Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Tag

Amrita gave me the Honest Scrap award for the "openness that shines through my pages". and this is one award, where I atleast feel a little bit worthy of:)

Now the tough part is this award comes with a tag in which one has to mention 10 facts which others may or may not know. But since I am getting an award for openness, that means all my friends must be knowing everything about me, as it is, I am not shy in writing about me, still let us see what i can come up with....

1.When i started blogging, I told everyone in my family about it and now that is one part I am thinking..whether it has done good or bad...may be both..but sometimes it stifles me..other's rules and regulations and expectations.

2.If I meet a needy person, I wouldnt hesitate to shell out a hundred, but if an autowalla demands to keep the change even( a few ruppess) I feel irritated:)

3.I never feel the strain of work if Imy favourite songs are playing in the background.

4.I am a die hard bollywood addict, but more of a different kind..if I ever catch the name of Shabana azmi, girish karnad, om puri or Naseeruddin shah or amol palekar, faarukh sheikh...I would certainly watch that movie.

5.I never liked lunch dinners ever, more of a snack person, and my hubby is mor e of a proper lunch dinner type, so we used to be in trouble most of the times:)

6.Only regret I have in life is that I never did any professional course and since I was very good in studies and was getting admission also..just took everything very lightly.

7.I dont find any job or work below dignity,to medoing a job well is more important..an excellent peon is better than a lousy clerk, to me everything is good and I can do everything, but I hate it when anyone takes me for granted.

8.I dont like hypochondriacs....or even liars...I never make issues of minor health problems,I dont like other family members worrying about me unnecessarily, or even fussing me.and so I cant stand those people also who make a mountain out of a molehill.

9.Me a typcial..saggi..without any maliciousness at all, but very frank....neither I can be overly sweet if I dont mean to, nor I can be fake in my praise.

10. I have a problem that i try to be an agony aunt to everyone and want to see everyone happy..but since even god could not do it, so a mere mortal like me is nothing, and I feel sad.
And i would like to give this award to.....


I am sorry I havent been able to browse thru any blogs, and I am leaving to Lucknow for a month:)..on my vactions:)..but once there I will chk up everything.


Preeti said...

Renu ...u deserved the award ..:) congrats ..

and what i like about you is even if someon dont agree to your point , you dont get offended , you try to reason it ..and you accpet that people and thoughts are different.

on the tag .I have done this tag before ..and i havent changed much since then :)

thanks a lot for award :) i really feel honored ..

Piper .. said...

Renu, congrats on the award! You deserve it very well! Loved this tag - learnt about a few similarities that we share! Have a great trip to Lucknow and come back soon.
And lastly, thanks s o much for the award!! I`m so thrilled, though not too sure I deserve it :):)

Manjunath said...

Bon voyage!! do Penn in your Lucknow experience

Thoughts forever said...

Hi Mam,

Enjoy ur journey to lucknow and have a wonderful time...

Will try and complete the tag by the time u are back... :)

Thanks for the award..


SG said...

Nice post. Now we know a little (oops) a lot more about you. We like you just the way you are.

starry said...

Thanks a lot for the award. I will try and do this tag.I enjoyed reading all the things about you.In a way I think I got to know you better.

G said...

Oh happy vacationing! Come back soon :)

My journey said...

Woooww, you really revealed something which most people dont feel to share.Nice list! :)

Amrita said...

ahh the shabana azmi naseeruddin shah types u r eh? My mommy too :) and yea even i have the thing against auto drivers :D ... Sagis we are !

Mahesh Kalaal said...


Shali said...

Hi Renu,
The more I read ur blog, the more I like you. It would be fun knowing u and meeting you.

U look like a lively person. May god bless you.


Jayashree said...

Congrats Renu....and thank you for passing on the award. I have done this tag before.

nitwit said...

you are awesome mam

Haddock said...

Agree on point no 4

Piper .. said...

Renu,it`s been a long, long time.. where are you? Hope you`re having fun at Lucknow!

Renu said...

Preeti:..preeti..I write blog because I want to widen my horizon, and I want to know the other's perspective..so there is no question of feeling offended:)..I really feel happy.

Piper: you deserve everything.much more than this award.I will be back in in the first week of April...actually here I dont get the concentration to write anything:)

Haddock: you are also a bollywood fan?

nitwit:.Welcome here ! and thank you so much!

Jayshree; thanks and welcome:)

Shali:Thank you Shalini !..I am floored..if you ever visit Chennai, we will meet:)

Amrita: seems to me that our generation is same:)...and yes we are typical saggis:)

My journey: Welcome here Anil !..I write what i am and what I think:)

G: thanks:)

SG: Thank you so much for your kind words ! friends like you are thelifeline of this blog.

Thought forever:..I am enjoying my vacations Priya!...Take your own time in doing the tag..No hurry:)

Starry:....Tags are meant for this only....

Manjunath: Thanks..yes I will surely write:)

Mahesh Kalal: welcome here !

Reflections said...

Renu, congrats on the award! You TOTALLY deserve it :-))!!!!

I'm still shaking my head at all of ur points...esp autowalla and the snacks bit and the agony aunt & hypocondriacs. I'm just the same;-D

Have a good vacation & get back soon!!!!

SG said...

Contratulations on your award. Through your answers, now we know a little more about you.

Sparkling said...

Congratulations on the award!!!
It's so rightly deserved, you're one helluva straightforward person in blogville :)
How are the holidays going on? Hope you're having loads of fun.

And thanks for passing the award, dear. I'm truly touched :)

PNA said...

Hey Renu,

Long time, U on a vacation this month to Luknow..I want to see the Bhuland Darwaza..I was on a vacation too, and I'm back...got my answers to ur whereabouts at ur blog..

enjoy and catch u with all the vacation news in the coming days..

and u deserve the award. Congrats..

cya and tk

muthu said...

Nice post --

& have a great time in Lucknow --

& hey, how about a suggestion-

Pl, do tone down the font color a bit- it almost got my eyes....

Manasa said...

nice new template :)

#10 lol... smetimes, ppl consider me an agony aunt.. hehe..

Poonam J said...

Forthright and straightforward you are in your expressions, so the award is indeed well deserved. Congrats Renu, and get back to blogging.

Poonam J said...

Forthright and straightforward you are in your expressions, so the award is indeed well deserved. Congrats Renu, and get back to blogging.

Madhu said...

Renu, you really do deserve the award. For one, not many people would like to share their views so openly and manage to inspire others with your thoughts.

enjoy your vacation. I just came back from mine :)

How do we know said...

wonderful 10 facts! really!

Shrutzz said...

where r u?

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