Saturday, May 8, 2010


Mall road on the bank of lake.
Me & my Ma
Fruit seller in Nainital

Mothers are a blessing of god, though we all love our mother, but their real value we realise only after becoming a mother.My mom is an inspiration to me in so many thing,,the way she wants perfection in everything, whereas I want to complete everything fast:),then the enthu she has for short cuts for her, though she has been restricted by her bad health, still she cant go out with out everything in a proper way..the way she keeps her things so neatly and puts them properly in place despite her falling eyesight,She cant do walking but still she does yoga everyday for one hour without fail.
Sometimes I wonder why we start finding faults in everything our parents it by nature or a period comes in life when we get irritated by their presence.

If grandparents indulge..then they are spoiling the child,
But if they discipline, then its not their job to do so, its for parents,
If they advice, then it is interference in their life, and if they keep quite then they dont love us, they are indifferent.
Whenever something wrong happens, its their fault, they made us that way and if we do well, its our capabilities.
When we need them, they should be available, but when they need us, either we are busy or parents shouldnt cling.
Parents never think twice before spending on children, but for children their expenditure is always extra..a burden on their budget.
Living with children is a delight to all parents, whereas living with parents is loosing the privacy, freedom.
Parents want to give the maximum and best to children, whereas children want to do the minimum possible.
All the effort to maintain a relationship or decorum comes from the parents only, children are least bothered.
Parents are not supposed to advice, but children advice the parents all the shouldt say this thing, you should nt do that..........................

On this mother's day, I request all children, that instead of going hyper for one day only, learn the values forever.Parents need our love and respect both, not because they are intelligent or very sensible or very caring but because they are PARENTS. Show them that you have some values intact.Dont ask parents to make adjustments, its not their age to do that, they have done their part, now its their time to take, its your time to pay back. Try to see good in them instead of finding faults.Give them the respect due to them, care they need.God has given them the right to scold you, correct you, but not to you, so refrain from talking rudely.
Some people say the things which should never be said and then they try to say that temper got better of them, but tell me has it ever happened with your professional colleague or boss, .No thats not an excuse to be uncivil...the most a parent needs is the company of a child. and a .pleasant company,loneliness is the biggest problem, give them time.Appreciate them, help them in their hobbies, dont criticise them.They need to feel important, part of family they brought in this world,so show them that they are important to you.They wouldnt be here forever.

( Of course some mothers also behave very difficult, but about that on children's day:)..this is their no negativity)

Is it really that difficult to keep two people happy? Their blessings only bring all round happiness in our life.

I would not say happy mother's doesnt mean anything much, as its not bday or anniv, which we celebrate on a fixed day...mothers should be feted all year, all our life. I feel sad that I havent done much for my mom, sometimes due to circumstances, and sometimes due to ignorance, but now I try to do my best whatever i can, even then I cant claim to be a very good daughter, but efforts are on:), But I love her very much and feel blessed to have her in my life.


Sparkling said...

I know you said that it doesn't mean much to you but I'd still like to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! Have a great one, Renu :)

I love mother's, I think they're the most special ppl in the world and the only person who can REALLY love unconditionally!!! Period!!! I don't want to even discuss this :D

I'm sure your kids feel the same about you.

P.S: Your mother looks really good and her pic emanates her strong personality :))

April said...

Good to see you back Renu. Nice pics of yours and aunt. :)
Happy Mother's Day!!! I miss my mom very dearly in every second. :)

Sandhya said...

You have expressed yourself beautifully, Renu.

I agree with you in many points. We cannot compel the children to do something after they are grown up. Some children know to show their affection elaborately and some do not. Our children are always our children.

bhagyareema said...

Very nicely put.
Wer realise the worth of parents only when we move away, so sad no.

Piper .. said...

Beautiful pictures! What a lovely mother`s day tribute :):)
Here`s wishing you a happy mother`s day, Renu! Hope you had a beautiful day!

Poonam J said...

Here's one mother wishing another a Belated happy Mothers day...why a day Dear..wishing u happiness all the year through.Welcome back...Renu even I feel I have not done much for my mother, when we got married we were told Your duties are now towards your mum took a back seat, over the years I too learnt to do as much as I can do for her...but whenever we are together, the child in me comes alive, and my mother loves that..pampering me, looking after me...and I bask in all that attention and care, and when I complain that I wanted to look after her..she says hopefully never should there be a day when the need so arises..and i silently pray for the same..I donot know whether i have been a good daughter, but I do know for sure I have very good mother and am blessed to be hers.
Very nice pics..and a young looking mum you have Renu

Renu said...

Sparkling: thanks:)

I dont know what my kids feel and even dont want to know..I have tken this philosophy very seriously...always do the right thing and leave the rest to good:)..I fulfil my duties and leave the rest to god:)

hey what type of personality i look like from my pics? seriously tell me.

Sandhya; ...true...we cant force the love but those who do their duties well, god ;looks after them.

Bhagyareema..Its human nature to take things granted when they are easily available, and pine for them when they are not.

Piper: Thank you Mishy! I had the most beautiful day..with choclates,Pizza and gold:)

PoonamJ: You response touches a chord in my heart...we seem to be from the same mileu..even in our families we were taught to think of our inlaws and our bhabhi will look after so many ways that was a good tradition, which I realise now. Today's girls are so attached to teir mamas apron strings that they nevr assimilate the way we did.
My mom is 73 but she is still same in her attitude to life:)

Renu said...

April: so good to see you here after a long have you been?
Everyone misses the mother:)

nitwit said...

so true ........ nice post maa'm

Sparkling said...

You're sooo curious :D

Tomz said...

A very sensitive post..Blated Happy Mothers day

Renu said...

nitwit: Thanks:)

Sparkling..hey please..bolo na?

Tomz: Thanks:)

Jayashree said...

Nice that you were able to spend mothers day with your ma.
I too feel that we realise how much a mother does only after we become moms.

Kanupriya said...

What a wonderful post, very very true. You can't celebrate and thank your mother for all she has done in just one day, even a whole life time is not sufficient to do so.

Deeps said...

Beautiful post, Renu. Very well expressed. My warmest regards to your mother :)

And lovely snaps too.

Reflections said...

Great to see a picture of u & ur mother...u must have had a wonderful time:-))

I dont think my mum & I have ever wished eachother but this yr she called me up & wished me. She was feeling maha thrilled and I felt good;-D!!

Renu said...

jayshree; No I wasnt there on mother's day:(

kanupriya:..I believe in doing good everyday:)

Deeps: Thanks you Deeps!

Reflections:OH I feel shy even in saying happy bday to my mum, as we never did so earlier, but now she wants us to:)

Amrita said...

Yes moms are ulti special... and this time i was with mine.. and mine was with hers :) it wasssssssss soooooo wonderful!!!!!!!!!! Hope you too had a good time

Renu said...

Amrita:..wah, fir to double mother day ho gaya::)...I had a very good time.

PG said...

a lovely post, Renu!

Renu said...

PG: Thanks:)

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