Monday, May 3, 2010


HELLO EVERYBODY !..I have taken a long vacation and have so much to tell you but dont know where to start..first let me tell me tell you that I am listening to this song.....Pyar bhara geet..LOC Kargil by Sonu Nigam and Shreya..its so lovely, melodious, and it stops my heart completely...I like it so much that I keep repeating it..I think i like Sonu's voice:)

First i went to Hyderabad..and fast is a slow word if we are talking about this city..its changing so much..some for good and some for bad.But if one wants to see the effect of local MLA and MP then must see the small many people are making a real difference,like for the first time I saw in Rampur..that road in the market is well constructed, otherwise all our life we have travelled in rikshas in those rickety lanes:) and most of the time the person responsible fro development never gets elected again or gets the credit even as happened in Hyderabad.

In UP I heard so much about adulteration in milk and that too of some dreaded contents,and then there we take so many milk items...curd,lassi,shakes and all the sweets and paneer...if inactive,then to stop it, may be we must restrict the consumption, and shouldnt buy the packet milk of unknown will be good for health also.

In Lucknow my sister runs a boutique and to me who loves clothes..its a boon. I like good stitching and designing but cant take the pains , so here I get all my dresses stitched as i want, and plenty of them, and then gorge on kulfi,icecream with mango,Ratti ke khasta ( In lucknow people stand in a queue to get it).and my sister made me go to a multiplex to watch Atithi tum kab jaoge. I saw a movie in the hall after 6 years.She was hell bent upon showing me 3 IDIOTS but it wasnt running anywhere:( whenever I go there, I realise, what a blessing siblings are and what today's children will be missing in sisters and brother and my BIL,all of them make me feel so loved and respected,and their love gives me the strength to bear the onslaughts in my life:).......and thru our discussions we get insight into many new things, of our acquaintance lost his job, and his wife's brother and his wife, all rallied behind him to give support, and then he got also a new one...and then his BIL's wife wanted to advice him to be careful with expenses, what his BIl said to his wife opened my eyes.....he said that most of the problem in the family comes because of the interference from girl's family.(still it is a patriarchal society:)...and giving advices, as advice is never welcomed anywhere, so refrain from that, give them support when they need it, but support doesnt mean you start running their life, let them take their own decisions.......actually I was also quite easy with doling out advices, but now learning the restraint:)

One more pearl of wisdom..atleast to me, came out, that if someone doesnt conform or behaves well and doesnt listen, leave them, let them be, neither fret nor loose your peace of mind, just live your life..though its very complicated and not easy to follow everywhere, but if we can ,we could save our health atleast...otherwise we get BP,, skin problems( yes doctors say that stress comes out in the form of allergies also) and ultimately become a heart patient:)..I know I am extending it a little too far:).....but letting go of whether people or things is the mantra for happy life...Here what Khalil Zibran says is true

I met so many interesting people in my train journey, that i will write a separate post on that experience.My brother took me to a trip to Nainital....our stays at Nainital only made me dream about a house in nature and this time with adulteration problem,my dream is getting definite that I must try to make a house in a hill station..a very small place with no frills but a kitchen garden for vegetables and a cow for milk:)..everything pure and fresh.Nainital was our favourite joint in childhood, though now it has changed a lot, but still very beautiful.earlier only certain people used to go there, so it had an elitist charm, now its a common man's heaven. This one thing gladdens my heart that this new environment has made it possible for everybody to afford everything..just on a small scale, but one can get it clothes, food or vacation.In Nainital Bhotia market is a heaven for shopping, but to me the best place is Naini devi's temple its on the banks of the lake and beautiful and then taking a stroll on the mall road:)

Another very positive change I found in my state that today all parents have realised the value of education and they are doing everything possible to get their child educated ..its a good may be we can expect a bright future.

Till I finished the post another of my favourite song came....Tosey naina laage re..from Anwar..:)


G said...

Yay! Welcome back. First to welcome you! :):)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Wow, you have been busy! So nice to hear about it, welcome back! :)

Babli said...

I appreciate for your wonderful post. Keep writing.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Welcome back. :)
I liked the begining and ending of the post. A new idea! :)

Ashish said...

Good to have you back in the blogosphere... your blog posts are like my elder aunt or relatives speaking to me... and I missed them :)

and you just wait and watch this new generation would never miss on any compassion and love that you folks have displayed...

and as I'm on my way for my summer internship so I'd be also coming with a similar account after 3 months...

I so want to visit nainital and hill stations...but never got chance...the closest to hill-station experience were couple of visits to Haridwar

and glad to c u back!

