Monday, June 1, 2009

Social Conscience Part II and MNCs

Just the other day were thinking..what is it about US that has brought them at the top of the world.......see we Indians are forever copying them, so why shouldnt we copy that trait:).
After a lot of discussion we came to the conclusion may be it is their openness and freedom they give to every individual. Like this is one country embracing people from all over the world. people are coming from outside and making it prosper, they dont resent outsiders. Its not the way we in our own country some states put curbs on the people from other states and do reservations for locals..nothing like that here, its a completely merit based country..have merit and enjoy. And the same freedom is given to human mind explore, to do what you restriction on you mind, behaviour, dressing sense, and no judgemental issues, not that it is all good as we can see, but yes it brings new ideas.
And this brings me to the topic of my one of last conscience..people going outside the country for a better living..........the comments from everybody made me think it over again and again and then I realised that on one side we are talking about global world with diminishing boundaries, on the other I am being so conservative about our best people going abroad, not fair to them or anybody. we must also strive to make our country a merit based country. And if it wasnt in the the interest of our country wouldnt we ban it? we must have this same freedom in our country to let every individual think and decide whatevr one wants to do and remove all the subsidies from education, rather there should be education loans, so we dont have this feeling that..see they are getting subsidised education and then going abroad, otherwise this education is not free, its like a bond, study here, so remain here, whereas education always makes us free to do whatevr we want to do in life.
And then there was the question..whether we should resent MNCs because they send their earnings outside our country.........10 years back i was of the same opinion. At that time we had limited variety in the market in various products but the price was low, and then MNCs started coming, giving us variety and I felt that with their free gift culture they are going to tempt Indian consumer, and once they get popular, they will stop that and them price their products higher and by that time they would have the killed the competition ( meaning Indian small industries)..and i really didnt want to buy their products. Even today whenever I go to Hyderabad .Shilparaman, there was this shop of tribal products, I will buy my stock from there or sometimes from Khadi Bhandar also. I always have certain preferences...
Like if two vegetable sellers are there and one is woman, I will go the woman. the same for any product.
If my local grocer is good enough, then I will order my main groceries from him only.
If any of our Indigenous product can do, will get the preference ( like amul is my preferred brand for everything they make:)....and there are many this in my life:)
But then I thought..suppose we indians set up a shop abroad according to the laws over there and then local show the same disdain then? the main onus lies with the govt..for framing laws in such a way that they dont harm our local industries, and then see to it that they follow it.....but more important is this..why not Indian companies make their stuff so good that if not better its equal..I am sure there are many people like me who would prefer to buy from them...again it comes to merit and quality.
One day my husband talked to me and asked me why I dont think in a progressive way, he said that we get everything so cheap in US but not here in India because......our farmers are small, they dont have the latest technology for bulk producing and then storing , transporting and everything. Let the MNCs come, and they will have all the facilities and then our farmers will also get the optimum price for their produce( which never happens otherwise because whenever they have bumper crop, they dont have any storage idea or anything and either it rots or it goes cheap, so good crop or bad crop they are always in debt), and secondly people of our country will also be able to afford minimum basic products, which are meant today for rich only....yes they will send their earnings outside, but at the same time they are generating employment also, providing us products also. and then we are not stopping Indian entrepreneurs to come forward.
Till such time that we become a developed nation we need them and then they will need us.
Till then govt. can put all its resources in providing the basic things....water, electricity, education(primary only), food , health services and infrastructure.
This is one topic where i can write and write:), but I want everyone to read it, not skip it:)


Destination Infinity said...

I agree to your perspective on MNC companies. We are dependent on the western countries for almost everything now. And they have made us so comfortable, that we don't bother to do anything innovative. That attitude - I don't like with people.

I think generally, we get what we want. When we don't want quality in our country and would like to see it only in the United States, then that's what will happen. This was a good post and a balanced one.

