Sunday, March 7, 2010


I read in my friend's post about attention..that in life some people get lot of attention..and I thought of reasons.... may be because they are privileged in some more wanted, more accomplished or got god's bounty in plenty..whatever the reason, but they are the centre of attraction, but some people go through life without getting any lime light, so what difference does it bring into their personality.

Most of the time I have seen that those who get lot of attention become self seekers and their lives are always centred around themselves..what they like, what they dont, what is good what is not..according to them only...They normally have some blinkers on all the time and see the world and things the way they want to see...but they are mostly successful in their professions as they have that aggressiveness about them which is so necessary to get ahead and helps them in reaching their goals.

Whereas those who dont get that extra attention, are most of the time not very successful in their professions, but excellent in their personal lives, as they have a selfless streak in them,they always think of others before them..they devote more time for people than focusing on getting things and success, that urge to excel is not there so much.

Now here the definition of success .I take in traditional way where capacity of earning and power define success, though to me success means fulfilling your dreams along with your family.
Most of the time people say..forget your past but I say...If you carry along your past with you and then organise future..its better because it is past which works like a mirror to us.( अपने अतीत को साथ ले कर ही भविष्य बनाया जा सकता हा, अतीत ही तो हमें अपनी जुडो से जोड़ता हा नहीं तो हम हवा मे लटक जायेंगे)

What do you think?


Preeti said...

renu ..u have many interesting points here ...

first of all i have always been one of the peopl who have recieved plenty of attention ...for good and not so good reasons ..its been good for my career ..everyone knows me and i can connect ..and yes i am an idividual and have lot of 'I' in me that doesnot go well with most of my bfs and even my ex hubby ..theek hai ..i dont care much either ...i am not one who believes in sacrificing my own self for others ..i would rather make myself happy without causing any harm to any body else ...

and many people who dont get enough attention are not neccessary good people , they most of the time want all the limelight and attention and also feel bad about not getting it ..they can be malicious and jealous ..but am not generalising ...and most of the times we try to compensate lack of one thing with exceess of another ... if u are not intelligent , u work hard ...if u are not nautuarlly slim , you workout more , if u dont earn enough , u spend less ... and in the turn we almost always end up blaming the people who are intelligent , slim , or who earn more .. whats there fault .

and i strongly believe , we cannot foget or leave our past ...we have to accept it and plan future ..:)soooo agree on that ..

Sandhya said...

This post is dated 7th, but it didn't get updated in my sidebar, Renu.

We carry on with our lives better after learning lessons from our past (mistakes!).

Yes, only aggressive people come out well in their profession, I agree.

Interesting analysis, Renu.

Jayashree said...

I think people who don't get enough attention often develop a streak of aggressiveness. They have the desire to be noticed and so, become aggressive.....and people who are always in the limelight tend to take things for granted.

Smitha said...

Well, in my opinion, it is not how much attention on gets, but how the person handles is that is important.

A well balanced person can be extremely popular, can perform well professionally and have a wonderful personal life while somebody who is not as balanced may not be in a position to handle it.

I have known people, who get a lot of attention, because of the kind of personality they have , and yet are totally down-to-earth and have a great personal life and vice versa.

I would not necessarily assume that people who do not get attention are 'selfless' and people who get attention are selfish/self centered.

I am with you on taking the past with you - learning from it - but living in the present.

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Beautiful, and so true (true of course being 'in agreement with what I believe':P)...I totally agree with your idea of success...and find it sad that career success and material is the only focus for a lot (although it is easier to define and show people...and us humans do like that :D).

Tara said...

You can defenitely learn lessons from the past but at times its good to forget also.. Success is all based on what ultimately you wanna be.. and how determined you are to reach there ..
Nice thoughts...

starry said...

Hi Renu..loved this post,so very true.especially like the last two lines.

Renu said...

Preeti:.what a coincidence..even I get lot of attention.I am always in a core group everywhere, but now i am quite a mild person:)..
and blaming is the easiest and most common trait, but I always feel that only week people do it.

Sandhya: I dont know why this is happening...

agressive or assertive, whatevr you call it, but certain amount of that is necessary to succeed.

Jayshree: good is true, sometime praise and attention makes some one arrogant and other times humble..depends on the person.

Smitha:Well, in my opinion, it is not how much attention on gets, but how the person handles is that is important......rightly said..this is the core of the discussion.

Wwow:to me what we can get without hurting our values and family..that is more important.

Tara:..yes...Its individual's choice...if the past is bad..its better to forget but necessary to learn from the mistakes.

Starry: Thanks! Do you understand Hindi also?

Shali said...

i read the comments and saw that 'aggressive people are successful 'being repeated many times. But does it guarantee happiness ? I dont think so.. aggressive people are not liked by most of the other people.

We should learn from our past as well as other ppl past so that we dont have to experience them again.

nice post.

Dreamer said...

I'm going to agree with Smitha here. It is how one handles the attention, be it positive or negative that makes the difference.

SG said...

I think people who make noise (good or bad) get a lot of attention. People who are quiet and don't make any noise don't get any attention. That is the fact.

A rebel all the way... said...

I intended to agree with every word you said, but then I read the comments, and some of them make sense.
Yes, it actually boils down to how you handle attention.

Poonam J said...

An interesting analysis. I beg to differ though...I guess it is totally upto the individual as to how to respond to attention or the lack of it..its all about Attitude....why throw all our Attention on the fact that attention seekers have done better than non attention seekers..what needs to be given attention to is whether they have done as well as they could.....I have come across people who are doing excessively well, but they are not attention seekers.......somebody has rightly said...Lighthouses donot fire cannons to call attention to their shining-they just shine....There is nothing as pathetic as one who claims attention...and gets it.
Yes, it is finally upto the individual how to handle attention..or the lack of it

My journey said...

The last lines in Hindi are appreciable. But i think the point is not about attention or any successful stories but it is the satisfaction and happiness that comes from daily actions, counts.What do you think?

Chandrika Shubham said...

A person gets the attention depends on how much he can handle.

This blog gets good attention of readers. :D
Nice post! :)

G said...

I would say that those who have an aura around themselves invite a lot of attention. Irrespective of success and or good looks, its your personality that acts as a magnet.

Renu said...

Shali:..thats so depends on the people what they want..success or happiness or both.

Dreamer: yeah..its exactly like like they say...our reaction to everything decides the course of our life.

SG: specially in corporate life have seen that people who make noise are listened better.

Rebel All The way:..your post only made me write this:)...our life is what we make of it:)

PoonamJ: First of all I am very happy to see you back after a long time:)....Our destiny is always decided by our attitude.

My journey: what you are saying is the ultimate thing..but how many know this..they run after materialistic pleasures..leaving the happiness behind.

Chandrika Shubham: Thank UUUUUU so much:)

G: thats right..personality is the best magnet.

Balvinder Singh said...

Yes , while future is our wings the past is our roots. Both are equally important to maintain perfect balance in life.

Shalom said...

That's why we learn history, so that we can replicate past successes & avoid past mistakes in our present.

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