Monday, July 1, 2013


I brought this book just because it had Sudha Murty as a writer.Though its not a very good or entertaining but its great if it has changed a few lives as told by Sudha Murty. This is a simple story about a very poor but extremely beautiful and talented girl who gets white spot -lucoderma after marriage.Lucoderma in our country is a very dreaded disease not because its not curable or contagious but because it mars the external beauty of a person and is mistaken as leprosy.Here a very rich, handsome and educated boy marries her but forgets all his vows when she gets white spots. She is left without any moral or financial support to fend for her life and Then what an illustrious life she makes of it.And in the end when he realises his mistake and wants her back in life, she refuses.
By this story the writer as tried to emphasise few things-
1-- the myth that leucoderma is hereditary, or infectious disease.
2-When we take marriage vows-- we should take them seriously
3-In our life we should never take our near and dear ones for granted nahi to--

jindagi ke safar me gujar jaate hain jo mukaam
woh fir nahi aate, woh fir nahi aate

I wanted to read this book for a long time .But to my dismay its not very interesting.Its about an Indian student of chemical engineering going to US for further studies in 1982. he is from an affluent business family but from a small town.Its all about the culture differences,thinking and sensibilities and since he is a very intelligent person ( only with limited linguistic proficiency), sometimes his analysis of situations and thoughts is very enlightening, and some times downright bizarre.The ambiance of 80's is portrayed in a very realistic way.and sometimes made me feel nostalgic.

Married Life..Manju Kapur
It is about Aastha a middle class girl brought up by parents who are honest and bound with social norms. She has a few friendships with the boys on sly, but nothing stable happens and her parent marries her to rich boy from a bussiness class family.I dont know why but most of the time be it in literature or movies bussiness class is synonymous with no scruples and kindness.She has a happy family and starts teaching too but feel discontent in her married life and gets attracted outside , first to a man, then a women.
I find it disconcerting to see that a women who neglects her children for her own happiness is favoured but a man who is a devoted father is derided..why?


Jeevan said...

I like to read the book on Inscrutable Americans!

SG said...

Thanks for the nice review. I have lived half of my life here is USA. What Anurag Mathur writes - 80% are not true.

Renu said...

Jeevan: try it:)

SG:is it? even my daughter says the same thing that writers like him never portray the true side of american life.

SG said...

Yes. Your daughter is absolutely correct.

SRS said...

I have been looking at "Inscrutable..." for sometime now at my nearest Landmark. Somehow I was not sure of it so didn't pick it up. It seems like any other book on the subject

sm said...

nice review
seems book is good

Renu said...

SG: and I keep saying that you always favour them:)

SRS: yes its like anyother book, but I am interested in reading about how people cope in a new country.

sm: Thanks!

Usha Menon said...

Nice review. One really feels sorry for the young girl , who is discarded because she is believed to have been inflicted with leukoderma.Though she is taken back but the wound inflicted once can never heal!

Rasika Shetty said...

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