Chanz said...

welcome back...

looks like you had quite a trip.. :)

Sparkling said...

Wow!You sound like Arnie ;)
And yes, good to have your back!

Am glad you'd a good time with your family, you sound soooo happy.
I've never been to Nainital and I think I should make my next trip there, it sounds so beautiful!
Btw, why do all these hill station like places having a common street called 'Mall Road'...I heard that in Shimla as well?

bhagyareema said...

U seem to have covered a lot many places.
I like AP for its roads, but the recent uproar over the telengana issue has really pained me.
Yes siblings are a blessing, nobody gives the type of support that siblings give :)
will be waiting for ur 'train' post.

Anonymous said... r uuuuuuu..

U love holidaying na? :P

I share ur thoughts..i agree wen u say if someone doesnt conform or behaves well and doesnt listen, leave them, let them be, neither fret nor loose your peace of mind, just live your life

V simply lose our peace of mind and torment ourselves..

nitwit said...

hello mam nice to see you back here..... welcome

Renu said...

G: hey..I am grining from ear to ear with this warm welcome:)

WWOW:Yeah:) I was on my annual trip:)

Babli: Thanks!

Ashish Gaurav:..You made my day:)..I just wonder that today youth has no tolerance even for parents, how can they manage other relationships, because everything needs patience,some sacrifice and endurance.

When you are on internship, give us an uupdate about that place:)

And nainital is a beautiful hill station....when we were in kharagpur everybody used to go to Darjeeling, sikkim, digha and jhargram. Siliguria is also a good place.

Chanz: ..I had a fabulous time:)

Bhagyareema:..I go really a long distance. Yes if one takes some efforts to maintain relationships, they prove to be a boon.

SWAT:..:):):):):):) c u back:)

I am a very restless person, cant stay at one place for too long:)

we must value our life instead of other people

nitwit: Thank you Garima!

Renu said...

Sparkling:.really:)..I have seen many hill stations, but I still think that Nainital is very beautiful, it still retains that charm.......The way we have MG road in all metros, britishers named the main roas as mall road on all hill stations:)...actually I dont know why:)

Shrutzz said...

Wow, u had a ball of time, your posts says sooo

Renu said...

Chandrika Shubham: have you listened the sons? If not try:)..they are really sweet.

Shrutzz; Thanks:):):)...I really enjoyed...all my siblings are very affectionate and caring:)
What are you busy with?

Priya said...

Hi Renu mam,

Welcome back...For sure we missed your posts..I visited ur blog yesterday only hoping that you will be back!!! and see you are back now...

I still could not do the tag you gave me..I had some health problems and just out of all those things last week...

And there is a good news waiting for you..But let me see whether you will be able to guess...


radha said...

Glad to see you back - refreshed after a vacation and lovely times with your family.

Manjunath said...

Welcome back! hope to see your vacation experience on the blog! :)

Renu said... getting updated with all blogs:)

manjunath:....I have already written in this post:)

Deeps said...

Welscme back, Renu. Its so wonderful to read you again. So you've been travelling a lot, huh?? When can we have the pics??

Thoughts forever said...

Hi Renu Mam,

The first choice is the right one..Getting Married...July 31st..i mentioned it in the last tag u gave me..thought of telling u personally when u are back... :)

Anyways i felt very happy reading the other option...Job in chennai..not in near by future..but i like chennai too..sure will come there while going to mom's place and then will meet u too... :)


Amrita said...

Welcome back dearest Renu. And am really glad to read this post. And I know siblings are an absolute pleasure. Its so fulfilling to have them!

Reflections said...

Great to see u back.....loved the way u described ur trip & the reflections:-)
....waiting for ur train journey revelations:-)

Manjunath said...

hmm....... a month of vacation experience in single post :)

Sandhya said...

Nice to see you back, Renu! We need this type of vacation, at least once a year, to rejuvenate ourselves.

Let us have a look at the pictures!

J P Joshi said...

Welcome back after a very satisfying and rejuvenating vacation - your post says it all. Love your idea of retirement... I too love the lap of nature in the hills with a small kitchen and flower garden too.

Renu said...

Deeps: thanks:) I dont take many pics, surely I will post one or two:)

Thoughts forever: Priya..I am so happy for you, must be busy shopping..thats the best part of getting married..and whenever you come to chennai..please inform me.

Amrita: How you something....yes affectionate siblings are blessings of God.

Reflections: Thanks:)...there are so many ocasions this week, next week I will do write about that. more post will suffice:)

Sandhya: one of my friend takes this vacations every four months:)

JP Joshi: our ideas are similar..witha little difference..instead of flower garden I want vegetable one:) being a utility person:)

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