Today when i see the new generation, I find them so different from our types, yes its natural as we are from a different generation but somethings are forever ..atleast I feel like that..Like..

I am a housewife, so for last 40 years, whatever time my husband goes to work, i am always up,look after his breakfast and if required give him ;lunch whatever and then give him an affectionate bye:)...
Now today's scenario..neither wives bother, nor husbands need them, everybody is on his own for these what you want, when you want, how you want..
..For us living for the other  showed our bond , our love and commitment, and this is just one thing, I see many points like that which is why today bonds are not so strong and secure.

Today young mothers are obsessed with their it their food, clothes, classes, everything they aspire for, should be more than then can afford even.Once i saw that a mother was taking the picture of daughter who was on the swing,and father was helping her, so the mother asked father to move, as she wanted the picture of only the daughter is not modelling, a picture with father will look better even.This type of exclusivity I find totally unwanted and un appealingand sometime rude too.For mothers, nobody exists in their planet be it husband or other family members except their child.I fear that these children may grow up into self centred adults...because everybody is adjusted according to them

Whereas we had an inclusive family where leave aside our parents, even other relatives also came and were looked after, as we adjusted everything and it didnt mean that we loved our children any less, but for us way of life was different ......we lived not for self only, it included others also.

what do you think?


KParthasarathi said…
Renu,please accept that old order yields place to a new order.What you did as a housewife,you cannot expect a working lady with her own work schedule that may be earlier than her husbands.The eating habits have also changed due to scarcity of time.There is not much of cooking.All these do not mean that the couple do not have love and affection between them.
The way your generation brought up children in a joint family where they had to share with other children and members is no long there in present day small families.
In the next generation, your own children will find themselves different from their kids.
Accept with smile things that cannot be changed.
Jeevan said…
Somehow I agree with you! Self-confident is must for everyone, but always self-concerned will lack the tendency of sharing.
Renu said…
KParthsarthi: ..But sir, I am talking about those who are not equation between a couple is changed completely. Total independence may be good but it breeds indifference also....inter dependence is keep the bond..

jeevan..I always believe that as human beings we must think of others too..

SG said…
Welcome to 21st Century.
A S said…
thse days pple are more focused on their individual happiness but I agree with KP's views as well
Ashwini C N said…
I guess it's go to do with the changing times and lifestyles. Nuclear families get to spend more time among themselves and hence the bonding among others might not be as effective as it was before.
anilkurup said…
You have a point. But there are many families who are exception to the new trend and they stay content.
Renu said…
SG: true..but is it for better? individual is more important than family, society or country.

Ashwini CN:..yes but many times they dont even want that..

Anilkurup:Hats off to such families and I wish their tribes increase..
manjujoglekar said…
Well, times have changed, Renu. Things are very different for today's young generation.

I don't think that everyone is necessarily self-centered today. The fact is that it's now more easy for those who are self-centered or selfish to act as they please.
Ruchika said…
Nice one. Generation gap has already been a hot topic of discussion. Thanx for sharing.

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Sai Charan said…
I agree with your views but I believe that change is always certain - something that is either good/bad will undergo transformation with time!!

And western culture and habits have influenced our country more over the last couple of decades!!
Renu said…
Manju: I am so happy to see you here..why dont you write more?

yes, what you say is true.

Ruchika: Thanks!

Sai Charan: Change is always certain, but I wish its for betterment..
Somewhere the so called modernity and independence has started taking an altogether different meaning. Interdependence is a thing of the past for the "empowered" people in the society where it is nothing but a symbol of dependence. People fail to understand the difference between dependence and interdependence, for example. Yes, old order needs to give way to the new order, and yes things that worked in the old world can not work in the new world in their entirety. But the basics of relationship building, like the simple aspect called interdependence, can not be done away with.
Renu said…
ruminating Optimist: Thanks ! I am very happy that someone understood the point I was trying to make.

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