Saturday, September 24, 2016

No means No

I heard so much about Pink that it became necessary for me to watch it and watch I did;)..I have never heard so much of clapping by youngsters in the hall ever .
One thing this movie wants to establish is that NO means NO..Even if a women is a prostitute, if she is not interested in physical relationship with some one ,then forcing her is crime.and thats the way it should be everywhere.I agree and the way the young men of a influential family behave is totally abominable...why the parents have all the rules for girls only, why they dont teach boys to behave?
This is the biggest problem in our society and for this mothers are also responsible.And  the way our system is corrupt, where police writes the FIR only for influential people and victimises normal citizen,it also shows that we are loosing character due to the greed of money,and respect for moneyed.
But somehwere the life style of three protagonist also rankles me,living alone is not a crime but living recklessly is.In a country where law and order is not very good, and people are not accustomed to the girls wearing short dress, drinking , spouting obscene jokes with unknown boys, doing all this and not expecting trouble..either they are too naive or mindless.These three girls dont know those boys except one, they were friends of a friend, still they sit together , drink together and when these unknown boys invite them to a resort, they go there for dinner..what were they thinking?
We havent got an ideal society where gender doesnt matter, it matters here...And till our society becomes a real progressive one where girls will be safe everywhere, onus lies on the girls to take care of their safety..why be reckless and put yourself to danger.
In the competition to be equal to boys, girls are even copying their bad habits too.

As a movie is a visual medium, I would have liked to see some beauty also..but looks like they economised on everything...why everything so.unapealing. Amitabh bacchan looks so old.more than he really is,As his wife, if there was any good actress like Shefali chaya even...No hero,villains even look like villain or extras.


indu chhibber said...

Very insightful observations here.I agree with every word.Shall see this movie some day.

Sandhya said...

The movie says that these things can happen if you party with unknown boys. I wanted to know some background to Amitabh's role..about his family members, profession etc. Just one line was uttered about the North-East problem. It was like a recital. The girl didn't have any major role in the movie.

But I liked the movie very much and it is running successfully without dirty dances, loud music etc.

Shilpa Chandrasekheran said...

I don't think I will watch this movie !

sm said...

thoughtful review
India is changing slowly very slowly

Ankita said...

nice review. I am looking forward to watch this movie

Avada Kedavra said...

I want to watch this movie soon as I have been hearing so many good reviews. With the small kid at home, it is very difficult. I have not seen a movie from god-knows-how-long. Let me add this movie to my wishlist.

Amrita said...

Totally totally totally agree with the second para. Yet to see the movie though.

Sujatha Sathya said...

The movie definitely delivered the message very effectively. Loved the film

Renu said...

indu Chhiber: Thanks !

Sandhya:yes its running well, but i wantem them to tell girls also that they should be caredful..its one way bashing

Shilpa chandrasekaran: If you watch, you will realise that what the girls have become today for the sake of equality.

sm:yes.but i am not sure that the change is for better.

Ankita: :)

Avada kedavra: and surely this is not one movie you would like your kids to watch:)

Amrita: We think similarly:)

Sujatha sathya: true but they delivered one message inadvertantly that its ok for the girls to go out with unknown boys, drink alcohal and crack vulgar jokes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, we're not yet there as a society, so for our own safety we've to think not just twice but 100 times before doing anything. It's sad, but that's the way it is and we've to be pragmatic about it.


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