Friday, November 30, 2012

Celestine Prophecy..James redfield

This was the book I reading, it tells you a lot what is said in our culture like waves, current passing thru people or like yoga, where if one concentrates, one can channelise the energy into a powerful tool which can do lot many things.And one's behaviour is decided  equally by environment and understanding.

The story is about eleven insights in manuscript found in a church and church people dont want them to be known, so they sabotage every effort from the scientists and explorers to read them, and understand them. Church thinks that their autonomy will be affected, if people start believing the insights.

The book tells us that there are no coincidences in life, they are always insights, its upto us to understand, where they want to take us or what they want to tell us.Only aware people recognise them.

The best thing i liked is that they say that  if we talk to a plant and take care personally, it grows better and its fruits are more nutritious than others..think if a little love and care can do this to a plant what about humans?

The insights explain everything of human behaviour and natural phenomenas..interesting ideas, but would have been better if they were incorporated in an interesting story, its a very dry read and heavy too.

So for light reading I read SKY IS FALLING and ARE YOU AFRAID OF Sydney Sheldon, both in his signature style.and better. Earlier I stopped reading him when I found that there were more intimate explicit descriptions than story, but these two are totally different, full of continuous happenings and no sleaze.
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anilkurup said...

Reminds me of Irwing Wallace's "The Word", which plotted a version of the Bible that was thought to be lost or destroyed.

I think one will have to read this book Celistine Prophecy to discuss with you.
However I'm a bit sceptical of such books, as I'm afraid they have to be often classified in the Dale Carniege genre.
And still I read one a few years ago,"The Monk of Sold his Ferrarai".
I would call it hyped and rambling.

rama said...

I have the read the first book, and true it was very boring, especially after becoming involved in Reiki practice, and teaching.
There are many books like this, and I have known people really liking them and also following them in their lives.
It has been a long time, since I read,Sidney Sheldon, must read the book suggested by you.

SG said...

Sounds too heavy for my simple brain.

Amrita said...

sounds interesting, i somehow like such books, but u say its dry so not sure about how the author may have dealt with the topic..
yea agree with u sidney sheldon.. :)

Found In Folsom said...

I agree to that. If you talk to trees, they will grow better. I bought a plant, later changed it to a new pot and it almost died. I kept looking at it so sadly and tell it, pls dont die..pls dont die..even my husb said throw it away..its dead, I see two new leaves coming :)

Renu said...

Anil Kurup: i think I read Word too,
Have you read Mitch Albom's books, if not then try one...
They make you feel good and influence us a a positive way.

Rama: Even I read Sydney Sheldon, I think after 20 years:)
Some books are very good, like Mitch alboms' I can read them any no of times.


Amrita: yeah ..its dry but atleast one must read a little, that much it is worth it, yes we cant read it very thorughly..

Found In folsom: see latha..what love can do..miracles..really..

Anonymous said...

The celestine prophecy seems very interesting - I would sure like to read it

rudraprayaga said...

Got a small idea.

Dilip said...

Seems interesting to me. I do believe in what is said about communication with plants "the best thing i liked is that they say that if we talk to a plant and take care...".

I am curious now and may surely read the book.

Many thanks.

Shalom said...

I am not a patient mother. As much as I try to be one, I keep slipping and always end up losing my temper with my daughter when she's stubborn and difficult. So that sentence, "if a little love and care can do this to a plant what about humans" has helped me tremendously right now. Thank you so much.

deeps said...

thats like a TLC which can enhance growth..
thanks for sharing

Rahul Bhatia said...

Totally agree with the views in the book and there is a purpose for everything in life! It is our wisdom how we interpret it!

Renu said...

MUddleup; Try it.its worth it.

rudrapryaga: What?

Dilip: you wont be dissappointed.

deep:TLC makes difference to everyone.

Rahul Bhatia;yes they say there is nothing like coincidence and its true.

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