,and we try to make ourselves so pleasant and caring for others that whosoever comes in contact with us feels happy and positive, then we can change the world for better.

A lot can be done sitting at home without going out to do any social work.For example if we want to do something for the underprivileged, we have many of them working for us, why not look after them properly, but here we will grudge them everything their salary, their leave, their sickness.............
.If we want to help the old people, why not make your old parents or grand parents happy by your thoughts and deeds, but no we dont do this, because for us social work is a one day or 2 days work only and get immediate ego satisfaction, we cant make it a way of life, that is too much to ask.

We can give lectures on environment and water conservation, but when it comes to ourselves, we want our driver to wash our car daily,always ask the shopkeeper for separate plastic bags, though we could manage with few.So for me a good new year resolution would be----
1---Strictly say no to plastic.
2--always be positive and pleasant to everybody.
3--dont buy postaids and pads to write and make lists, always use the back side of all the
pamphlets, envelopes and save paper.
4--Use water as if you are using money i.e. sparingly and with a lot of thought, no showers every- day, no brushing with the running tap, watering of the plants should be done with the recycled water.

5--No littering anywhere.
6--Look after your employees properly like a family head takes care of his family.
7---Go for the car pooling, even if the petrol is paid by your company,its not about money,but sa
ving petrol.
8--Follow traffic rules.
9--Give your children all the love and pampering but teach them value of money,hard work, morals
 and make them a good citizen.
10-Last but not the least ,make your parents happy, because blessings of parents only bring hap
piness in your life.
I know it sounds like big ominous list to do, but its very easy once you make it a way of life.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Lately I have been quite busy and read so much , saw so much that so many things are going in my mind, and I just cant sync my thoughts to share:) always happens with me, I am never able to sift thru....and loose everything....

yesterday I saw..588 RUE PARADIS..its a french movie..but true blue classic...I loved it so much that i am going to watch it again. It is the story of an Armenian poor boy whose mother is a seamstress, and brings him up with lots of love. He grows up to be a famous play wright,marries , has children, then when his father dies, he buys a big house for his mother about which she used to dream, settles her there with all the comfort..
Beauty lies in the way he treats her mother..with so much tenderness, care, love and respect..I got tears in my eyes..the only thing which rankled me was that his marriage crumbled..why couldnt he have a happy marriage and still care for his parents?.

So many scenes were there , exactly like what happens in earns and works hard, but in his own home, his parents are humiliated, he cant be friendly to his childhood friends,they are down graded,and wife entertains her relatives, her parents every whim is keeps quite either because he is a coward, or he wants to keep his marriage, the day he opens his mouth, marriage goes out.....sounds so cliche, but it happens,I wish so much that all this changes, and we have some balance in life, may not have an ideal equation,but some harmony comes.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


This book is written by Ravi Subramanium, As I stated earlier too, I was liking his books, but after reading this book, something just came to my mind that he also has a certain pattern..All his protagonists are from IIM thats a given, but there..the boy from north is always brash, flamboyant, passionate,greedy and more ambitious then he should be and in always a hurry to reach the top, easily compromised, and then goes down, whereas, the graduate from south is very simple, traditional,does pooja,looks after his mother(north Indian rarely has a family), came up the hard way, wouldn't compromise, is very virtuous,and wins the race.

Now Mr Subramanium, I am sorry to say but you lost a are prejudiced..not all north Indians are unethical....they also care for the family,and anybody who is graduating from IIM cant be incompetent,or just an orator only....and same for the south..not all south Indians are simple and ethical.....

I am not going to read him anymore.....or may be read all his books to tell you what more prejudices he has:)


Parents..such an iconic reverent word, but are all parents really deserve it or even they give any pleasure to their children, I don’t thin...