Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yesterday one of our very old friend came on south tour, and here it is raining so heavily that they were evry dissappointed.and were surprised to known that its a rainy season here... I dont know after how long I had a heart to heart talk with a friend..really friends are a treasure.And this couple is one of those people who have bleen blessed by not things but people...I have realised that god always balances everything, if someone gets a lot of money , then its spent also like that, but if some one is not getting too much, god gives them in some other way.....

LIke getting good servant in a reasonable amount and that too a one who loves them..because I have seen that even this part is so difficult, here every maid charges me a lot, my neighbours.some say that she charges you doublew the amount because you are north indian, try to bargain, but to no avail, some even wail that these NI spoil the servants , increase their rates, but I have no option, either to do everything myself or pay.

Retaining good health..most important, otherwise all your wealth is useless.

Getting a good girl for your son...yes dont laugh, I think its your biggest fortune if you get a respecting and affectionate girl in your house..This is one of the biggest blessings or curse of the GOD you get.>.I felt so happy to see that my friend has a lovely girl in her house who loves her and respects her.

And god always gives you enough warnings for every future problem, telling you.put your house in order, or take care of your health etc, its we human, who always think negative whenever anything wrong happens. It is always god's way of warning us..hello take care, you are not looking after this area of your life, pull your socks.and do the needful.

When I see big Boss, I notice many things, I loved it when Tanaz said to Bakhtiar...for just once let HIM drive you, take the back seat and see, he will take you to a better destination.
I loved her belief in everything good,.
Then once Poonam said......For adults its not proper to say anything improper and then apologise or say sorry....Life doesnt go like that one has to learn to control the temper .and behave like an adult.
I so firmly believe that there are certain things you just can never do and say, so always learn your boundaries and never overstep them, otherwise you may loose something which you will never get back.
whatever may be the end of this game, but it will break and make the image of all the far Tanaz and Bakhtiar are on the top image wise and Rohit on the bottom,Even Poonam has lost her favour.Raju is coming out as a good comedian, but as a person, just OK, not good.Shamita behaves like a cultured girl.


Anonymous said...

Shamita/Raju - the winners maybe.
As a person Tanaz I agree.

Sparkling said...

I don't get 'Colors' here so all my Big Boss dope is gotten right here! But I wish I could see...

Do you really think having a good DIL could be a big blessing on curse on one's life? Why do we think like this? I really don't think this should be the case - why let one's life be affected so much by how a DIL is?

Sandhya said...

'god always balances everything, if someone gets a lot of money , then its spent also like that, but if some one is not getting too much, god gives them in some other way.....' I agree with you, in this, Renu. We have to remember the old saying 'whatever happens, happens for good'.

I don't watch Bigg boss. Just Balikaa vadhu is enough for me!

Deeps said...

Yes,those are have friends,with whom they talk their heart out,be themselves are a blessed lot.

Big Boss is show that my husband & I watch too religiously :D

Smitha said...

Friends are definitely a big treasure.

As you say,counting our blessings is important.

Renu said...

Hobo: yeah may be, because these two are most mild persons:)

Sparkling: yes I think its important,specially if you are living together, tell you why..most of the indian women are very attached to their sons, whatever they may say when tehir sons are young:)..and then he comes with a baggage:)....One needs to be really strong to be independent of them in thoughts, or be indifferent to her....Harmony in family is very important to feel all my friends are MILS, and good ones also because they themselves suffered a lot in the hands of their MILs, so they take care that they dont repeat the same mistakes, but then todays DILs have become like old MILS:)

Sandhya: I have immense faith in this..whatever.....My belief is that he knows better than me that what is good for me a.
I ahve lost interest in Baalika Badhu:(

Deeps: yeah true..dont know whybuyt you blog is never updating my blog roll:(
What is your take on the inmates of Big boss?

Smitha:I always count my blessings,and feel I am truely blessed, as I get whatevr I think about.

Amrita said...

