Friday, June 20, 2014

Ten Commandments

When New year started there was a flood of new year resolutions, people were making theirs left and right, some feasible and some impossible tasks.And all this  set me thinking about it.As far as resolutions regarding personal progress are concerned, its individual's choice, but where it concerns society, friends or families, i feel why should I look outward for any good deed, why not inward?

There are many people who surround us in our day today life.And if we make effort to make a difference to every body, like...we dont hurt anybody,and we try to make ourselves so pleasant and caring for others that whosoever comes in contact with us feels happy and positive, then we can change the world for better.

A lot can be done sitting at home without going out to do any social work.For example if we want to do something for the underprivileged, we have many of them working for us, why not look after them properly, but here we will grudge them everything their salary, their leave, their sickness.............
.If we want to help the old people, why not make your old parents or grand parents happy by your thoughts and deeds, but no we dont do this, because for us social work is a one day or 2 days work only and get immediate ego satisfaction, we cant make it a way of life, that is too much to ask.

We can give lectures on environment and water conservation, but when it comes to ourselves, we want our driver to wash our car daily,always ask the shopkeeper for separate plastic bags, though we could manage with few.So for me a good new year resolution would be----
1---Strictly say no to plastic.
2--always be positive and pleasant to everybody.
3--dont buy postaids and pads to write and make lists, always use the back side of all the
pamphlets, envelopes and save paper.
4--Use water as if you are using money i.e. sparingly and with a lot of thought, no showers every- day, no brushing with the running tap, watering of the plants should be done with the recycled water.

5--No littering anywhere.
6--Look after your employees properly like a family head takes care of his family.
7---Go for the car pooling, even if the petrol is paid by your company,its not about money,but sa
ving petrol.
8--Follow traffic rules.
9--Give your children all the love and pampering but teach them value of money,hard work, morals
 and make them a good citizen.
10-Last but not the least ,make your parents happy, because blessings of parents only bring hap
piness in your life.
I know it sounds like big ominous list to do, but its very easy once you make it a way of life.


Chatty Wren said...

Very nice and do-able list with a little bit of conscientious effort on one's part. I am very particular about reusing paper, need to be more careful with water and teach the kids too.

SG said...


sm said...

like the 10 commandments
perfect rules everyone needs to follow them

Renu said...

Chatty wren: yes, they are little little things which will make a big effect if more people follow..

SG: Thanks!


Usha Menon said...

Renu you have beautifully mentioned the ten commandments which can make us a good human being.

Zephyr said...

I loved the points about doing social work while neglecting what we can do for the elderly at home and to our employees. But as you say, being involved with an NGO or engaging on social work looks good on our social media profiles and adds that social status.

Ashwini C N said...

Very well said. We should take up resolutions for ourselves and not just because everyone else is!

Ashwini C N said...

Very well said. We should take up resolutions for ourselves and not just because everyone else is!

Rama Ananth said...

Good points to follow.

Renu said...

Usha menon: Thanks Ushaji!

Zephyr:And social work is done in a fixed time, whereas being good means your whole life:)

Ashwini C.N.: Thanks for the comment!

Rama Ananth: Thanks Rama!

Anonymous said...

That's a nice list, and, as you said, easy to follow.

Renu said... I hope so:)


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