Dakshin chitra is around 30 km. from Chennai on east coast road.We went through the most beautiful scenery around us,tall trees on the sides and lush greenery all around.I love nature and feel very good when we are near nature.This place has a parking and entry ticket of Rs.50/adult for Indians and Rs175/ per adult for foreigners.At the entrance only there is a souvenir shop which sells beautiful handicrafts,cosmetic jewellery, clothes etc. At the starting point is the restaurant serving snacks, soft drinks and buffet for lunch.
Inside amidst the vast open spaces there are houses from Tamilnadu, Kerala, karnataka and Andhra, showing us their way of living. In the process we come to see Ikkat work,tanjore paintings, Kanchipuram saris in the weavers house, granary,potters house and many more.This is all very fascinating and gives us a lot of knowledge about the materials used for building houses, their management of natural calamities and environment.All this with lot of entertainment. There are many craft activities like pottery,kolam,puppet making,glass blowing,mehandi,painting and many more which one can see and try also with a token payment.
In between there is a craft bazar also selling many beautiful items.
All in all the place is certainly worth a visit and I enjoyed a lot because I like to see all the heritage things, even when I went to US I enjoyed looking at the heritage houses in Cincinnati.


Dilip said…
Dakshin Chitra seems like a interesting cultural Centre. I did visit Kanchipuram and saw the amazing weavers at work but never knew of Dakshin Chitra.

Nice post!
Avada Kedavra said…
Interesting. I love to visit such places.
Sandhya said…
I had visited this place, a couple of years back and loved it! I remember watching Rajasthani dances! I remember too that the food in their canteen was awful!
B. said…
sounds like a lovely place to visit :)

chitra said…
My trip to this place is due. It is near my house.:)
chitra said…
My trip to this place is due. It is near my house.:)
Rama Ananth said…
Yes it is a beautiful place. I had come there to attend the wedding of one of our niece. They had a open hall with only the roof covered, and a small stage where the marriage function can be done. Actually we were told that they don't allow food to be cooked there , but caterers are allowed to bring the food and serve it there.
It was a very nice wedding between a greek and a hindu iyengar girl.
SG said…
I never knew about this till today. Thanks for the info.
Asha said…
I loved the place, we need more such places in our country than malls to expose our culture.
Asha said…
I loved the place, we need more such places in our country than malls to expose our culture.
Renu said…
Dilip: its a very nice heritage place..must see..

Rama Ananth: that wedding sounds like the one in 2 states:)
Its a beautiful place for functions like weddings.

SG: Is it? You must see it in your next trip..its worth it, I havent been able to do justice to the place in my post..

Asha:rightly said Asha, even I feel the same, whenevr i go to Hyderabad, I dont go to malls, but Shilparamam is a must:)

Renu said…
Avada Kedavra: Even I, wherever I go, I look for the local cultural place..

Sandhya: I dont know why but food is aweful in most of tourist places in Chennai be it Muttukadu, or Zoo..

Bikram: it is Bikram it is..

Chitra:You must check it...
manjujoglekar said…
Sounds like a fascinating place, Renu!

Are those painted or woven fabrics hung out to dry in the photo? Patterns are interesting. :)
Renu said…
manjujoglekar: yes Manju.its a fascinating place with so many arts being shown and classes and demonstrations run there..

These clothes are their display and for sale.
I have visited Dakshin Chitra. It is truly impressive, well-maintained and well-run. Of course, the food and even the tea/coffee in the restaurant is really bad. But we didn't mind that so much because everything else at Dakshin Chiitra is so good!

The only thing I cannot understand is why foreigners are charged a higher entry fee at this and other places. Does this happen in other countries as well?
Renu said…
proactiveindia.com:About entry fee, even my son sasked me the same thing..my view is that we are a developing country we need money for the upke3ep and since our currency is week we need to keep the difference..wherever abroad I have visited, its same, but their charges are already so high, here we charge nominal ticket otherwise locals cant afford it.
Jeevan said…
I know this a worth visiting place which is the only yet unvisited on ECR for me... glad u enjoyed the visit! Beautiful stills
Looks beautiful here Renu!!
Looks beautiful here Renu!!

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