I was Tagged long back by Shilpa, Deeps and Deeplydip for this tag about 25 random things about me. I was dillydallying, thinking what to write, dont know whether I shall be able to complete the no. anyway here I am:-----

  1. I am a stickler for values and character and can never be flexible about that.
  2. I care about environment a lot, so very particular about spending water, electricity,plastic and petrol and never waste paper. I feel very irritated when I see people demanding plastic bags from the dhopkeeper for something they can keep in the purse even.
  3. I am very diligent with work, if someone asks me for something, i shall never delay it, and the same I expect from others and feel very frustrated if it is not done immediately.
  4. I cant stand rudeness, and disrespect, for me dont do anything for me, even dont love me..its fine, but nevr ever be rude to me, that i cant tolerate, will never forget even and will nurse a hurt forever...there was a time my brother used to make fun of me saying....tum samantvaadi ho, har samay chamche chahiye:)
  5. In my childhood I read Gandhi Shiksha in my syllabus and two of his teaching were ingrained in my mind..never tell a lie and bearing injustice is akin to doing it......but the second one didnt bear fruit when i applied it in my life....in personal relationships..rights and wrongs are not so important as maintaining the relations and nurturing them.
  6. My policy of no expectations and complaints and acceptance has brought me a lot of happiness and peace.
  7. I am really addicted to tea, even when I fast for navratri....more than the food I miss is my daily morning tea..because in fast i cant take it before doing pooja:)
  8. I cant watch daily soaps for long, I prefer comedy serials or movies.
  9. I am a compulsive reader..read all the Hindi literature in my childhood only, now I read everything..magazines, novels, fiction, spiritual everything:), earlier i had a quite big library at home.
  10. I like to wear everything according to the occasion and place and very fond of good clothes and accessories.
  11. I am a very loyal person.. be a friend or relative.
  12. For me punctuality is very important, though sometimes we have reached a party when even host is not ready...but at my place i prefer to have evrything in time.
  13. I would nevr say anything rude to anybody whether in jest or reality, for me any humour which hurts somebody..sucks big time.
  14. I am very fond of travelling and meeting new people, visiting new places.
  15. I am very hesitant in saying NO to anybody for anything, and it messes up my life so much.
  16. I always believe in Karma..your good karma always come back to you, you just may not know..like I always believe that my two children are my good karma. In the balance sheet of god there is no credit..he always gives you more than you demand or deserve.
  17. I have learnt a lot from my children.
  18. I always had very strong beliefs about everything ..but in the journey of life learnt to be flexible because journey is more important than the destination.
  19. I hoard jewellery like anything, if beads are the in thing, must have in all colors, and then if long necklaces are in fashion, i must have them in all colors...I cant wear anything without co-ordination.
  20. In blogging also I cant be fake, whether I get readers or not, I cant praise for nothing, and I dont even bother before reading some one's blog whether he/she comes to mine or not.
  21. The worst habit I had was of keeping grudges, but when I knew that it was eating me only from inside..I learnt to let go.
  22. I am not much for diplomacy or hypocrisy in my circle of friends and relatives..I want to keep few but genuine people.
  23. While gifting or taking..I dont give much value to price, I always give that much only which doesnt make me feel for the return and I dont expect anything back. I never go out of the way for gifts, but if someone needs it, I will certainly give.
  24. Very fond of movies, any language as long as it is subtitled is fine with me.
  25. I dream to finally settle down somewhere near Nainital.....in a cool small place near to nature with few things only:)

Thank god I am able to complete the nos, sorry friends I have been very very late, and by now everyone has done it, so i am not tagging anyone, if any of you want to take it up, you are most welcome.


