Memoirs Of A Geisha by Arthur Golden

This is a beautiful description of age old tradition of Japan. Everything is written with minutest details and in a very interesting way. The reader feels the pain, difficulties and excitement everything happening in the life of the protagonist Sayuri.I would recommend it to every body who is interested in oriental way of living..

Country Of Deceit..Shashi Deshpande
I like her one book , so order all they Ships that sailIf I die today,Matter of time and the present one.all her stories are written from a woman's point of view and look inside out. The women are normal with all the good and bad associated with human beings.
In this one Devyaani comes to Rajnaur after her parents death and its about her life living alone in a house and people surrounding her,..her sister who married in love and finds difficult to match wits with her MIL, her aunt, who is dying of cancer and is bohemian in some ways,Rani a film heroin who comes to live in the neighbourhood and many more different type of people, but one special one is Ashok an IPS officer married with a daughter who fall for her and vice versa. She who is always righteous and doesnt believe in breaking homes, is hopelessly in love with a married man...the story is about how she decides what to do..what her near and dear ones take on this relationship and all. Written in a very interesting way, its a very good book, compels one to think what is right and good in life and many more dilemmas..worth a read....The writer always brings a local flavour to the characters and ambiance..its very can we love after lot of it possible to fall in love with premeditation..and if its natural then why moral bindings?


vaayadipennu said…
Giesha is a beautiful book. I loved it when I read it, and the movie is not badly adapted either!
rudraprayaga said…
A good take on the books gist.
I loved this book and also the movie! For some reason it reminded me of a book called 'Snow Flower and the secret Fan' which goes into Chinese culture back in the day and how they used to foot bind girls.
SG said…
Thanks for the nice review.
Renu said…
vyadipennu:me too:)..loved the movie and book both..

rudrapraga: Thanks!

Chai a cup of life:.actually to me chinese and japanese traditions seem to be quite similar, read a few books from Pearls Buck also..

SG: Thanks!

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