I remember my childhood when we hardly had any toys, it was either dolls or playing outside.But today in the market, the variety of toys, games and everything is so vast and amazing that its difficult to decide what to buy. and when you check the rates, your eyes pop:).Whenever  I go out and buy balloons or something like that for my children and then see that the sellers are also children, my heart goes out to them.Here are our children who are never satisfied with their toys and games and enjoyment and are always demanding something new and better and there are these children who are neither getting the pampering, nor toys, instead working hard to get even food, whereas our children throw so many tantrums for eating even..
I always think what can we do..I know that I am not a big person to do something big, but this time when i came from my son's place I brought back a few of my grand child's toys which were as good as new and gave them to the children in Nethaji Mercy Home.When my child demanded a air filled penguin, i got it for him, but when I saw that his mother didnt like it much, I didnt hesitate a second in giving that to the above orphanage and believe me, it gave me the same or even more happiness than if my child had played with it.
So when i came across an initiative by Johnson's Baby about sharing your children;s things with unprivileged children, I was so happy...We cant do much, but this is the least every mother can do..sharing you child's used toys,books and clothes.It gives a lot of happiness to the giver and brings some sunshine into other's life too...and children too learn something good. When from their childhood they see the sharing, it becomes for them the way of life..
These people have partnered with NGO I have always admired and sometimes contributed too to their collection campaign. Life is nothing if its not about sharing..sharing with your loved one brings you momentary pleasure, but sharing to these unfortunate kids gives you so much satisfaction and long term happy state of mind.


KParthasarathi said…
That was a very meaningful post.I know families who keep stuffed dolls their children played even after those children had kids of their own and never giving them away.I liked your kind act that is worthy of emulation by all.
Usha Menon said…
Very inspiring post! Renu, it is a great idea to donate toys, clothes with the under privileged children
B said…
mam.. its not about big things.. small small things make a BIG thing :)

Jeevan said…
That’s wonderful initiative… I too believe life is quite sharing
chitra said…
Very good gesture Renu,
If today's children are not satisfied with toys they have I think even parents are responsible for the same.
Apart from supporting organisations that work for the underprivileged and donating to them in cash and kind, we must also make our children understand that it they are better off (in terms of financial security, material comforts, education, etc.) than many other children not because they are superior to those children, but simply because they were lucky to be born in families that could provide them this financial security, material comforts, education, etc., and that they should think of how they can make life a little better for underprivileged children.
Renu said…
KParthsarthi: Thank You sir !My daughter nevr keeps anything with her for long, she has given even her bridal dress to the orphanage..

Usha Menon: Thanks you Usha!.yes if all of us show a little empathy world can be a much better place.

B: Thank u Bikram..I hope these things make a difference..

Jeevan: Thanks jeevan!

Chitra:very true..its all parenting..

proactiveindian,com:Very valid point..children ;earn everything from parent's life style, not by telling them, so its better that parents change their life style..
Salomie said…
Growing up in Bombay, we were no strangers to the harsh poverty around. My parents always drilled that responsibility into us, to do what we could to help, including donating money / things. And as one commenter above has rightly said, it is just luck that we were born where we were, so absolutely, it is each one's duty to share and do their bit.
Renu said…
Salomie: yes, thats they way to good life..
Sandhya said…
That is very nice, Renu! I normally give off these things to my maid. I used to buy some new toys on her children's birthday and give them to her.

Her children are grown ups now and they still remember those things.
Renu said…
Sandhya: There are very few people like you who will buy new ones..but if only they could give their used books, clothes, toys, it will help a lot.

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