Sunday, May 18, 2014

What's Happening

We often focus on trying to change an event or circumstance,
when we really need to change the habits that caused it.

Often bad things that happen to us have happened before.

If we change the pattern, we keep it from happening again.

Work on your habits if you want to change what's happening.

Above is a thought I read and realised that its so

We keep criticising govts. but what is govt..a conglomerate of people only and they are chosen by us, so we must do two things first, we should choose carefully, secondly whatever qualities we want to see in them, we must cultivate in ourselves..

Many girls criticise their in laws for the problems in their life, but they should realise that they themselves are either lazy or rude or miser or have not integrated themselves with their new family and if they change themselves they wouldnt have any stress in life from them, because most of the complaints are there for the lack of these qualities.

Many old women have problems with their DILs but they should realise that times have changed and so if they become non interfering and let the girls lead their own life..there woundnt be any dissent.

Here i am talking about people who want to be good in life and do good not those cruel selfish persons..for them there is no other way to life..


anilkurup said...

Everybody is somebody's problem. That is the matter!!!
Yes indeed I agree with you.

Sandhya said...

I agree, Renu! Whether it is MIL or DIL, we can live peacefully if we respect each other's views. Nice one!

B said...

Totally agree and glad you put this.. becasue mostly in todays day and age if you say that people turn against you ..

its give and take .. give respect take respect .. simple


Renu said...

Anil Kurup:I dont think so..problem lies with us..

Sandhya: Yes we just need to respect each other..

Bikram: because it is very easy to blame others for everything..

Chai a Cup of Life said...

Getting along with others is easier than we think, just a small effort both ways. Thanks Renu

Hip Grandma said...

True very true.
Nice seeing you the other day at the hang out. Like meeting an old friend. BTW did you recognize me?

Avada Kedavra said...

Totally agree with you, giving each other respect is the only way to lead a peaceful life.

sm said...

everyone needs to give space and respect to other as society is changing slowly

Renu said...

Chai a cup of life:that effort is so difficult for some:)

Hip Grandma: I was feeling that I have seen this name somewhere, later on I realised:)

Avada kedavra:yes and trying to change urself instead of others..

sm: very true!

SG said...

Agree with you 100%.

Anil Anuragi said...

Just to add one more point here: What happens at times is that when one doesn't get what one desires and he/she does everything to get there but because of external problems which he/she doesn't have any control over, then the frustration starts.

Renu said...

SG: Thanks!

Anil Anuragi:..Then its time to introspect..we cant get everything with efforts only..need to be qualified also for that..and may be we think we doing enough but thats less than enough..
Lastly here comes the thing..fall in line with your karmic destiny..learn acceptance..


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