Friday, November 2, 2012


Today is karvachauth.. a day of pampering for woman..This is one day when I like to buy lots of red bangles and wear them.Most of the women get lot of gifts.from husband, mother, MIL and if old enough like me, from DIL too...all depends on what type of family members you have:)..That way I am very lucky, Even if by mistake I say that I like something or I want something, be it my husband or my DIL or my son or daughter, they will get it, so for fear of having too many things, I never show my liking for anything when I do window shopping...
I love doing all things associated with festivals and nevr question why me, why not husband, because it makes me feel special. I celebrate my womanhood, instead of trying to change a man into woman and myself trying to be a man.No i am happy as a woman..I love getting attention from my hubby and me making special food for him.

May The Sindoor,
Testify Your Prayers,
The Mangal Sutra Reminds You Of,
The Promises That Binds You.both
And The Color Of Mehndi,
Prove The Depth Of Your each other
On This Blessed Night,
May The Jingling Of Churis,
Fill Your Life With Good Luck,
The Twinkling Of Payal,
Announce Your LoveFor Him ,and his for you

May The Moon Light,
Flood Your Life With,
Happiness & Joy,
Peace & Harmony.
Happy Karwa Chauth..!!

These above lines , I have takeN from internet only, not written by me:)


up↑take said...

"I celebrate my womanhood, instead of trying to change a man into woman and myself trying to be a man. No i am happy as a woman."

Well put! Selflessness is a reward in itself. Not everyone understands this since it takes an elevated mind to understand it.

rama said...

Happy Karvachauth!

Bikramjit said...

happy karvachauth day mam.. :) and i am sure you will be getting all the Attention today and always


Sandhya said...

Happy Karvachauth, Renu! I too like to follow our rituals studiously! If we don't follow these things, everyday will be the same without any difference!

My nieces too follow these rituals but the next generation who have been sucked into the IT web, seem to find it difficult to do so. It is understandable, but feel sad.

Anonymous said...

Nice to get indulged sometimes. :)

You know I've never kept a Karvachouth fast, and those of my friends who are Maharashtrian like I am, haven't either. It's not celebrated traditionally here.

I first knew about it from seeing it in a Bollywood movie! :D

Found In Folsom said...

Being a south Indian, we never did karwa chauth..only seeing in movies :) you are lucky Renu..they would get anything for you. If it was me, I would make a big list and keep announcing ...hehehe..:P..nice quote at the end :)

Dilip said...

Lovely article on Karva Chauth. Yes it has so much meaning and significance on why the wife does a one day fast.

Thanks & cheers.

Anonymous said...

Happy Karwa chauth Renu :)

sm said...

nice poem

Renu said...

UpTake: Thank you dear! your compliments always make my day!

Rama: Thanks Rama!

Bikram: Thank you Bikram!I always get lots it my friends or family.

Sandhya: yes, these traditions make our life so meaningful, otherwise what will be there..

I hope that next generation understands it.

Manju: yeah:)

some of my maharashtrian friends also use to keep fast either on some Haritalika teej or ganesh chaturthi.I just dont rememebr when..I have seen that in all the states there is one occasion in a year when married women keep strict on Chhath in Bihar, they keep the fast for more than 24 hours.

In north karvachauth is very important and celebrated with gusto:)

Found in folsom: Latha, I also had that time, when whenevr my hubby went abroad, I will have my long list ready:).and now when my son says that do all your shopping, I dont know what to buy, because I have stopped hoarding anything..

Dilip: This is the day to show our love to our men as they pamper us all the year round.

Goingbeyondthepages; Thanks jas!

sm::( not written by me

Rachna said...

Happy Karwa Chauth to you too. I observe the fast as well and enjoy the festivity and pampering. This time my birthday fell on Karwa Chauth and everyone was fussing over me :). We went out and celebrated yesterday!

Amrita said...

Wonderful! happy karwa chauth!

Happy Kitten said...

I celebrate my womanhood, instead of trying to change a man into woman and myself trying to be a man.No i am happy as a woman..

Loved it and you have echoed my own thoughts too...

You are a lucky woman too unlike many others.

Renu said...

Rachna:so you had double celebrations:)..many many happy returns of the day!!!

Amrita: Thanks Amrita! how are you?

Happy Kitten: yes I am lucky, but so many things are made in life by ourselves and our attitude.

Ellen said...

The best of the day to you! May God bless you with everything good.

rudraprayaga said...

You desire-fulfilling kith. So life is fair also,not only good,as you said in the beginning.Happy day,though it's belated.

Renu said...

Ellen: Thanks Ellen!

rudrapraga:yes life is fair too sometimes, may be all the times, but we may not think so and it takes a life time make a happy family:)

Harman said...

hope you had good time ..God bless you n the family!

Reflections said...

Hope u had a good day:-))!!!

Renu said...

Harman: Thank you harman!.It was a good day for me:)

Reflection: Yes was very enjoyable.

NISHA said...

I love this Karva Festival a Lot so Big thanks for this lovely content

Renu said...

Nisha: Thank you Nisha!and welcome here1

Rahul Aggarwal said...

Belated Karwa Chauth Blessings ma'm..

apologies for the late comment !

beautiful poem !

Renu said...

Rahul aggarwal: Thanks Rahul, no need for apology..
I cant take any credit for poem, I took it from internet:)

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