Wednesday, January 2, 2008


This is one movie I wanted to see for a long time.Its a very simple movie about the fight of parents of a martyr against system. Captain Rohit kapoor dies on the border defending his country and is awarded mahavir chakra and a petrol pump . Initially his mother refuses to take it but later to keep his son;s memory alive they decide to get it and thus starts their journey of frustration and road blocks, as our whole system is so insensitive and corrupt that nothing moves without bribes.And if someone is upright about not giving it,he is threatened,and tortured mentally also.Here he gets solid support from Piu. fiancee of Rohit,she is rock solid and always with them, they face all sort of hurdles, even shift their house, but ultimately win their fight. Ompuri as father is just superb, rest of the cast is so-so. What I liked most was the friendly banter between father and son, and piu;s support for the right cause despite opposition from her parents. If in the role of rohit kapoor,instead of Sanjay suri there was some better and younger looking actor,would have been better, here Gul panag and sanjay suri both look aged.

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