Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pakistani Actors

Now a days a hot debate is going on whether Pakistani Actors should be allowed to stay and work or not.
People in favour of them say that actors are artists and they have no boundary.
But i want to ask why..actors dont need food, or social services or place to live, dont they have mind to think..why? Are they working here for the love of art, without taking any money?And answer to everything is a big NO. These people earn money here, they dont even respect the place which keeps them gives them work.

Some say they come here on visa given by govt, but as was the news on TV they all come and work on tourist visa.

I dont understand the logic behind defending them except that we as Indian have no more ethics just a materialistic mind, we will just look for money ,nothing else.

If our army also start thinking that why they should fight and put their life in danger, as they have nothing personal against Pakistani soldiers, then what will happen?

We may criticize anything and everything that's the beauty of democracy but when its about our national pride and security, we should give our whole hearted support to the govt. and two thought about ifs and buts.

People like some bollywood stars and producers need to be taught a lesson that patriotism is not  just talking about it and showing thru the reels is required in real life also.

Today we need to show that when the time comes we can sacrifice anything.


indu chhibber said...

Renu actors are a divine species.They have taken their fans' idolation to heart.

SG said...

Agreed with every word you wrote.

Renu said...

indu chhibber: somewhere we have to show our solidarity to the army also.

SG: thanks!

Jeevan said...

Agree with you! Even within our states we aren't united, then how come with other countries. Peace is a form but we can't keep quite whatever happen against us.

Sujatha Sathya said...

i second your opinion there ...when it comes to national pride and security...nothing is above it

zephyr said...

Today we have become so 'globalised' that we thinkf of the world, the other countries, other people and forget our own - people, country, nation, national pride and more. But worst of all, today more and more people seem to think it is wrong to retaliate even when a neighbour attacks and kills our people and soldiers without provocation. So we have everyone starting with so-called journalists to delusional state chief ministers asking for 'proof' and condemning the surgical strike by our army. These very same people didn't shed a tear for the soldiers burnt in their sleep.

It scares me to think that we have so many traitors in such high and influential positions.

Renu said...

Jeevan:yes we are peace loving country but we have dignity and self respect also.

Sujatha sathya: yes nothing comes before nation.

Zephyr: how are you? I am not able to post comments on your blog:(..Really its scary to think how politicians and some citizens think.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

I think all ties needs to be broken.. simple. pak is a rogue nation and needs to be dealt like one .. God knows when our leaders will have the GUTS to actually do something and Not just keep talking


Loco mente said...

Not sure Renu. At least "art" is uniting everyone. But then, why there is no such hue and cry over the wars, refugees, poverty and all these problems? Well, that's call - Power. Polotics. Money!

sm said...

Government should not give them visa , if they got visa they got right to work. in war like situation Govt.needs to cancel their visa,
Few come on tourist visa and work here not all the actors.
Many got valid visa.


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