Strike is the word which should have been deleted from our dictionary, why for everything we stop work. Strike by pilots..I find it very unethical, they are one of the most highly paid people in the country and they are victimising the citizens as well as an airline. When we are opening the boundaries, salaries are reaching skies, we are inching towards being a developed country and here we want to go back to the days of unions, exploitations etc. When we want the high salaries, we must accept the hire & fire policy also. For a progressive country, employer must be free to do as he wants the same way as employees are free to take the job or leave it. Here they are not poor Majdoors being exploited...unless a company flourishes, employees cant benefit, and those who cant see it are short sighted. And it is literally criminal to inconvenience so many of your countrymen. At the time of recession, where any co. is fighting to stay alive, and employees harming their own company should never be forgiven. Yesterday Raja Murad said it well...that these pilots are taking the whole country as ransom...........If any employer wants to take a disciplinary action against any of his employee, its completely his prerogative, if the employee has any complaint they can go to court or consumer court, but going to a sudden strike like that...is just not done in today's atmosphere....and then on top of that other airlines hiking the tickets is also very opportunistic and must not be allowed by Govt. Strike is akin to killing the golden goose..if you wont have a job, what will you fight for?

This is the heading in TOI today and many stories are there about how Hindus are being tortured there..wonder how many Human rights commission will take notice of this..be it here or internationally? Will anybody raise the issue? I dont think so becuase Hindus are not the vote bank for anybody in India.

This news was very frustrating to me, as I always thought that if people like Tharoor come to politics we will have better governance and ethical people. Of course now they are saying that they are paying from their own pockets..50 lakh for Tharoor till now and one crore for Krishna only for residence,( their residences being renovated with another few lakhs or crores) and then their will be food and other expenses. What a contradiction for a poor country..where drought is being faced by millions and all the people not getting even 2 meals a day and the representatives of the people living so lavishly............But it is WE who choose them. Many politicians never vacate a house once they occupy, even if they are not in the office anymore..I think we need strict laws and their implementation to come out of this mess.
And now a little tidbit...Id is coming, when i was young I was fascinated by the people all of them who passed by in our lane were wearing new clothes and girls in all that sharara and jwellery used to look so beautiful, When I was in Warora, my friend Yaasmeen used to invite me for Sheer Kurma ( a delicious dessert), this year my brother is hosting a Iftaar party for his friends, but I will miss it:(.
ईद मुबारक !
One more new disturbed me and that was an audition by Ekta Kapoor for one of her TV programme, where she asked the aspirants to kiss the other strangers passionately, as she wanted to se eif they could do that on screen.....This is preposterous, and simply exploitation of young vulnerable youth who want to make it in glamour world. I think success has gone to her head. Not many complied to the request, some flew away from the scene.
And now the good news...In Chennai, an all women cab service....GO FOR PINK LADIES CALL TAXI has been launched, they will carry only women and children and look after their comfort level.This service has been started by a dentist... Basima Farah and her husband Arif ali


Amrita said…
Even I feel the pilots are being so wrong and unreasonable in their demands, this is no way to voice their angst
even without unions they can hold a company to ransom imagine what they might do if they have a union
and iddd... hai.... i used to be invited by one of our neighbors to have the evening food with her when she used to break her roja for the day.. wow! it used to be full of such delicious food!!! hmmm i love festivals period :D
Renu said…
Amrita: I think the pilots have a union...but here they are not justified and I dont think unions ever did any good to the workers even.

Yes they make very special food , when they break the fast:)
Shades of Grey said…
I am clueless about the Jet scenario - meaning i see it on the news every day but I find it hard to believe that educated and well-travelled folks such as these would risk so much for a pay increase, regardless of what they are currently being paid.

