This book is written by Ravi Subramanium, As I stated earlier too, I was liking his books, but after reading this book, something just came to my mind that he also has a certain pattern..All his protagonists are from IIM thats a given, but there..the boy from north is always brash, flamboyant, passionate,greedy and more ambitious then he should be and in always a hurry to reach the top, easily compromised, and then goes down, whereas, the graduate from south is very simple, traditional,does pooja,looks after his mother(north Indian rarely has a family), came up the hard way, wouldn't compromise, is very virtuous,and wins the race.

Now Mr Subramanium, I am sorry to say but you lost a fan..you are prejudiced..not all north Indians are unethical....they also care for the family,and anybody who is graduating from IIM cant be incompetent,or just an orator only....and same for the south..not all south Indians are simple and ethical.....

I am not going to read him anymore.....or may be read all his books to tell you what more prejudices he has:)


B said…
its sad when such people write like this ..

I would like to meet and ask what in unethical about north indians..

I definitely ain't buying and am going to tell on him to everyone here toooo ..

SG said…
You have a very good point.
sm said…
yes true fan feelings
Jeevan said…
I agree with you...
Anonymous said…
Hi. Thanks for your comments. If God was a Banker was my first book. Maybe a few characters were stereotypical. But if you read my later ones.. the stereotypes don't exist. One of the key characters in Bankerupt, a south indian, is highly unethical. Similarly in my previous book Bankster, some key negative characters are from south of India. :) But now that you raise this issue, I will revisit my subsequent plots to make sure that there are no stereotypes :)... Ravi Subramanian
I agree that Ravi Subramanium's characters follow predictable patterns, and so do quite a few of his sub-plots. This is unfortunate because his plots (at least in those of his books that I've read) are quite interesting.

IIM education and working in foreign banks may make a person a competent manager, but do not necessarily cure him/her of prejudices!
Renu said…
Bikram: See his comment below:)..

SG: Thanks!

Sm: I am his big fan:)

Jeevan: Thanks!

Ravi Subramaniyam: You have made my day, I cant tell you how happy I am to see your comment...I am your big fan and have read all your books, may be not in the same serial they way they were written...

ProactiveIndian.com: Now when I have got a reaction from the writer himself..have no complaints:)
Anonymous said…
Interesting and post and the comments. Good to read Ravi Subramaniyam response!
sweetyshinde said…
Nice of him to apologize, rather than justify his folly.
Renu, nice of you as a fan to point out mistakes rather than fawn over your favorite.
This is how both reader and author can co-exist and flourish.
Renu said…
anonymous:I would have liked it had you written your name..

sweetyshinde:Oh :) I am a big fan of his writing, but it was magnanimous of him to give such a response..

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