Sunday, October 18, 2009


I could nt see the first season and didnt want to see the second for the dearth of gofd participants, but third one has brought me back to the TV....I am surprised to see that these big male and directors use such an abusive language for the women...To me this is the first quality I see, appreciate and want to respect whichever strata they belong to...and women are always supposed to gossip and bitch, but this show shows that its all in the all the women are nice, hard working, and never ever bitch around, its only men who are fighting, abusing, gossiping etc etc:).......I like

Poonam Dhillon the best..she is most dignified and giving moral support to others.

Shamita Shetty...for looking so sweet

Tanaz and Sherlyn areOK

Aditi.....She is quite insipid type.and may be misplaced here, they should have taken someone else.

Claudia is looking beautiful in Indian dresses and I admire her for not being hypocrite and she stood her ground when Kamal went on hunger strike for her love.

In the men.....

Rohit Varma..some ridicule him for his drag act, but to me that is his personal choice, otherwise he comes across as a very nice kind,human being..may be too soft but then thats better than being uncouth and rude.

Bakhtiar; he is nice and works hard, but very short tempered...

Raju Srivastave..This is one comedian, I used to like very much but thru this show he is loosing my admiration, as he comes across as a very stupid man.

Vindoo daara singh& Ismail Darbar...I just dont like them..Both of them are very rude and use very unbearable language.Vindoo is a very manipulative guy

Kamal Khan...woh to bus limit ha:)....After watching him on this show, none would like to see him ever.
But so far Big B is not adding to the punch, doing a very lack lustre job of his anchor ship. But I realised one thing from the show that all the people who give their hundred percent to everything they do and then only and because of that only they are if they cook, food is good, they can make good rangolis even, dance well etc etc.

Again many shows are coming on TV.. reality shows where Couple are handling kids or young boys and girls looking for life this serial I wondered why none of the girls protested that why boy's mothers are included, not their mothers ..hey girls..where is the equality?..There was one UTARAN I liked because here the father didnt let her daughter manipulate anything, but then now again they are shpwing the biggest manipulation. so I lost interest. Baalika Badhu may pick up....or Na aana is desh meri Ma sa and Ammajis are ruling TV:)
Tere mere Beech also just ok, no fizz like Coffee with Karan..Farah must stick to her job of director only.
I saw many movies like

LAK......OK..Deepika is best and Rishi kapoor also.
Sorry Bhai..Ok
Fir Kabhi....I saw it with a lot of anticipation..its a mature love story with a cast of Mithun, Dimple and Rati....I had loved that Pyaar me Twist, but here its not a mature film, rather a juvenile attempt, felt very disappointed...wondered why Mithun was trying to walk in an artificial slow gait...comeone..he is not acting as a old man..he is an old man now, he can walk his natural a few laugh from Tinu Anand who was trying to put the blame on CIA for everything:)
Dil Dosti:... a take on generation X's(or should I say Y? ) attitudes and dilemmas.
Dil Kabaddi....again new generations values in marital relationships.


Anonymous said...

It is a game And because of it negative vibes are openly displayed.
(but this show shows that its all in the all the women are nice, hard working, and never ever bitch around, its only men who are fighting, abusing, gossiping etc etc:))
Women - The majority And maybe they have planned to throw out men one-by-one till they decide what to do with themselves. That is why you are watching them hard working And never bitching. Intelligent they are but you will see soon.

Amrita said...

Ohhh quite an informative post and a good round up on whats happening on tv!

Renu said...

Hobo: yes this is a game, so we dont even know whether they are given certain roles:), so I have written only about what I have seen and felt, but cant say its true:)...they are all actors.

Amrita: is it? Do you watch TV? or dont get time?

Amrita said...

I watch pati patni aur woh :D and news... dont get much time though... and genli once K returns he sits with cartoon network which pisses me and mil off...
but my mil is very considerate in this... evenings she watches some tamil shows... and once i am back she gives me the remote and tells u watch nething u want....
sat sun even when we have time, theres nothing decent on tv to follow.. but both of us follow lot of reality shows :) pati patni, roadies, dance india dance etc :D

Renu said...

Amrita: I also watch Pati patni aur woh sometimes:)..same is the scenario in all the soon as my hubby comes...CNBC and Zee bussiness are the only channels watched, me and my MIl watch everything in the day time:).and I keep watching different shows all the time:)

Rush said...

i understand from ur posts that u love...absolutely love writing reviews..why dont u take up the profession?? seriously? newspapers and publishing websites would love some contributions from you.

SG said...

Nice post. All households have the same problems like you have mentioned.

Renu said...

RUSH:Thanks for your generous compliment !! Yes I love analysing everything and every situation for hows and whys, but who will take me:)..i am not a professional.

SG : Thanx:)

Smitha said...

That was an interesting round up.. I watch Pati patni aur woh sometimes and it never fails to enrage me.. I kind of feel that reality TV with children - in this way is cruel to the children .. Otherwise I stick to NDTV :)

Renu said...

Smitha: ..Even I dodnt like Pati patni aur the participants are not very apealing with their bahviour and looks both.
I never stick to any channel or show for long:)

sm said...

good information
enjoyed it while reading it.

Anonymous said...

Big Boss season one was full on tp..i am not following the third season..watched it in bits n pieces..Kamal Khan is the biggest cartoon I guess..very funny n dramatic

Balvinder Singh said...

There are some programmes on our TV which is attended by lost horses who badly want to grab the attention to come back to limelight. Big Boss is one such programme i suppose. And they fall into all those cheap gimmiks to grab the headlines.

Renu said...

Swats; kamal has been ousted:).he was atrocious...I am following it religiously for want of better things:)

Balvinder singh: You are so right..all the participants are the has beens or wannabe who have nothing to loose only gain.

Solilo said...

I watch Bigg Boss. This season seemed boring but I guess with KRK's ouster and Rajesh Khanna's entry it will spice up. Men were already bitching but now women also started. Soon it there is going to be chaos which is the highlight of the show.

I loved Sorry Bhai except for few places. Chitrangada is a pretty intelligent actor. I liked LAK too.

Renu said...

Solio:I didnt know Rajesh Khanna is coming:)
I also like Chitrangda..she is beautiful and intelligent both.

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