I don't know much about SM Krishna, but I have been an ardent fan of Shashi Tharoor for years now. If you read his Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shashi_Tharoor you'll see the kind of places the UN has sent him to work in. The UN too works on a budget, and I realize the Kerala Govt. nor Congress cannot even remotely meet the kind of standards he is used to. But I think, instead of looking at what the man brings to the table in terms of experience, is being ignored with something as petty as a hotel stay for which he has paid out of his own pocket. Not all who wear khadi are patriots. It is unfair to expect anyone to live like a sadhu simply because they serve a nation. On that note...for a poor country with drought issues - is a Rs 350 crore budget for a statue of Shivaji justified? However I do applaud Tharoor for moving out of the hotel at Congress' request.

Nice post Renu-ji. Please consider my rantings a mere venting of frustration, it's not at all personal.
Renu said…
Shades of Grey:...India has become a country of strikes, everyday we hear somebody going on strike, for a change why dont they do double work some day? And strikes sometime makes some daily use items expensive or unavailable and sometimes give us other hardships, its time we brought some legislation regarding this.

I dont know much about Tharoor except that he worked with UN and some of his articles in a few magazines....but if he was really paying all that from his pocket, then where was the need to move out? But if it was a burden on the exchequer then..... Once somebody comes to a public life , he has to keep some transprency and certain propriety also.

See it is like this that if one is good in his work, then it doesnt mean one need not to look after the other aspects of his life. There must be many ministers who did their job well and people appreciated them also, but if they were corrupt, then they were called that also.If Mr. tharoor brings some glory to his office, I am sure all of us will not be stingy in applauding him. Holding a public office means something.

And your rantings are always very welcome in this space..keep this up..venting of frustration:)
Shades of Grey said…
I guess transparency and propriety were also the same reasons he left the hotel. I am not saying that Tharoor is incapable of doing wrong. I perceive him to be a man who will be who he is whether he works for the Government or not. If such a pressure is there from the public to put on an "act" of propriety, then we will never know when he is for real and when he is acting. In fact - even the politician will not know. Every act of his will be governed by what will the people say and think, not whether it is right or wrong.

Do you not feel more and more educated and capable people will only be put off from entering politics just to avoid such petty scandals? Why make a hue and cry? It is the government's duty to set a specific budget for public servants. These are processes that involve a lot of paper work - you can probably smuggle in kilos of heroin more easily than hide the fact that you are living in 5-star hotels on tax payer's money.

As you are a movie buff please do watch "The Queen" starring Helen Mirren. It is based on the public's perception of Queen Elizabeth the week that Princess Diana died - very beautifully taken.
u have something or other write on.. y don u suggest something to me ... m totally lost n blocked but wanna write so badly :( jus wrote a comeback post.. welcome to my blog with ur suggestions
Renu said…
Shades Of grey: you seem to be a great fan of Mr. tharoor:).....I still believe that public conduct is as important as the good work you do. Many erstwhile maharajas have also been in the cabinet like madhav rao scindia and his son etc etc..and in India there is no dearth of peole taking the benefit of the posts, its only becuse people thought of Tharoor otherwise that it became a scandal. In govt. post nothing could give you a hotel room for a rent o 1 lakh or 50000/ night. As came on TV there are many plush govt. houses where governors and all stay, so these people could also stay there. Once you decide to serve the people, you have to adapt that lifestyle, I am not saying dont enjoy luxury..enjoy all the best but from your own money.
I am sorry if I hurt you buy raising a finger, but thats my opinion.

Sansmerci: hey ! are you pulling my leg? Swarna..the writer has dearth of topics..not possible:) Tell us what you are doing now-adays?
Balvinder Singh said…
I don't exactly know the background about sacking of thje pilots by the Jet Airways, but the other pilots have no right to strike work putting the passenger to inconvenience.

hindus fleeing from pakistan. But who is botehred. Our leaders are busy in arguing the case of Jinnah that whether he was secular or not. Shame on them.

I can't say much about SM Krishna, because he is after all a politician, but i did not expect this kind of behaviour from Tharoor who was running for the candidature of General Seretary of United Nations.
shilpa said…
very nice information infact i was about to write on this topic you written very well do you know in london british airways employees are working for free due to recession thats what we call commitment now i wonder why their country is developed .
Shades of Grey said…
Nope no hard feelings at all Renu-ji :D
In fact if he IS found out to be spending tax payer's money I would be the first person to sling mud. I merely protest what the public chooses to make a hue n cry ABOUT.