Deeps said…
Thank you so much,Renu for doing the tag.I enjoyed reading it thoroughly.
Randomness #4-can relate with you totally.

randomness #5-"in personal relationships..rights and wrongs are not so important as maintaining the relations and nurturing them"..very wisely said.

randomness #14-very very me..so lets travel places..I'm sure you'll be a great company to have:))

It was nice to know you better,Renu:)
Rohini said…
There's so much to learn from your posts always.. the policy of no expectations, and the grudges thing. My mottos from today! :)
SMRITI said…
Those were some wonderful pointers Renu aunty :)

Even I cant seem to say NO sometimes....and it acts to my own detriment a lot of times. :|

I agree on the gifts part...if I feel I can get or make something worthwhile for the other person, then I do it...otherwise for me presence is more important than the materialistic gift.

If you settle down in Nainital, do tell us...that is one of the places I want to visit...Will drop by often :P

Take care aunty :)

P.S. When are you coming back to Swades? :)
Piper .. said…
hey Renu, what an honest post this is! I see a few similarities, though mostly traits I wish I could inculcate. Lot to learn from you,I see. There`s a small discrepancy though - here`s a qstn, a food for thought. If you dont have expectations from people, how do you bear a grudge??
Reflections said…
Renu after reading all these points I think I'll be scared of meeting u in real life.

Only with the 24th & 25th point can I agree whole-heartly with u;-D
While I am always late to anything and everything, I envy people who are punctual! I too would like to settle down in a place like Mysore and now! :-)

Destination Infinity
Solilo said…
Renu, I loved your 25. You are genuine and it comes across from your posts and even from this list. Even when we have different opinion on a subject I love how you present them.

I love your 17. I say the same that even a toddler (now kid) has taught me so much. You never cease to learn from life.
Renu said…
Deeps: Its always a pleasure to me to complete the tags, and I take the tags as a honour given to me:)

If I ever get your company to travel, I will be too happy to go anywhere:)..travelling with friends ...I envy that:)

Rohini: Thanx:), just try to follow..whenever u start thinking about..what somebody didnt sdo..stiop ur thoughts saying..hey no compains and smile and feel the difference in life:)

SMRITI: Oh Smriti it has been a really long tinme since I saw you here:) woh to ham logo ne us din chat ki nahi to.I was going to ask you whats happening:)

Yes if I am able to make my dream home..I have always wanted it to be an open house for all my friends and relatives and u will be always my special guest:)

I shall be back in the end of August.

Piper: You are young, there are so many things which may be different because of age, otherwise you are a very sweet and conscientious girl.
I said grudges which I still hold from the time I didnt have this resolution of mine..of no grudges.

Reflections;....hey Nancy? why? Do I come out as a monster?..my children say.. I am a chilled out cool mom:)....I wish and hope you will like me:)

Solilo; Yes Solio..I have learnt a lot from my children and one day I am going to write about it and you will see how much we can learn if we just observe them.. and i believe that their intellect is certainly better than me:)

As for 25..yes i feel that after a certain age, we must stop accumulating the thing and give more attention to people than things in our lives.

Renu said…
Destination Infinity; :)..I value time too much to be alte anywhere, though I end wasting a lot of it.

Yes Mysore is a beautiful place, I have seen it as a tourist and liked it very much.
nice List. You are a good soul unlike me.
And I beat you in being the last one at it.
GoofyMumma tagged me a life time ago and I have yet to do this.
have promised to finish it in a couple to days.
If I have to write 25 points about me it wont stop at the said number. But yes, in one sentence - Dreamer.
Shalom said…
Nice one!!! My mom says you should never be too attached to any material thing, & I agree, but if there is one materialistic thing I'm sentimental about, its my jewellery collection. I too LOVE jewellery, its my favourite accessory :D
Renu said…
Spontaneous mini: if u r late thaen its logical even as you are a busy person, but I am not:) it just sluggishness on my part:)

Hobo: Then take up the tag and do it:)..would love to know your dreams.

