Sunday, March 14, 2010



This weekend we went to Taj Fisherman's cove for a overnight stay.What a beautiful place it is!..we had a villa on the sea side, with a beautiful scenery..tall coconut trees swaying.hammock and rocking chairs with lots of greenery and many restaurants.And Taj's hospitality is something to be seen..they have so many people all around for safety and help and they assist you in everything with a smile.
Their north Indian vegetarian food was delicious and they had a sea side see food restaurant..a delight for non vegetarians, but for me the smell emanating was a put off.and there was AN UPPER DECK for Mediterranean cusine

We tried the spas was Ok..I dont think in luxurious place we can think of anything which is value for money, and me being a VFM person found it Ok, not very good.

And they have their own private beach with life guards and all in all a very good place to relax and enjoy and worth a visit. MY son booked it for us, so we went otherwise my husband would have never taken a leave.being workalcohalic:)


Chanz said...

Its beautiful... :)

The Holy Lama said...

Nice place and beautiful pics.Nice of you to take your MIL along. Few think of taking elders on a nice holiday.

Shrutzz said...

so sure u had some light time...everyone need s a break from routine, whats say?

Jayashree said...

Nice that you were able to take a short break. The pics look nice.

Tomz said...

nice pics and interesting place, I had visited Taj Green Cove resort in Kovalam to meet the manager..

Piper .. said...

beautiful place, Renu! Is it close to Chennai? Your MIL looks regal, sitting on that rocking chair! :):)

Manjunath said...

Hi Renuji wish you and your family happy and prosperous ugahi( Gudi Padwa) :)

Sandhya said...

I had visited this place long back and liked the scenery. They have got beautiful lawns and a nice play area for kids too, if I remember correctly.

Nice pictures. Must visit this place have tempted me to!

Amrita said...

Oh wow!! your son is a darling to have done that. And you had a good time I suppose :)
waise this post came after a long time, were keeping very busy?

SG said...

Looks very nice. On our next visit, we will stay there. By the way, this villa has how many bed rooms? Thanks.

Renu said...

Chanz; it was really very beautiful.

Holy Lama;.I am from the old generation, where family means MIL also:)

Shrutzz: yeah:) we really enjoyed the place, food MIl is very old, so we cant leave her alone and we go only at those places where she can come with us.

Jayshree:..had a lovely time:)

TomZ:..why did you have to meet manager..service wasnt good? far we nevr had any complaint with Taj..even in Kozhikode their service food everything was good.

Piper: yes its very close to Chennai.40 km from here and.near mammalapuram...My MIl also liked it there:)

manjunath: Thank you Manju and wish you too and you reminded me that I havent wished anyone.

SG: its worth it..they are called villas because of their style..but it is a single bed room only..they dont have multiple bed room villa, only cottages are there..the difference being that villas have lot of space outside.
Sandhya: yes visit it again..they have so many entertainments with good food.

Amrita:sometimes I am thinking of writing so much but by the timeI open the comp..I just forget:)...yes my son is a gem:)

Babli said...

Very beautiful place. Very well written. Wonderful pictures.

Shalom said...

I miss the beaches!!!! That's the problem with Bangalore - completely landlocked :( Will just have to make do with my view of the building's pool :)

Madhu said...

Yeah, its a nice place place to stay. I had been there long time ago but can still remember my stay. perhaps because its too nice to forget.
Another favorite place of mine is in Kovalam, same Taj group.

Renu said...

Babli: thank u:)

Shalom: really I sometimes cant believe that I am living in a place where I can go to beach anytime:)

Madhu: I am also thinking of going to Kovalam sometime.lets see...

Gouri Guha said...

Your words say it all...nice place to think about for a holiday.
Lovely pictures.

sm said...

beautiful pics

Sparkling said...

Beautiful pics! :)
The place looks sooo serene and it is really so sweet that you're holidaying with your MIL. And please believe me, this line is said with utmost respect and love! :D

Plz don't hate the sea food lovers, we can't help it the food smells like that :(

I'm just back from a trip to Bangkok and I've experienced the most awesome 'spa' experience. Heavenly! :)

P.S: I know you missed me! ;)

Renu said...

sparkling:..yes I kissed you hellof a lot..sometimes I wish that you were in Chennai and we could be day today frineds, but then I think I must be satisfied with whatevr we have got:)

I am sorry if I have used the word hate...but I cant tolerate that smell:)..

Bangkok is the heaven of spas..but are they really worth it?

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