Destination Infinity

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Nice topic to read first thing in the morning. I was quite upset about my job this morning and though shall check some blogs to feel better:)
a) whenever am abroad, I always end up discussing te topic of "Indian abroad" and what made them come here with my fellow Indian workers and have a huge list of pro's and con's. I agree that hugely its the "FREEDOM" and "MERIT" which brings in the best of an Indivisual.
b)Do you believe atleast in next 50 yrs, Indian can be completely MERIT BASED? Students will have more faith in the system, if the MIRACLE happens.
c) MNCs have bought lot of confidence and given us Indians a better standard of living.
Personally I liked abou you mentioning about going for stuff which is Indian products. As you said Merit and Quality is imp.

Renu, It aches that we educated are unable to do much. With Congress in power ( Not matters); I hope for better administration and changes, which will take us to a better future and change towards a better attitude and HOPE!

Solilo said...

One good thing I have noticed only in US is welcoming brain power. I don't think anywhere in the world people would be so accomodating. I speak from experience at the place where we live and work. If you are good then you can be the CEO even at young age. Even in our own country we sometimes have to tackle many menaces and nepotism to reach a level.

Every place has its good and bad.

Chriz said...

i left the country basically because i did not get the job that i wanted..

and i moved out cos i was recognised by some other country, the talents that i had which my motherland failed to recognise and appreciate..

i am doing business with the same men who once labelled me as total failures.. now they earn their bread because of doing business with me...

i am not saying this to boast about myself.. but just to say that recognition of talent in our country is very less..

corruption/ politics rules the roost everywhere.

Amrita said...

I always feel development trickles top down - so when we have good people on the top, we will have development everywhere.
What we need pronto is very stringent laws against corruption, a quick turnaround time in implementation of plans and as you rightly pointed out - a strict and strict merit and performance based system.
But its pathetic that religion, regionalism and parochial issues still hold the sway in India :(

Enigma said...

Well everything has its positive and negative sides..with US culture and stuff, we Indians copy all the wrong things,,, And ya the western culture has given all of us a better standard of living and all, better products etc..
I left india coz I dint get the kind of career i wanted, but i got it here in Kuwait, the pay is good and so on...
Well things will turn for a better in India soon i guess

Still thinking said...

Nice post. I like the way you write, it's as if you're talking to each one of us one on one :)

I believe in opportunities and I also believe in exchange of these opportunities. People working abroad bring in a lot of foreign exchange in their respective countries and this to some extent helps the economy. I do understand 'Brain Drain' and it's effects but then we need the govt. to understand this and keep our doctors and engineers at bay by giving them the best. One of my Filipino friends the other day told me that people in Philipines who study to become doctors have to sign a legal bond that they won't work out of the country and they're provided with all the facilities - maybe, that could be one way of keeping our best back at home.

As for retail, globalisation helps (it provides opportunities, but it can also harm our indigenous firms) but we can't ignore our 'mom & pop' shops but I guess the govt took care of that by issuing only 51% FDI and this is only for mono brands, it still hasn't opened for the multi brands yet.

But as you said in the end, if our govt can only work towards making our country completely educated and provide health services, we'll go a long, long way.
In short, I believe in freedom of conscious choice.

Sandhya said...

Recognition of talent and good opportunities are attracting well educated young people to go abroad, esp. the US.

Yes, slight discrimination is there too, in some areas, but basically, all the worthy people/hard working people, come out very well over there. If they are here, they will not get enough fuel for their brains and remuneration too. And they have to face workplace politics more here than in the US.

Some NRIs who have come back here, are not able to cope up with the office atmosphere here. Descipline is not followed and cleanliness is zero.

I too have got the habit of buying things from Khadi Bhandar because I feel they are cleaner without much pesticides!

Let the govt. promise more facilities for NRIs who are returning home and the whole attitude of the educated class will change, Renu. IITians or graduates from other good colleges will not think of going outside. Like 'still thinking' said, like in Philiipines, the govt. can change this with some patriotism on our people's part.

Renu said...

Destination Infinity: we Indians have this habbit that whatever is more expensive is good, thats the reason I have seen that in cosmetics earlier everything was quite affordable but once MNC came and priced everything hway above, and when people started going to them, our Indian companies also hiked up the who is at the loss consumer... only, but also because of our own mentality.

