This is one of the most expensive movies made in India in the range of 129 crones....but movies are not documentaries, they need to have a good storyline ,good music,but this is sadly lacking in all. I saw it because of so much hype and then Jayed Khan is my favourite..he is such a good mix of child and man and then katrina and akshay. Sanjay dutt is looking old, flabby and Lara looks all the time as if she is on top of the world getting to work opposite Sanjay....know what I mean:)..totally a mismatched couple...It has only some good underwater scenes and a liitle good...Rahul dev.i always wonder why people brand Salman for taking off his shirt, every hero does that and at the most inappropriate times Akshay is going to dive and before that he is shown standing without a shirt.

This is the movie about two and Genelia..Genelia is shown to be a spoiled brat who changes her hobbies or profession every six months and though she is no good at that, her indulgent father encourages her and boyfriend never tells the truth,before marriage if she has illogical demands,BF fulfills everything , but after marriage the same things start irritating him..this takeI how parents pamper the children wrongly and lay a wrong foundation for their future lives,and how boy friends pamper to the evrywhimof their girlfriends without ever telling them the truth or differentiating between right and wrong,but after marriage they want them to be responsible wives..arent they expecting the impossible? Genelia is shown as a girl who cant do anything except enjoying the life..partying,shopping etc.But Fardeen is happy with her before marriage and expects her to change in a comic way the movie gives us a good lesson.

Second couple is Tusshar and the culprit are Tusshar's parents who in their zeal of saving Indian culture are so dominating that they become the cause of breaking their children's marriage..Prach iis shown to be a girl good in most of things though she is also from a wealthy family,and well educated also,and Tusshar is always shown to be dominated by his father.

These two have a friend...Govinda,a divorce lawyer who does his business at the cost of everybody's family, but in then end its he only who brings everyone together ,he brings a few laughs with Himani Shivpuri..Amrita Rao.. opposite him is looking very artificial, even Genelia has also done over acting at many places

Now I have lost interest in Big most of the interesting people have gone..Shamita,Tanaz,even Sherylyn was better than these men.


Chanz said…
I havent seen blue bt saw life partner.. Was a time paas movie... You know what, you must now really think about about the storyline, the music and the other things.. These days there is nothing on the movie. It pure entertainment, Relaxation and nothing else...

God know why do film producers and directors spend so much money on these bakwaas films...
Babli said…
Nice to hear about these movies and its story. I never heard about these movies before. You have given a good review.
Renu said…
Babli: Thanks Babli!..both flopped:)

Chanz: economics of filmmaking are so strange today that somemake money by justmaking..even if it is a flop:)
Sandhya said…
The second movie,life partner, seems to be interesting.

Somehow, I like Govinda! He is a good actor, though he does comedy roles often. I am trying to find 'Dhamaal' skit it 'you tube' in which he, with Satish Shah, did very well. Just 10 mts. skit. Do you remember it?
Shrutzz said…
Its so nice to read this review before I watch the movie....I have the DVD'd with me and watching this weekend!!!
Renu said…
Sandhya: yes .it is interesting in parts.

Even I like Govinda, but sometimes he goes over the top in his roles, his dancing is also good.

I dont rememebr Dhamaal.this is a new movie?

Shruti: watch it for its underwater scenes....your hair in this new pics look gorgeous.
not watching bigg boss? That show is my guilty pleasure. But it is true, the show needs more masala.
Rush said…
both flops eh?? i guess looking at the ctors, they had to be!!

liked ur honest review!!
Aap kitni movies dekhti ho!!
Maine to Life Partner ka naam bhi nahin suna tha.
And yes, friends told me that Blue is crap. So never watched it.
Tomz said…
We have another movie in Kerala, 'Pazhassi Raja' made of 27 crore rupees, it is the costliest film ever made in Malayalam film industry, comparing Kerala with other states, the money is too big for us. Hope u have heard about it..
Renu said…
Another Kiran in NYC: oh I still watch it off and on, but its getting boring..I like only Bakhtiar..thye should have taken some popular good looking people..this is a visual medium:(

Rush:..But Blue had good actors:)..but more than actors movie needs a story line.

Rebel..haha..kahan dekhne milti hain:)....student life me first day first show dekhne ka man karta tha, though I saw one movie only..first day....Hare rama hare krishna...and the crowd and all that was frightening:)
Renu said…
Tomz: welcome here !..Just now I was reading about Pazhassi raja and the heroine in TOI :)..what is the meaning of Pazhassi? and the story of Kanden Kadlai seems to be like Jab we met..please tellme what is the meaning of kanden and Kadlai?
Reflections said…
I saw Life-partner and thought it was ok....maybe bcoz I didnt really have much expectations;-P
Renu said…
reflections: even I found it OK...flop I said because in the market it was flop.
Tomz said…
Kanden Kadalei is Tamil and my language is Malayalam. Anyway I believe that Kanden means something related to the root verb, 'to see' and Kadali means something related to 'love' or 'lover'. I believe that Kandein Kadalai means, "I have seen my lover", you have to ask somebody else for clarification.
About Pazhassi Raja
Raja is King you know,
Pazhassi was Pychi in ancient Malayalam and it is a place name in northern Kerala.
So that means the King of Pazhassi.
The full name is Veera Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja.
The King's name was Veera Kerala Varma (Veera-Valiant, Kerala-Kerala, Varma-the caste name denoting Kshatriyas)
But he was known by his men as Pazhassi Raja
Renu said…
Tomz: Thanks for taking so much trouble..with this expaination I have understood that my observation was right, this movie must be a remake of Jab WE Met.
Amrita said…
I tolerated blue for eggggxactly 13 mins :) it was sooooo yukkk
life partner i had heard was funny
Renu said…
Amrita: yes Life partner is fun in parts...and Blue is quite boring.
Manasa said…
Nice reviews... shall watch 'em for sure.
Renu said…
Manasa: Thanks !

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