To quote Abe Lincoln, "If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

Media should be HELPING politicians by bringing to light ALL their activities: it serves the nation and it helps the politician to clean up his act, maybe even see the error of his ways. If they had inquired FIRST if he had paid out of his pocket then his image need not be tarnished. But they won't do that - cos news today is no longer about truth, it's about TRPs. I guess I am just deeply disillusioned about all my leaders and very few stand out from the crowd to be genuine (such as Kalam and Manmohan Singh).
Smitha said…
India is certainly becoming a land of strikes.. Surely strikes are not the way to reach resolutions.. Especially when so many people are inconvenienced by it..

As for Hindus fleeing Taliban.. as you said - Hindus are not a votebank, and it is politically incorrect to raise any issues in connection to Hindus.. So we will probably hear nothing more about it.

Krishna and Tharoor are now claiming that they were paying out of their own pocket - which sounds very weird.. Why would the Finance Minister ask them to move out then?? Makes no sense? I used to admire Tharoor- I really liked his books -but not so much now.. I do hope he does something worth his name and the expectations that people have from him is justified.
Rush said…
the stories are definitely disturbing and make me wonder these unions, their strikes are really for betterment of a handful and to just drag an organization and alongwith it the common people down!!
we always think of our own benefits first. Hoping or a day when we start thinking of ourselves and our society in the whole rocess and not just center our lives not caring what jeopardy we may put others into.
My blood was boiling, when I heard about the STRIKE. Its just so unfair. They never bothered about the thousands of people who were booked in those flights...SICK...SHAME ON THEM..
I loved the Interview in CNN with the chief Naresh Goyal. He was so tough and thats what I was looking for a Leader in!!!!
Renu said…
Balvinder Singh: I dont want to even know the reason for strike, but whatever it is, strike is not the thing to do because it has inconvenience thousands of people and their co. made losses at a time of recession.

Isnt it a irony that in India anybody supporting Hindus is seen as communal?

Yes Tharoor's behaviour is very frustrating.

Shilpa: welcome here Shilpa ! we are infamous for following all the bad thing but myopic when it comes to good things.

Shades Of greY: In public life actions should collaborate with words. Yes media is always looking for some sensational news, but then our politicians dont need media's help:)
and yes this incident has tarnished the image of people involved.. Do you still believe that he will stay there on his own? Then you are being naive.
Renu said…
Smitha: yesterday on TV they were saying.its goonda gardi, and I couldnt agree more..striking and making losses and inconveniencing so many people..it can never be right.

Sometimes I wonder should we have Hindu rights commision (like minorities)

In politics no.of ethical people can be counted on fingers, rest all are same.

RUSH:..Hoping or a day when we start thinking of ourselves and our society in the whole rocess and not just center our lives not caring what jeopardy we may put others into..amen to that !!
I hope and wish for the same.

Shruti: Just like the terrorist, we must make a rule nevr to negotiate..if you strike you wont get anything ,unless this feeler is sent, situation wont change.
I wish they watch slums while flying.
Smitha said…
I just saw that you added something more to this post - totally agree with everything you say! Ekta Kapoor is taking things to new levels! I can't understand how they can sell all this in the name of entertainment!

The Pink ladies call - sounds a wonderful idea! I think they should do this in every city!
SG said…
Nice post.

In August 1981, U.S. Air Traffic Controllers went on a strike paralyzing the nation’s air traffic. President Ronald Reagan gave an ultimatum: Return to work within 48 hours or you will be terminated. 1,200 controllers returned to work. 11,000 did not. President Reagan fired all 11,000 of them. Hired new people and gave them special and speedy training to do the job. Those 11,000 are unemployed even today. We need leaders like this.
manju said…
Nice round up of the current news, Renu!

I don't know whether the Jet Pilots' strike is right or not- but we certainly are a 'striking' nation!.

