kadvi khatti meethi

This one serial is aired on star one and I just love it.Three generations of sas bahu, in a bickering comraderie,hillarious to watch.Acting is superb, all three of them Reema lagoo, supriya and sucheta.
Sarabhai versus sarabhai, this one is also very good comedy, though here daughter in law goes over the top in acting, but the way they have etched out the charaters like in Manisha's family everything is too loud and garish, be it their dress,language, home decor everything and on the other side everything in Saahil;s house is so subtle and sophisticated is very real., here Ratna pathak and satishshah both compliment each other perfectly and the icing on the cake is provided by Roshesh and sahil
And one thing I like best about these serials is that no villains here, basically all of them are nice people, I hate manipulating saas bahus and always planning conspiracies type of people, because thats not the way people in real life are.


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