Often, we pursue goals and desires that are unrealistic. We pursue them with faith and determination hoping that persistence will yield results, which is not a bad thing. However, when the goal seems distant we should not bang our heads against the wall in frustration.
Osho said "No matter what you do, life turns out the way it turns out. Struggling with life does not help at all".

A miracle must happen. But when it does not, the best thing to do is to fall in line with karmic happenings. Destiny has a role and is subject to certain limitations. I once asked my guru, "Can you change the destiny of your disciple?" The answer was "Why? A true guru will not interfere with the karmic destiny of his disciple. He will only help him spiritually". A young, talented girl who was frustrated with unrequited love, asked her guru: "Why doesn't God answer my prayers?" The guru replied, "If a child wants to play with a knife, will his mother give it to him even if he throws a tantrum? No.

While working out your destiny, you might come across better choices. May be there is something better in store for you.
Let go. Start afresh before the hurt becomes a wound".

In the pursuit of our dreams we encounter delays, blockages and obstructions. We throw up our hands in frustration and scream "Why can't i do it?" Don't push yourself against an unyielding wall. Take time off. Create a space. For on this journey, there are waiting rooms, transit lounges, and change of tyre on the way. Time, trust and tryst must synchronise with yield fulfilment. By that time you may have discovered a new purpose, a new goal, or even a new obsession. You may even find a spot of bliss.

Sahaj subah jo hoe so ho. When you fall in line with your karmic destiny, life is lived effortlessly.
It is said that happiness lies in the rhythm of life. Life is a flow. Cascade over the obstacles.

The rhythm of life gains grace and agility, when you move on without the baggage of frustration. Frustration can be as small as a prolonged wait for a raise in your salary or it may be as shattering as failure in a deep relationship. Frustration is self-consuming.

Effort has great value. But effort should be productive. Follow the law of least wastage. Despite that if things go wrong, follow the law of substitution. When nothing seems to work, follow the law of acceptance. Believe that whatever is in your destiny, acceptance becomes necessary.

Often, when you cooperate with your karmic destiny and internalise the law of acceptance, things just start happening. Your inner struggle is over. And your goals and intense desires are fulfilled in a mystical way.

I read this somewhere, and posting it as it is.....


sm said…
yes very thoughtful and useful
Very inspirational post, I read word by word. Thanks for posting this
Renu said…
sm: Thanks !

Chai a cup of Life: Thanks Amelia..I liked it so much, that wanted to share it.
While I agree with this post, the idea is something that can be very easily misunderstood. I have come across people who do not put in much effort in their work, saying, "If I'm destined to succeed, I'll succeed. If I'm not, I won't. So, I'll sit back and let my destiny take me wherever it wishes me to."
Anil Anuragi said…
Very motivating, thank you for this post Renu ji..
Renu said…
proactiveindian.com:.Yes you are right, but people who are lazy and laid back, nothing works for them, all these inspiraions and writings are for proactive people only...

Anil Anuragi: Thanks Anil!..seeing you after a long time..How are you?
SG said…
Agree with you. Very thoughtful.
B said…
Now that is thoughtfull .. and a good one ..

chattywren said…
Thanks for posting this Renuji. I found some lasting takeaways from this one.
Jeevan said…
Life is not quite accepting whatever comes our way, there are times to fight against the ill and pursue our best before it reach out of control. Inspiring post Renu! Thanks for sharing
anilkurup said…
Isn't this thing called karma and karmic destiny created to offset our
ignorance of what may come about the next moment, tomorrow. What future holds?
Anil Anuragi said…
I am doing well Renu ji, thank you. Yup been busy. How are you?
B Pradeep Nair said…
Just chanced upon your blog. Well, it set me thinking...

On one hand we tend to be fatalistic, as if our life goes according to a pre-ordained script.

But I would like to go a step further and believe that our life is all about what we do, proactively not merely reactively. Only the context is scripted for us, by fate one may say, but a what is achieved is our own.
Dilip said…
I love that Osho wisdom and the way your post relates to it! Thanks.
Dilip said…
Beautiful message. The future unfolds in line with our actions in the present moment.

Thank you.
Ashwini C N said…
I could really relate to this. When pursuing something new, we should start with strong beliefs, but when we reach a certain point and find it stagnant, we should be able to analyse if we would be able to reach our destination, or if we have to change course. It does take a lot of courage to quit, and to start afresh.
Renu said…

Bikram: Thanks!

Chattywren: I am very happy for those take aways Vibha!

Jeevan: true..we must always bfight against ills, but otherwise accept whatever comes our way.

Anil Kurup:Whatever you call it, but it makes life peaceful and positive.

Anil Anuragi:Being busy is always good, but dont forget friends:)

B. Pradeep nair; Welcome here! you are right...we can always be proactive and make our own destiny, but how do we know that it was already written in our destiny:)
Basically what this post says is that do everything to fulfill your dreams ..but accept the results whatever they are..in a ways thats what Geeta tells us..to do karma only..

Dilip: Exactly..futurs is always the result of our actions..

Ashwini C.N.yes..whenevr we get stuck, we must introspect..are our efforts not enough, or we lack something, do we need to change the course, or action?

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