Shalom: Thanx:)...Your mother seems to a very ideal person. And I dont think one can be very detached at a young age, though my daughter is:)
I love evrything..jwellery purses, chappals:) but now trying to leave all these attachments:)
Amrita said…
the policy of not being able to say no messes up things for me too big time :(
and imagine reading about ur thing for tea i am already feeling like having a cup :(

good that you finally completed the tag :)
Sandhya said…
Nice post. As usual, you are very frank and to the point.

I agree with you for no.17, completely. Everyone has got their own lives. 'You cannot be me and I cannot be you. We are different people. We are brought up in different atmospheres', my son used to say.

I can relate to you nearly 50-50!


Something happened to my comment for your post on racism, it is not there. Will check again now.
nice one renu .. i was tagged in this too long long bak by few ppl.. yet to do it :D
nice one renu .. i was tagged in this too long long bak by few ppl.. yet to do it :D
Chriz said…
one thing that caught my attention was the punctuality part.. yes i have learnt to be punctual now
indyeahforever said…
I liked your tag a lot:))it was honest and very frank:))

and yes your honesty does come across in your posts as well:)

I remember you saying something about how you had written on some topics and lost a few readers...better to have few genuine readers than even ones who disagree rather than ones who run at the first sign of disagreement na?:)

your 7, 9,11, 5 points are totally me:)))

specially chai wala point:)))

I LOVE chai:)))

and you are a sweetheart:)))

Reflections said…
No, no not like how u think....

just tht... aapke saamne mein bahut chotti padjaati hoon[is tht hindi dialogue grammatically correct;-D]
Renu said…
Amrita: even whenever I see the ads of tea, I feel like having one:)

and I think we should make ourselves comfortable with the idea of saying no:)

Sandhya: I am a typical saggi that way..totally blunt, though now age I have learnt to be a little patient and polite:)

I am always the odd one out:) not many people agree with me totally:)

The blogger Formerly Known As Sansmerci: Swarna your profile photo is changing very fast..its nice though:)

Chriz: I value punctuality a lot.

Reflections:..bahut sahi hindi ha aapki aur aap to itne uniquely talented ho ki kisi ke saamne bhi chote nahi pad sakte, aur waise bhi koi bada chota ho hi nahi sakta kyonki dil ka size aap aise naap nahi sakte:)
Reflections said…
Awwww......bahut, bahut shukriya Renuji:-D!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hamesha ki tarah aapne bilkul sahi baat ki hai!!!!
Still thinking said…
Reading you blog for sometime now and I always knew you were a straighht forward person :)

I couldn't have agreed more with point 4 - it's ME totally too.

Reading point 18 made me feel nice, sometimes rigidity just does not help.

How have you been Renu? It's been a bit long, I know :)
Renu said…
Indyeah: Sorry I wrote the answer to ur comment in my other post's comment section.

Yes:) I am a very straighhtforward person and can never lie even to please somebody:)

and you are being very generous to me in compliments:) and I thank u from my heart !! and u made my day, you are a darling:)

Sansmerci: swarna, when are u going to do it?

Still thinking: :) It feels nice to know that some people validate ur feelings:)...I can say for sure that flexibility works in everybody's favour, and we must go by a broader perspective .

I am having a whirlwind tour and not getting time to write a post also as I need some solitude to right.
my space said…
i enjoyed reading ur list..many similarities...i love hindi literature, travelling(not that i have travelled much) and i agree that in personal relationships nurturing is more important..
U come across as a strong woman! Way to go :-)
Manasa said…
lol at #4

#9.. now give ur self a pinch.. my room has turned into a library :)

Good to know so many qualities about you :) will pick up this tag :D
Renu said…
My space: AArti, I feel very happy to see you here:) How are you doing?

I am really very strong in few things..like character and ethics, but very vulnerable sometimes emotionally, but now I try live and enjoy every moment of life.

Manasa: hello Mansa..where have you been? ......I jel immediately with evryone who loves reading:)
Reading increases one's sensibilities and awareness manyfold, and always makes one a very evolved person, so always retain this interest.
Take up this tag and tell me when u r done:)

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