Monday, October 10, 2016

Milking the Rivers - the art of High profile Advocacy*

*I got all this info in email from my friend..found it worth sharing...
The Rivers have become the perennial source of revenue for the team of few politically connected lawyers. ?? Forget about serving their State free of cost, the team has extorted huge sums of public money in the name of appearances, conferences, clearkage, travelling in first class, meetings in five star hotels.
Just take the Mahadayi dispute. We have the legal team of many lawyers and tens of water experts. Mr. Fali Nariman charges Rs.4,50,000/- (Rs four lakhs fifty thousand) per appearance and Rs.1,00,000/- (Rs. One lakh) per hour !! He has already had 50 hours of conferences just for the application to be filed in Mahadayi for interim measures!. There were five hearings. The total fee paid to Mr. Nariman just for the application was Rs. 70,20,000/- (Rs Seventy lakhs twenty thousand).
The total fee paid to lawyers for the application we lost is Rs. 5,00,000,00/- (Rs. Five crores)
The lawyers who represented are sriyuts
1. Fali Nariman
2. Mohan Katarki
3. Kashi Vishveshwar,
4. Zirali,
5. S.S. Javali,
6. Divan
7. Advocate General
8. Anitha Shenoy
9. Nishant Patil.
The fee paid in the water disputes is as follows.
1. S.Vijay Shankar Rs. 6,10,000/- (rs six lakhs ten thousand)
2. Ravivarma Kumar Rs. 30,75,000/- (rs thirty lakhs seventy five thousand)
3. Present AG Rs. 10,000,00/- (rs ten lakhs)
4. Fali S Nariman Rs. 2,60,30,000/- (rs two crores sixty lakhs thirty thousand)
5. S.S.Jawali Rs.1,14,52,900/- (rs one crore fourteen lakhs fifty two thousand nine hundred)
6. Mohan Katarki Rs. 2,41,58,828/- (rs two crores forty one lakhs, fifty eight thousand eight twenty eight)
7. Brijesh Kalappa Rs. 67,99,534/- (rs sixty seven lakhs ninety nine thousand five thirty four
8. S.C. Sharma Rs. 41,05,000/- (rs forty one lakhs five thousand)
9. Anitha Shenoy Rs.1,04,37,085/- (rs one crore forty three lakhs thirty seven thousand eighty five)
10. Nishant Patil Rs. 82,75,437/- (rs eighty two lakhs seventy five thousand four thirty seven)
11. M.B.Zirali Rs. 80,49,499/- (rs eighty lakhs forty nine thousand four ninety nine
12. Kashi Vieshwar Rs. 27,47,426/- (rs twenty seven lakhs forty seven thousand four twenty six)
13. Clerkage Rs. 26,03,000/- (rs twenty six lakhs three thousand)
The clerkage fee was paid to Mr. Nariman. Which clerk has he paid.? All clerkage fee is pocketed by the senior lawyers.
S.C. Sharma is junior of Mr. Nariman and he pocketed more than Rs. forty .
Nishant Patil? He is the son of Justice N.K. Patil of Karnataka High Court. He was enrolled only on 26 June 2009 and was included in the Mahadayi legal team in 2011 within just two years of his enrolment. He has already pocketed more than rupees eighty lakhs ! There are several lawyers in Delhi and Karnataka who are more meritorious and experienced than him. But the considerations are altogether different.
Please see the names. Except one or two, rest of them are close to the politicians and political cronies. One congress crony has made the billing of more than 67 lakhs.
Most of the lawyers on the team (with greatest respect including Nariman) have become spent force and huge liabilities. Mr. S.S.Jawali is on the Cauvery panel also for last 45 years !
One Advocate General who wanted to argue as “Kannadiga” and claim to be Samaritan pocketed rupees thirty lakhs.
While the Tamilnad lawyers have offered pro bono services for the legal work, the scenario here is converse. The entire legal team barring one or two, have wasted public money. They travel in first class, they use Govt cars, they have meetings in five star hotels
The total legal expenditure for water and border disputes is about 15O crores. !
The conviction is lacking. The dedication to serve their State free of cost or with nominal fee is completely missing. The rivers are being used to make ugly fortune.
Really sad state of affairs.


Jeevan said...

Instead of arguing for justice... they play for money! Truly a sad/bad state

Anilkumar Kurup said...

They may invoke the prerogative clause- prerogative of a professional to practise his profession and charge for that.

SG said...

It is their business. Their business is for profit.

sm said...

yes they are making money
again we got same problem of system and how the government departments work, politicians should sit together and solve the problems peacefully there is no need of legal cases.
and again we need to change procedure how govt lawyers are appointed and how they work.

Renu said...

It ia frustrating to see so much corruption everywhere.

Sujatha Sathya said...

Omg!!! This is horrible. It's a Loot !!
Thanks for sharing. Eye opener it was

KParthasarathi said...

Talent is limited and in short supply.When the demand is more for the talented few,they command a high price. It is only a few lawyers,cricketers,soccer players,Tennis players and such like who make astronomical sums unrelated to the time spent.Some have skill,some popular,some command respect and a few evoke awe.The litigants or the stakeholders are willing to pay keeping in mind the gain if they win.Why grudge the fortunate few who are much sought after?The professionals rightly work for making money with no altruistic inclinations.They may if they are inclined work for social causes free of cost or do philanthropy from the income earned.

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