Catchin up with old friends... yea nothing like it.. And i completely agree with the fact that DILs do make the house. Cos end of day, its how they handle the house that the peace and stability gets maintained there.
Hope God always looks over you and may you get many many more chances to catch up with friends .. cos for a woman it gets a bit difficult after a certain point.

Renu said...

Amrita:...hello you have changed the profile pic:)...However women may cry foul over men's domination, but its always a woman who breaks or makes a home.

Thanks Amrita ! People like you make my life so rich and blessed.

Shruti SriHarsha said...

It's always such a pleasant welcome to catch up with old frens!!! Cool!!!!!

I have been planning to watch Big boss and somehow hit the bed so early :(

Pins N Ashes said...

Good Friends are a blessing indeed and so are good DIls and SILs, I would add, because at the end of the day, we are all one family and happiness and peace prevails if we all are good natured...

Inside BIG BOSS I hear that Shamita Shetty is leaving b/c it is Shilpa's marriage... big news item on every channel, see I told u, we needn't watch the show to get the news...

I don't know, to me everybody in that house seems fakes because ultimately they have to win the money n more attention (all are tv/film stars out of/little work). To achieve fame they stay quiet, gossip, quarrel, strip, sing, dance, conspire...

Good Day and have a nice weekend Renu

Renu said...

Shrutisriharsha: ..hey you sleep at 9PM? quite an early bird:)..actually I watch the repeat telecast in the noon time.

PIns N Ashes: So true..all inlaws are very important, not to be taken lightly:)

I heard that news, lets see..I know they are fake, but still watching someone with so much of bitching(Rohit)..makes me cringe, even if it is his part, his image is tarnished forever.

Thanks and you too have an enjoyable weekend!..mine is going to be evry hectic, as I am shifting this weekend to a new flat:)

Balvinder Singh said...

Renu, yes friends are a treasure and the older (in time not age) the friend the more valuable the treasure.

There is a famous saying

"Make new friends
Keep the old,
New is silver
Old is Gold"

Renu said...

Balvinder Singh>..True, i have seen that with olds even if you meet very infrequently and at long intervals even, closeness remains the same:)

manju said...

Interesting post!

It's always wonderful to meet old friends again. And I agree, God has a way of balancing out things!

Anya said...

Wonderful words written :)
Good friends is all we need.
Its nice to read it !!!

Thanks for your visit
you are welcome
its just fun on my blog :))

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

hmm renu

did ur son get married recently?

askin cos u have a very apparent change of attitude in ur posts lately :)

Renu said...

Manju: ...This talking with friends only keeps me addicted to blogging:)

I have a firm belief that god gives us what is good for us.

Anya: Thank you !I just loved the name Anya..beautiful one.

Sansmerci: No Swarna, it has been fours..but his wife is not the only DIL:)..I see all around SILs on both sides, then all my friends DILs..infact many I see:)

Shalom said...

Coincidence!!! Just today I was telling my ma-in-law that I believe there are lessons to be learnt in every problem that comes in our life. I too believe that problems are nothing but blessings in disguise, meant to help us correct what we're doing wrong. And yes, health is the greatest blessing. If you have good health, everything is possible! Good post Renu :D

Dreamer said...

I don't watch Big Boss b'cos we don't get Colors. But I loved the part where you say "hello take care, you are not looking after this area of your life, pull your socks.and do the needful." So true and so wise. Truly wonderful words.

ஷ‌ஃபிக்ஸ்/Suffix said...

Yes i believe too, God tests us either blessing us a lot or deprive of something. Patient is important here.
Friends are tresure indeed.
About the maid, i guess if they are so dedicated and sincere, then they are deserved of good pay.

Towards reclamation said...

the one thing that caught my fascination while on your blog used to be it's fervour and the refreshing rebellious thoughts .. i hv almost withdrawn from this world thanks to work .. if it is not too much to ask .. do write some more of those posts ... I get a lot to learn and think about from them ..

Chandni.. said...

