Sunday, May 30, 2010


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How much I wanted to see this movie and I was kind of dissatisfied with the story.This movie is about a rich spoilt son of a hardworking self made man.And this boy changes when he falls in love, though he doesnt know it........what I liked....
Ranbir kappor..he is so cute and innocent looking and full of life
Konkona sen sharma....she is my favourite actress, though here she is not at her best.
Shikha Talsania and Namit Das..both as friends of Ranbir are very good.
Rahul also OK here, though normally I like him as he looks so dashing and suave.
In the songs I liked Man Bawra more than Ik tara.

Now what didn't gel with me....

Ranbir being so rude to his was so unbecoming.
Character of his mother played by Supriya not appealing at all, she looks pathetically gross and same for her character.
Ranbir .so young, just out of college and Konkona 27 year old..just didnt shouldnt be so blind.

I started watching Pyar Impossible but couldnt..Uday chopra is so unbearable.:).

Yesterday I watched Daredevil....its a sort of fantasy like batman, spider man.but it was fun watching blind hero (Ben Afleck) doing all those actions and the same goes for heroine(Jennifer Garner)..I like to see girls doing action so well with so much perfection.


PNA said...

I wanted to comment on Wake up Side after watching the movie and so I did manage to watch it yesterday and I can give a fair review

It is appealing in many ways, but I a lack of emotions and a strain towards the end. The youth culture, the love for bby and the love for friends and friendship is well picturised, but I lost interest somewhere.. but it is definitely one of better movies made in bollywood :)

As to the love being blind one, mmm love is blind and they did gel well.. Konkona was not at her best..I particularly didn't like her party wear (aweful).. but we could feel the chemistry :)

And the parents had nil role, Kher wasted so his wife, I was wondering, can a mother lower herself to such a level!!

pyaar impossible I'm not even looking in that direction...
Ben Aflec I love that star.. any movie, I'll watch :)

where's u what's keeping u busy these days, not seeing u around


Gouri Guha said...

Renu, agree with you about this so, just for time-pass for me.

As for Pyar Impossible, can comment Watching Impossible.

Daredevil, you make me feel... watch this movie...with your positive review.

Renu said...

PNA: you have got it the name of modernity making the parents look in pitiable condition, just doesnt go well with me.

Ben Afleck..yeah:) he is a handsome dude, even Jeniffer Garne ris looking good.

Presently I am in US vacationing with my whole family:)..will be here (on the blog) from the first week of july:)

Gauri Guha: watch dare devil..its a fast action:)

Chandrika Shubham said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, may be I liked bling love stories.

starry said...

I watched wake up sid also and did find a few things disturbing about the parents role in this movie.

Tomz said...

I saw Konkona acting many times and I think the character roles she did in films like 'Luck by Chance' suits her more!!

Jayashree said...

I like the songs in this movie.
Hope you are having a nice, relaxing vacation, Renu.

Anonymous said...

I don't think wake up sid should be thought of so much, it was just a light time-pass kinda movie! Popcorn types you know... I quite liked it! :)

Manasa said...

same here.. didnt like the movie..

konkana's acting is gr8

Manasa said...

I watched it an yr ago.. Didn't like the movie either :)

Konkana acting wise is gr8..

Manasa said...

I watched it an yr ago.. Didn't like the movie either :)

Konkana acting wise is gr8..

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