Lies..lies everywhere.....

In our life we always state that we want fair dealings everywhere, merit should be the only criteria, but when it comes to our family why do we become blind?

Come mother's day and you would find everyone..specially the girls mom is best, she is a great mother, wife, bahu etc tell me I can say for my mother that she is a good mother to me, but how can i say the same thing for being good wife, bahu etc..thats for those who are related for them to see and acknowledge...

A husband whose wife hardly can do anything, telling everybody..oh she is so good in this and that, is doing so much.

Another one whose wife shops relentlessly says..she never buys anything for herself...

another one whose wife has done the most for his family, claiming that she hasnt done anything for his family...

Then there is this person whose mother is the most self centred person one could always mother sacrificed everything for others, she is the most selfless person..

And there are many more people who have such grand notions about themselves..

One who can hardly lift a finger claiming .she is the most hard working person..

Another one who cant miss a single party,outings, always leaving her children behind, taken their education also very lightly.... but saying that she is the most caring mother and wife..

Hellooooooooooo....All of you may be blind, but why do you think that others who are listening to these lies are also blind..They can see...

If we want the world to be fair, first we have to become fair in our thoughts and dealings...We must love our near and dear ones, but we cant claim them to be righteous if they are not.


The people who tell these lies don't realise that they are making asses of themselves. The best example of this is political party members speaking about the leadership qualities of their leaders' children.

In personal life, those listening are intelligent enough to know the truth, but are too polite to state the truth.
Usha Menon said…
Renu you have raised aa issue, which is in every ones mind but no one expresses it. Very well written.
Renu, I have nominated your name for the Liebster Award. Congratulations. Kindly refer to my blog dated 25th June 2014 on this subject.
Found In Folsom said…
Hahaha....looks like you are more than irritated, Renu. Yes, we are hypocrites. The biggest of its kind.Moreover, we are blinded with our love for our loved ones..we forget how imperfect they are.
Enigma said…
Even I have seen people boasting about their mother/family members. True or not I don't know, but what I feel is if you value someone, show them through your actions and not your words.

On the other hand, people who portray wrong image of their family members should know that it makes them look foolish and stupid because others might know how that person really is.

Also, a non-righteous person as you say cannot be good at any relation.
Renu said… I see the people day in day out talking like this..

Usha Menon:Thank You Ushaji!

Found in Folsom: Yes,I am because I cant tolerate hypocracy:)

Enigma:Exactly my dear..but since actions are difficult to do, people take the easy way out..

Bikram said…
very right mam..

but I take a different angle.. if these people are lieing about them, then they probably care and love for these people too much to try to hide the wrongs they are doing .. :)

indu chhibber said…
I am totally with you Renu-hypocrisy i cant tolerate.And yes,i know very well what are the flaws of my dear ones--i cherish them all the same but i wouldn't lie about them-at the best keep quiet.
Jeevan said…
obviously right! people has two faces, only those practices a close relationship will know it well.
sm said…
that is the Indian mentality
Indian culture
Renu said…
Bikram: your angle is true,but then loving means different to different people..

Indu Chhibber: Thats the right attitude Indu..everybody loves family and friends, but that doesnt mean we should ignore or endorse everything even wrong about them.

Jeevan .True!

sm: shouldnt we change?
Anilkumar Kurup said…
Absolutely. You are right.

Defending the indefensible can be because of ones fright and inability to look the facts in its nakedness.
Renu said…
Anilkumar kurup:Thanks Anil! We need to bring some integrity in our thoughts and actions both..
Salomie said…
I think if one's ego is so huge, it blinds you to truth and reality :)
Renu said…
Salomie:I dont know if its ego or blind love:)

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