I am not much of a bog boss fan so dont know what to comment. But I have seen tanaz and bakhtiar in other reality shows. They are quite a couple and i love them.

And yeah, maids are very cumbersome. I am afraid when I get married, how will I handle them. It is quite dreadful.

J P Joshi said...

Interesting post that set me thinking.

Friendships made as children last a lifetime because they are open book one grows up - one becomes worldly wise, so to say, and one shares lesser and lesser human stuff and most friendships are acquaintance level.. good friends are very few, and these are friends with whom one can let one's guard down.. This is my personal view. Yes, good friends are always God's gift to us, I believe, and should be treasured.

Renu said...

Shalom: yeah, I have a firm belief that God is great and he always does the best for us, because he knows what is good and what is not goodfor us..he guides us at every step in life,its upto us how good learner we are.

Towards reclamation..hello Sid, very happy to see you here..and you have made my day:)...I have always written with my heart and dont what touched you most. But thanks from my heart for appreciating it.

Chandni:Even I liked them in Nach baliye, they danced very well but lost because of Bakhtiar's agressive attitude.
About maids, there is no formula:) its always learned by trial:) so you wil lso learn.

JP JOshi:Even I think so, yesterday we werte talking about the same thing, that college time friends are always very special, with a unoque bonding.

Renu said...

Suffix: God is the greates teacher, only we have to be a good student.

I beliee that maids should be looked after well, but they also must be sincere.

Reflections said...

I could imagine ur excitement of meeting an old friend....somehow as we grow older we dont find friends like how we found them when we were younger:-(.

And agree with Shalmom abt problems being blessings in disguise especially after it is over & when we look back at them;-)

Enjoyed ur musings:-))!!!!!

SG said...

As someone said a real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

Nice post.

PNA said...

Hey Renu, hope u are all settled at ur new place, and ready to blog away

Good day

Renu said...

SG:Thats a fact,I have seen that my real friends are always there whenevr I need them, even if we dont meet or communicate much.

PNA: Thanks for remembering me,..still not settled and then I had guests, today only they went and I chked my mail:)

Shruti SriHarsha said...

'Kadaleikai' means groundnuts. There is always this FEST (Jaatre); which happens every year near my place where ground nuts will be placed in heaps in the entire road stretch and people will be present in thousnads to buy them as a part of the Tradition. these groundnuts is bought from different parts of south india n its a 2 day fest....This is the story behond my last post :))

Long time, you havent written anything?

Renu said...

Shruti: Thanks Shruti !This must be real fun.

I was busy with shifting and guests>

Renu said...

Dreamer: Welcome here ! ad thanks for your kind words..

Reflections said...

U forgot to reply to my comment;-(

Renu said...

Reflections: OH I am terribly sorry for this oversight:(...I hope you dont mind..please....

even I have realised that young age friends are the best ones, later on we may be friendly with many, but that special feeling is very rare.

Practically I have seen many times that whatever god does alkways have a longer perspective, whereas we always look at shorter whatever happens is always good for us:)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

'For adults its not proper to say anything improper and then apologise or say sorry....Life doesnt go like that one has to learn to control the temper .and behave like an adult.'

Oh I love that! So true (and one I am still working short temper). 'The strong man is not the one who can wrestle someone down, but the one who can control himself when angry' (well, something like that...) - the Prophet Muhammad.

I wish I could remember who everyone on Big Boss was...for now I can only remember the comedian guy...

Renu said...

Wicked Witch Of The West: welcome here ! and hope to see you often!

What you say is true about strength of a lies in control..control over our temper, our emotions, our actions.

Anger harms ourselves only.

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Thank you Renu :) And you definitely will, now that I have discovered!

And true that anger harms only ourselves 'How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.' - Marcus Aurelius (yes I am a quote addict...I had this one in my facebook for a while as a reminder to me...)

Renu said...

www: Can I write the short form of your blogging name?

Even I love will find them plenty in my blog.

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