RANN...I saw many other movies too, but for this i was waiting a lot and so wanted to give you my point of view...This is a tightly scripted movie and fast edited, so one never gets bored or has much time to think and most of the actors are of good caliber so one enjoys them but rest is history..so many things are so cliche....and one has seen all that many times.what i didn't like is...

A person like Amitabh bacchan who is so revered that his words are like law and his son doesnt take much time in convincing him in a fraud.

Why in all movies the show that a principled person is never liked by his son or family? why?

Why all the children of a principled person are so money driven?

Jai fails because his own editor is cheating..passing his ideas to rival channel, but he never suspects...one doesnt expect top people to behave like that, it was more natural in Corporate, where it comes out in the open..today there are so many detective firms and all..it was most jarring thing to watch..where crores are concerned, people are not fools.

The best scene I liked is..where Rajpal yadav takes the interview of Paresh Rawal..its hilarious, but so true also..this is the way most channels behave.

And please why show lovely girls like Neetu Chandra taking so much of abuse from a person like Jai..for my life I couldnt understand why she loves him, either they should have developed the plot or...abolished her part.

It was ridiculous to see Simone leaving her husband after he was exposed..come on, dont tell me that a wife doesnt know her husband unless any channel shows it?

And the last straw was the suicide of Jai...it was like giving punishment to Vijay Harshwardhan(Amitabh) for being honest.

But the last speech from a media baron who has ethics was worth listening to and worth every minute and word......

and with the characters of politician, media and businessman, one could identify, as we have many like them.

Paa...I saw paa and this is one oft he finest movie I have seen recently...so much of finer sensibilities and feelings here...everything is so good..be it Auro or Vidya or Abhishek or Arundhati or Paresh Rawal or the school children, the best scenes are...
Where Vidya tells her mother that she hasnt hidden anything and when in the end she shakes hand with Abhishek with an urgency, so much like a mother, infact Vidya is so good through out the movie, I liked her sarees also, so much like my choice..I dont like those chiffons of Kjo's.
Then that schoold friend of Auro talking about his father:)
Auro is a complete delight in every scene.
Abhishek is also done very well with his restrained acting, he could bring out my tears which the hamming of SRK in kal ho na ho couldnt.
This movie is so good that I didnt mind if..
MP is such a good and patient politician(so rare)
School and children are so good with Auro( another rarity)
For its coincidence of MP liking Auro's project only.
Everything becomes secondary if the basic is so apealing

All in all a must watch for everyone and a big credit goes to Balki for giving us some fine moments.

Yesterday i saw Kurbaan.....movie on off repeated theme.but many things dont gel here..
first they opened the secret of Saif being a terrorist very soon, and movie became very morbid,

and then even US Police is shown to be so stupid whereas I have heard that their reaction time is very fast.

The way Vivek Oberoi goes about everything without any assistance and preparation..it is so filmy and looses the feel of authenticity completely,

And in then unnecessarily they have shown Saif a caring person..there was no need to make his character like that..spoiled the end even.

Only good thing about the movie is..its locales, Saif and Kareena and a little cameo of Diya Mirja.....but after this movie, people will trust muslims a little more less than they do now...and this is the message which shouldnt come out of any movie.

Gulal..I was waiting for this movie to come on Tv and today it was there at 8 in the morning and still I saw this....it has lot of things..Rajputana separatist movement,ragging, student politics, many stories woven together,..but the way people kill and get away, makes a mockery of our country..what I liked about the movie is..its uniqueness..good songs, and Kay kay menon..he is one of my favourite actor and then Deepak Dobriyal, he is fabulous, abhimanyu Singh, Piyush Mishra, Jyoti Dogra( I have been watching her since TV started and she looks the same), Mahi gill are all good but i despise characters like that of .....

Rajsingh Chaudhary.. initially a coward and then becomes so voilent.

Adiya srivastava..the illegitimate son of His Highness..he has no qualms in shooting his step brother and then he is looking for justice....and wherever there is any case of mistresses, why only man is held responsible, wasnt his mother equally responsible for his status?..and then he doesnt hesitate even in serving his sister to Dukey for his own career.

The last straw was that bad people won.


Babli said…
Very well written. You have described very nicely about the movie. As I am a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan so I never ever miss a single movie of Amitabh Bachchan. I have seen Rann and liked it very much. It is one of the finest movie and Amitabh Bachchan's acting was absolutely marvellous.
Renu said…
Babli: Thank you !..have you seen Paa..Paa is one of the finest movies I have seen recently
Preeti said…
Renu , I love Gulal the most of the lot..and then may be paa ..

gulal because it was raw and true ..real cinema ..not a minute of boredom and great performance ..its been a year ..some scenes still make me think

paa ..i loved the conversation between mom and vidya ..when she says " what do u want ?" a very basic question that most of the times women are never asked ...

me being a SRK and KJO fan cant say i like this or that more ...coz am as much a realist as i am a dreamer ...realistic cinema make me think and srks and kjos feed my dreams ...libran act of balancing the opp may be ..:)

thanks for ur comments :)
Preeti said…
and i think why every honest person has a money driven son/daughter coz they try to force thier principles on their children , also children realise that you dont get any money by principles in this country ...sad but true !!
Rajlakshmi said…
nice review...
the movie didnt interest me much... left it in the middle :)
@ease said…
well written post..!!

our choices are so similar, or should i say... we both like good movies. Gulal was an awesome movie. I would also suggest u to watch dil, dosti etc.
Renu said…
Preeti:..yes the conversations are all interesting between Vidya and her mother....
children realise that you dont get any money by principles in this country ...sad but true !!..I wonder this thing precisely...why children run after money only?

@ease:Thanks:)..if you like movies like Gulal, then watch Mukhbir and Drohakaal..specially thelater one..its a very special movie.
I have seen Dil dosti..I can miss commercial movies but I never miss this type of offbeat movies..see all of them..dil kabaddi, dil dosti..AAmras etc
Renu said…
Rajlakshmi:..yeah its not so good as we expected...Gulal was better and Paa the best.
Sandhya said…
This post too didn't show up on top of the side bar, Renu. Something is wrong.

I loved Paa, went to the theater and enjoyed it. Everyone acted well.

Saw Gulal in TV. Serious movie. Sometimes I enjoy serious movies. If the mood is not good, I get bored. I got bored, this time!

Haha, I am reading one post after the other. I was wondering why you were not posting new ones!

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