Re: The two ministers staying in luxury hotels. It is reported that tariff for the rooms was at subsidised rates.

If so, no matter who paid, will the hotels not expect 'favours' from the ministers in return?
Don't get me started on strikes - back in WB, Mamta Banerjee was known for going on a strike at the drop of a hat, causing untold inconvenice to people and bringing the state's economy to a standstill.
Renu said…
Hobo: Today nobody looks at others only self interest.

Smitha: actually I forgot that time, so added later on.... Ekta has gone mad, anybody trying to do this should be banned.

All women taxi..is a lovely idea and a win win situation for everyone, we must encourage it all the time.
Renu said…
SG: Thanks for your input ! I am thankful to have someone like you who could point us the good things about US...This is one thing I want all our leaders to follow whether it is strike or terrorists, no soft pedalling. We are loosing so much of revenue and still nobody is in a huirry to end the impasse.. thses pilots should not be given atleast a month's salary.

Manju:Thanks:)....I am not even bothered about who is right....to me strike is wrong whatever the reason, these are private jobs and if you dont like anything about your job conditions, you may complain, even then if employers dont rectify or dont want to, then you can leave the job.

about ministers, exactly the same thing I was thinking, but didnt write, that if these misnisters are taking favours, then they are starting the worse chain of corruption
What I don't understand about the Jet Airways strike is that fine, I mean go on strike. But those two pilots who were fired, and for whom all these pilots are striking for, do they not have ANY self respect??!! I mean if Jet agrees to take them back, would they not feel ashamed coming back on duty??!! Would they not even have an ounce of guilt inside them? That they made thousands and thousands of people suffer for so many days?!
About Shashi Tharoor and SM Krishna, I don't see anything wrong if they were actually spending their personal money. How they utilize their wealth is none of our concern. As long as it is not taxpayer's money, it should be ok. As to MPs living a luxurious life on state funds, I think Congress is doing a great thing. Pranab Mukherjee appealing to MPs to fly economy on domestic routes etc. Lets see how many MPs comply with that. That will be a true test of loyalty to the country. I hope the media investigates into this and comes up with names who are the ones who switched to economy and who still continue to use executive class.
For Ekta Kapoor, don't you think you have a contradiction between your point regd Ekta and the one on Jet? I mean employers do have the hire-and-fire right, don't they? If Ekta Kapoor feels that the role requires passionate kissing, why should she not test the aspirants on that basis? I don't think we should bring Indian morals or values in this, as the word morals and values themselves are pretty hollow.
Renu said…
REBEL ALL THE WAY: About jet strike..I dont understand anything and to me nothing is justified, I get very frustrated when I see people wasting money like that.

For ministers, if they were staying with their own money, nobody would have bothered, they are entittled to their palaces:). Lets hope congress does something good in this atleast:)

I agree that there is a contradiction, but aspiring youth need some guidance and protection.. this is simply exploitation of young people, oh I understand what you say, .....I dont know, I feel bad for the youth:).......whereas pilots are one of the highest paid people in India, so they cant say the things like exploitation etc.
Renu said…
Mystic Margarita: Oh that,I lived in Kharagpur for 7 years and saw myself some really bad strikes in the co. my husband was working.
sm said…
very nice article
sukku said…
Just wrote to say...thanks for all the wonderful articles...
Renu said…
SM: Thanx:) and welcome on my blog!

Sukku: Thanx:)
sunder said…
when ekta kapoor calls for audition next time....i am going to attend...

on a serious note, ya it is in bad taste..
Reflections said…
Being away from the country & not watching news all tht often usually makes me a bit ignorant but i usually catch up with everything 'in detail' when I come here;-)).

Thanks Renu for the post:-))!!!

Only after I came here & saw all the post did I realised its been sometime since I came here last....sometimes I wonder where my dhyaan is;-/????
Renu said…
Sunder: its in very bad taste considering our sensibilities.

Reflections: Nancyyyyyyy:) naye dost bana kar purano ko bhool rahi ho kya?
Anonymous said…
Brilliant phrase

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