Thursday, December 20, 2012


Lately where ever i see there is a huge cry for justice for that unfortunate girl in Delhi. Govt is so pressurised from everyone that they are promising all help in treatment.Everybody is so disgusted that they want castration or death to the rapist..
But nobody is looking for any long term solutions, In dont think that only stern punishment can deter the others. And so many times rapes are not reported, people are not caught even.I always think that the men who did this, they are also the brothers, and sons, how their families feel? and what type of mother they have to have brought up such a son..
We need to bring back the values in life..
All the women need to bring up their children with certain moral values and for that they need to live those ones.
When the children watch everything, families never bother
. When children speak wrong language, they are just brushed off.
.Nobody becomes a pervert or criminal just one fine day, the signs are there for the families to see , but they dont take pains to reform them.

How many parents instill good values in children by telling them everyday and by living them?,,they are just taken for granted...hamaare bacche hain acche hi hain aur honge.Parents are giving too much pocket money to children, vehicle when they are underage for license even and money is giving them the freedom to drink and enjoy.....

Most of the time we are so involved with the finance factor or convenience that we completely forget morals.
Only police or govt cant solve the problem..Its the whole society which has to learn to respect the moral values instead of financial status.
we must bring education to everyone.
And every mother must strive hard to bring up HUMAN  children, not those robots
Teach your children to respect other human beings
When women harass their DILs they send a message to men that women have no value or respect..
Its parents duty to teach children to care for others too, not only..I,ME,Myself.
We must learn to co exist, stop the vulgar display of wealth...
We are running fast in the western direction whereas our society is not prepared for that( though i dont think that direction is good because they are battling with young unwed mothers, adopted children and plethora of problems, but all that we shall earn by suffering only)

We must talk to the accused families to know ..did they never know about their men?...otherwise why they didnt bother?

Till such time that we have better police, better administration and better society, it is in the good of girls only to live with precautions and safety..
Never take a bus in which there is no other passenger..
Keep a chilli spray and knife in your purse.
Try not to travel alone(though it didnt help this girl)
Keep a helpline no on speed dial on your phone.
If you are travelling at night, immediately take auto's no and driver's name and sms both to you family..everyday.
Best of Luck for surviving in this jungle!


Anonymous said...

".Nobody becomes a pervert or criminal just one fine day, the signs are there for the families to see , but they dont take pains to reform them." - I so agree with this. People often don't take the time and effort to see if even a family member is having problems. As to neighbours or friends, they just don't want to interfere.

Noopur Kothari said...

Thanx for landing there at my world... and pleasure to join u :)

Jeevan said...

"Parents are giving too much pocket money to children, vehicle when they are underage for license even and money is giving them the freedom to drink and enjoy..... " Absolutely right! I completely agree with your thoughts.

We lose moral values in education, and it now makes drives on how to make money. People become gadgetry than emotionally touched and respect the other lives. We live on an uncertain world even thought we hope all are not bad.

deeps said...

yes, the whole society has to change or it should be forced to change..

rudraprayaga said...

Same thing appeared in Preeti shenoy's blog.All should express contempt.Females should be able to lead a free fearless life here.

SG said...

I agree with you 100%. Instill human values.

Renu said...

Manju: thats the main problem, we have to stop it at the roots.

Noopur Kothari; Thanks for joining me!

Jeevan; More than ever ,today we need to revive moral education..

deeps: we have to change our minsets..

rudraprayaga: we have to change our thought process..

SG: THanks !..we need values in our life ASAP

anilkurup said...

Well, how many rapists are in parliament and legislatures?

This particular case has become high profile because it happened in Delhi and the culprits did not cover their tracks. What if they have had contacts in high places?

The social problem that this has glaringly shown has to be tackled separately from the criminal conduct.Capital punishment on the statute is not going to wish away this horrendous crime from happening again.But the certainty and severity of punishment may act as a deterrent to an extent. The rest has to be build up in the character of a person from the formative stage.

There is nothing that will force society to change. Because we are the society.

Anonymous said...

Great points here.

For the change to even begun, it has to happen at grass- root level. The society at a larger level needs to be sensitized. When we teach our daughters to respect everyone, we need to teach our sons too to respect the one. And we need to walk the talk. Mostly the men who has seen their mothers, sisters ill- treated at home think that it is ok to treat them that way.

Irfanuddin said...

Totally agree with you here....its the "moral values" that has to be brought into every walk of life.....

Amrita said...

cent percent agree with you. I was planning to write a post on the incident but you have nailed it totally!

Anonymous said...

Well said. Long term changes are necessary. Awareness is to be spread.

If eveyone wants it will be done. As in the campaign against AIDS, so much awarenss was created, now there is a widepsread idea about this.

It needs to be undertaken at all levels in society. The willingness to change , is the worst part in our multi cultural, multi regional, conservative societies.

Gardenerat60/Pattu Raj

Renu said...

Anil Kurup:Accuses must be punished severely, but we must introspect .society as a whole..

In delhi itself there was this JNU rape case that was also horrible..

Goingbeyondthe pages: exactly this Jas! we need see that our sons and brothers are well behaved, respect woman.

Irfan: Thanks Irfan!

Amrita: we always think alike:)

Pattu Raj:we must have multi thronged approach..

teach self defence to women,
human values to man
and good law and order otheriwse..

Found In Folsom said...

Renu, I agree to everything except what kind of mother bring up these sons..up to some extent, it depends on the parents, but they are not to blame entirely. I have seen how manipulative kids are and how they can deceive their parents. But parents should not be innocent fools and try to find the games their kids play. And yes, it is important to be safe in this jungle..may all the women out there be safe..

Jayashree said...

Agree with you 100% that the problem has to be nipped in the bud. Every parent must teach their child to respect fellow human beings and to stand up for what they believe in.

Renu said...

Found in Folsum: i feel that when mothers are always worshipped for their hard work , they must be ready to take the blame too.

I have seen many children who showed the signs of being a rowdy in their child hood only, but parents nevr bothered..a lot depends on upbringing..

Jayshree:..Thank you Jayshree!

Zephyr said...

Very well articulated Renu. We are fast losing our values in the pursuit of money and power. Whether following western values and lifestyle are the only causes for this, is the moot point though, because we have had corrupt people in power in our own culture down the ages. But we have to change ourselves and the society and till then, as you have rightly pointed out, let our girls be safe and prepared.

Renu said...

Zephyr@ Thanks Zephyr!..Yes all the vices were there earlier too but not in this proportion..and then people were ashamed of them, today that shame has gone..

Rahul Aggarwal said...

i believe change will only happen when everyone is educated and opened up in the society...

education is a must today..!

and i've heard that lately there's a call taxi service run by only women in Delhi .. so one can avail that service if alone at night !

Renu said...

Rahul Aggarwal: Actually women are going forward at a high speed and our society and men are not prepared for that..we need them to slow don and men to go faster:)

strange.friendships said...

I agree with you. Part of the fault is with the family or the parents of culprits. why do we allow the culprits to cover the face. Let the whole world see their shame and I really wish their families come forward to denounce them and their action.

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