While preparing gulabjamun from any packet if few precautions are taken, results are astounding-----
1-- After frying the gulabjamun immediately dont put them in syrup as then its outer covering dissolves sometimes a little and sometimes completely.Just put them outside for a minute and then dip them in syrup, they will taste more delicious.
2-while frying first heat the oil till its quite hot, put the balls in and take the pot off the heat, stirr and then again put it on the medium heat and keep stirring all the time, so that they brown uniformly.
3--syrup shouldnt be very thick.
4- before kneading the mix into ball, if its sieved, its better as then it turns into a smooth ball easily.


Reflections said… were asking for gulam jamun this morning & I told them I'll make it in the evening.
will definitely keep ur tips in mind while making it:-).
Renu said…
Did u make it? how was the result?
Reflections said…
Hehe not yet. no time to do it actually. 2morow I have 1/2 day so i'll make it in the evening & give them:-)
Reflections said…
ok...i did it this time keeping all ur tips in mind
Guess just came out FAB....
i already knew the 1st & 4th tip but 2nd tip was new.
A few of my jamuns always were hard in the middle but this time everything came out excellent.
Renu said…
happy to know:), sometimes if they are still hard in the centre, then put it in the microwave for 1 min.

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