Today MNCs are doing , tomorrow we can do it, who is stopping us?
We must keep on trying.

Renu said...

Shruti Sriharsha: I think that there is just one more thing besides merit and and freedom which can take us forward and that is hard work with honesty.

Shruti we must not get disheartend, things will change, this new generation is bringing an awakening, and me must alwyays encourage our handicrafts and other things.

Solio: Yesss..Thats what Is merit is very important and with better education it will be so in our country also..sooner or later.

Chriz: This is whatw e discussing yesterday that there are so many celebrities who got recognition only when people outside recognised them..very sad situation indeed.

Amrita:I also believe the same... development is important and if it happens, ultimately it will benefit my maid also has a mobile. But we must always support a regime of merit.

Enigma:Today one finds so many Indians in all the countries of the world, they are bringing recogniion and money both to the country.

Still thinking: Thanx:)..yeah I am talking to you, because I am not writing an article in a magazine, but I am writing what I am feeling:)
I believe in freedom, so instead of the bond I will recommentd that remove all the subsidies from professional education, use that money somewhere else and here provide loans for education.

Smitha said...

Everything you say makes sense.. And just as MNCs come to India, now a lot of our companies - especially the software ones, are doing the same, aren't they? They are getting business from the west and the profit is at the end of the day helping Indians.. If we have the right attitude, and quality, we can be equally sought after. And I agree totally with what you say about subsidizing education - 'remove all the subsidies from professional education, use that money somewhere else and here provide loans for education.' Absolutely!!!

Renu said...

Sandhya:I have always found that there are many things good about khaadi bhandaar. Even whenevr any handicraftsassociationholds an exhibition, I make it a point to buy something atleast..this is the least we can do to promote our indian culture.
We cant depend much on the govt:) to take some concrete steps, we must think of ways of doing something ourselves>

Smitha: I have always thought that subsidies do no good anywhere, like in corporate also I prefer they give just a lumpsome salary, no perks and I know we will be saving lot of national treasure in oil:) and many other things.

Our ultimate motive is to bring education to everyone, but not a free education, as anything which comes free looses its importance, everyone should know that they will have to work hard to get something, nothing conmes free.

R. Ramesh said...

ya..lots to learn from the american success story whether v like it or not..

Mystic Margarita said...

True. Hard work and merit are rewarded here, whereas in India, just merit and hard work don't often cut it. One needs to be adpet at networking, too.

Piper .. said...

Hey Renu, shall go through the archives to read what I`ve missed all this while. Just thought of saying hello and that I`m back. But where have you gone? No posts after the 1st??

Renu said...

R. Ramesh: Hello Ramesh, welcome here !
yeah we have lot to learn and learning a lot, but all the wrong things:)

Mystic Margarita: that is the sad thing, otherwise we wouldnt be a developing country even after 60 years.

Piper: Oh Mishy I am so happy to see you:), I have become a little complacent about my blog:)

Deeps said...

That was quite enlightening,Renu.The problem with us is e seem to be imbibing all the negative things from the 'west' and overlooking all the positives that can really work wonders to our nation.
If we can do away with corruption,redtapism and nepotism I believe we can be a nation to strive for.
Your point on doing away with subsidized education and instead provide education loans-totally agree with that.

Shalom said...

A really balanced post!!! I too firmly believe in a meritocracy. If you want a better life, put your talents to good use & earn it. In India, we're still held back because its still not all about merit, with reservations everywhere its all about what religion / caste you're from & I honestly don't see what that has to do with a person's capabilities. As long as this mindset prevails, we will never truly be able to progress and will just keep wondering what it is that America has that we don't.

Renu said...

Deeps: welcome back:)...I want all subsidies to be removed everywhere in India, so that we dont get anything free and when we pay for everything we value it much more.

Shalom: I just hope that slowly slowly but that mindset is changing.Hard work and talent only get you everything in life..these reservations never help in the long run to anybody.

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